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Not Gonna Get Us
Thu Nov 2, 2006 15:07 (XFF:

As Kieran listened to Evie as she spoke, he couldn't help but feel a bit of an itch when she pulled out the silver. He remembered his thieving days too much for his own good right now. Kieran unbound them, letting them have the lead that Evie had promised. He went to the drink table with Evie once again, not quite sure what they were doing. He didn't ask any questions as he downed more ale. He knew that Evie would not be letting them off this easily. So…what was to come? He kept silent, and when the time came, he followed Evie towards the lake. Her whispered order did not fall on deaf ears, and he quickly bound the two Aethan'Tar again for the second time that night. He did not really pay attention to what she said after that, but instead followed suit in her actions with the other Aethan'Tar. Kieran realized, as he plunged Toliver's head into the water again, that he was somewhat enjoying himself. Never before had Kieran actually taken pleasure in the harm of others. It had to be the drink….

He released the bonds of Air on the two Aethan'Tar, seeing as their lack of oxygen would keep them weak while he and Evie performed their punishment, and because of the fact that he wasn't exactly strong in Air. Once it seemed that Evie had deemed the plunging long enough, they stopped. Kieran watched as the two of them gasped for air. A feeling of revulsion welled up inside him as he looked upon those two, feeling sick because of the joy he had taken while nearly drowning Toliver as well as their earlier actions. The words that Evie spoke just seemed to filter across his consciousness. Most of what she said didn't seem to mean anything to him, but one thing he did hear was the mention of Heartleaf. He knew what that was, and he couldn't help the grin that came to his face. This night was going to take a very beneficial turn for him if the Aethan'Tar do as they are asked.

As the two Aethan'Tar left, Kieran couldn't help but feel a little bit uneasy. He couldn't tell if it was the alcohol not agreeing with him, or a sense of foreboding. Kieran didn't mention anything to Evie, for the time being. There was no reason to worry her if it all just ended up being a reaction to the ale. Forgetting the feeling, Kieran grinned as he looked over at Evie. The grin in and of itself didn't have much meaning, but accompanied by the glint in his eye, the meaning was clear enough. He couldn't wait for later, and he believed the same to be the case with Evie.

Without a word, they waited for the return of the Aethan'Tar. They seemed to be taking their time, but that could also be attributed to the fact that they were unfamiliar with the terrain. As a few more moments passed, Kieran couldn't help the sense of foreboding that slowly began to surface again. Something wasn't quite right, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He motioned for Evie to follow him, and he walked away from where they had been before stopping. He waited there, and closed his eyes.

Hearing one or two people walk through the forest would have been near upon impossible, but a larger group would create enough noise that he would be able to hear. After a moment, he began to hear the sounds that he had been afraid of hearing. He could hear a group walking towards them, and even the occasional mumble. He couldn't tell how many there were, but he knew it was more than he could handle. Stepping next to Evie, he quickly wove a weave of Concealment about the two of them.

"Don't move, and stay quiet for now…." Kieran said in a soft yet firm voice. After a few more minutes, the group came into the clearing with the lake. After a quick count, Kieran estimated that there was about fourteen Aethan'Tar among the group. It really had been a good thing for him to come up with the plan he had. Of course, Kieran could vaguely make out the confusion on the faces of the Aethan'Tar. If he hadn't been in the unfeeling Void of saidin, he would have had to try and stop himself from laughing. Even so, a grin curled the corner of his lips up slightly.

"Where are the Soldiers that you were telling us about, Calla?" Asked one of the Aethan'Tar to the unquestionable leader.

"They were right here when we left, I swear it!" Calla answered them, looking around. After each passing moment, Calla's reputation seemed to be falling.

"Maybe they've left…." Toliver said, shrugging.

"Or they were never hear at all. Come on, let's go…." Said another Aethan'Tar, and others except for Toliver and Calla began to make their leave. "You two really had us going there for a while."

Calla and Toliver continued searching for a few more moments, Calla getting angrier by the moment.

"They must have left!" He was practically fuming. "They've gone and made us the laughing stock of the Training Grounds!"

"Just leave it be, Calla. We'll get our payback at some time." Toliver said, and began to lead his friend back into the forest, and towards the Green.

Kieran waited a few minutes before dropping the weave of Concealment, and letting go of saidin. Only then did the hilarity of the situation hit him. He covered his mouth, trying to smother his chuckles. He looked at Evie.

"Well, it looks like we'll just have to snatch some Heartleaf for ourselves." Kieran let that sentence hang in the air as he flashed her another grin.

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