I'm Bonding you. Don't object.
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The hilarity of the situation seeped out of her when he spoke of no more suicides, and she readily agreed in a tumult of laughter—it hadn’t even been one, and had it been, she would have been ashamed of her loss of ji—, but when he kissed her forehead, she gave the dappled waters a wry look from under his chin. We aren’t bonded yet, passionate one. I only asked whether you would consider it. Personally, the small touch of lips against her forehead embarrassed her. Had they been amidst publicity, she would never forgive the shameless act of endearment, nor the man who had enacted it. But as it was, they were very much alone. Or were they? She gave a sweeping glance around them with her jaden eyes, and sighted nothing, which meant nothing. (Aiel had impeccable sight, and could best even Warders at stealth—or the exposure of.)

However, this sat queerly on her mind. A Black Tower festival meant couples resorted to all sorts of darkened, secluded areas that were not as abundant in the White Tower, and the lake was a favorite site. The fact that she sighted no one meant that the initiates had discovered a better, more covert lovenest. And then again, a bluff marred her view to the far bank, so who knew. She rankled at the thought of catching a novice at illicit….activity. Such blunt recalcitrance of the rules was not unheard of. However, Zander Kilgas soon directed her line of thought back towards him with his asking her whether she desired for him to teach her how to swim. In truth, she wanted nothing more than to escape these liquid confines.

“No,” she said, suppressing a shudder, “I do not particularly wish to learn to swim. My purpose in the water was served. Good solid ground under my feet again would be nice.” Zander Kilgas looked to protest, tempted to keep her in here, even—not surprisingly, considering he was holding a woman practically unclothed—, but an Aes Sedai’s word was an Aes Sedai’s word, and thus he was slowly guiding her towards shore not long after. In order to do so his arm had to be draped around her waist, and his other hand was closely clasped by both of her own, but she did not mind. Even in such a reliant posture, she emanated Aes Sedai regality. Soon, she felt the sandy grounds seep into her toes, and visibly relieved, she let go of Zander Kilgas’ support.

Her bare feet sank into the soft sand, marking a flumed indentation which was swallowed up by gurgling water not long after. Somehow, she was fascinated by this, and her pace even slowed as she peered down at the rippling ground and the footprints she left in her wake. She was never one to be as feminine as to marvel at mere beauty of nature, but even so, how could water be so pretty? Water, as she had always regarded it, was an element precious and vital in the sustenance of the human body. A bare necessity. She had never once understood the concept of fountains in the White Tower gardens, placed there in streaming jets and displays with only the purpose of eye-pleasing. And yet, now, she thought she grasped the beginnings of that understanding. Mesmerized, like a child, she found herself trailing to a stop on the way to dry ground, bending down in a crouch, and slowly, every so slowly, reaching down with her hands to cup a handful. It made the half-healed wound itch on her palm, that which she would ask her near-sister to Heal properly later. The foam-crusted tides escalated around her, and in that moment, with the moon draping all with its soft, pale glow, she raised her head, caught Zander Kilgas’ gaze past her strands of dripping hair, and she smiled.

She let the water trickle past her hands and made her way to the bank. The shift clung wetly to her skin, melding transparently to her curves, and feeling the man’s gaze on her she channeled, allowing the water to run off from her in vagabond runnels. When her feet stepped onto dry ground, with tufts of wild grass dotting it in erratic fashion, she was completely dry. I would not mind him admiring me more, but I need his focus on what I am yet to tell him. She glanced around, took sight of her discarded dress, and channeled it towards her; however, she didn’t don it quite yet, despite the tingling the icy waters had left on her skin. The night breezes were not exactly warm in this season of Bel Tine, but it still felt refreshing enough that she would have felt confined in a close-fitting silk gown. She placed it on the ground instead in a crinkled fold, and sat down upon it. Zander Kilgas was just now wading out of the shore’s shallow depths, and she took the opportunity to appraise him in close scrutiny.

He really was a handsome man, this Zander Kilgas, if not with quite the extent of easy composure and crafted features as Tyaoris had. Enough on Tyaoris. She beheld a young face, now. A youthful, fresh face. The Dedicated likewise dried himself with the One Power, and shirtless, he hunkered down in a casual seat next to her. Menaihya turned her face to regard him in silent study, and he met her gaze in an earnest query. “I will have you know, Dedicated,” she began speaking, and her low tones were not exactly swallowed by the winds rustling in the branches of the trees behind them, “that Bonding is a serious matter. Especially for me, it is very serious, and although I make the initiative now out of necessity, there is a reason I choose you.” She studied his face, slightly tilting her head to the side. Could she ever learn to memorize that face as that of her protector, and in essence, her companion for life? The concept of ‘protector’ was still awkward for her, as it had always been, but hers was a mind of acceptance towards who and what she was. An Aes Sedai in need of a Warder.

“I have chosen you because of several factors that came to my knowledge tonight. I need a Warder who can reason with me, and converse openly with me. I cannot have a man who is scared to talk back to me, or to test my logic. You have proven to me tonight that you have a backbone of your own, and a brain for yourself. Those are valuable assets in my eyes. However,” she said, her tone strengthening, “there is a difference between talking with me, and objecting openly against my judgment. I am Aes Sedai. You might have forgotten this on occasion during the night, but first and foremost, I am Aes Sedai. I have lived longer than you have, I have experienced more, and I know more. When I make a decision about something, it is probably because I am certain of its validity. Therefore, I need you to respect me.” Her stare held his, openly, earnestly, drivingly. “I need you to work with me, and to respect me. And, as my Warder, I need you to protect me. I think you are aware of what a Warder’s implications mean and entail.

“Of course, I am aware that you are still a Dedicated. That means that you will not be at the White Tower with me as much as I would like you to, in the future. However, if you remain steadfast to your training, you will be raised in time. The fact that you are not right now does not matter to me.” The tip of her mouth slanted up, and she folded her hands serenely on her lap. “Nor does it matter, Zander Kilgas, what profession you strive for and adopt.” There was a knowing glint in her eyes as she beheld his gaze. “However, when and if we do Bond, there will be no secrets between us. I will have you understand that. With all that said, do you still agree to become my Warder? Will you accept these terms?”

She watched as his distant gaze, flung out to the sights of the lake waters, portrayed him deep in thought. Which was good, most assuredly; a man needed to think before taking on such a large, and technically lifetime, commitment. She would have gladly given him a day or a week to think things over had he requested it. However, Zander Kilgas stirred from his ruminations several minutes later. “I accept, Menaihya Sedai,” he said solemnly, and Menaihya stared at him steadily.

“Well then, Zander Kilgas.” She said naught else as she embraced saidar and saw the man shiver from the goosebumps he must have been feeling on his skin. The warmth flooded through her veins, diffused her in a glow that would have been perceived by another female channeler, and filled her with such indescribable sweetness that never seemed to dull her wonder. With exquisite care she spun out three slender flows of Spirit, and wove them together into a meshed grid.

This day has finally come. The night is finally tonight.

She drew forth two more grids like this, and added more flows and more strands until the thing was beyond intricate. It was beautiful. Placing her hands on Zander Kilgas’ temples, she slipped the grids overtop him, steeled herself, and meshed them….

And slowly, her eyes slid open, though there was no need to. She could have been blind and would have been able to point in his direction. He was in her.

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