Why Would I Object?
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“No, I do not particularly wish to learn to swim. My purpose in the water was served. Good solid ground under my feet again would be nice.” Menaihya returned to his offer. He smiled, but he couldn't help but be slightly disappointed at her refusal. It wasn't just that she was attractive, not to mention wearing nothing much at all. And what she was wearing, her small shift, soaked so that it clung to her figure like a second skin. It was also that it would have been amusing to teach an Aes Sedai, and to see how she responded to his unique teaching methods. Smiling, he remembered how Soldiers tended to gather in larger numbers for one of his lessons. He tended to make his lessons enjoyable when he could, and thus larger numbers of students appeared as if from nowhere.

But she had refused, and so he obliged her by taking her around the waist with his right arm and, using powerful and regular strokes through the water with his left arm, guided her slowly but surely towards the bank from which they had dived into the icy depths. It wasn't really hard work, though it was slightly hampered by the fact that their legs tangled occasionally. It took slightly longer than necessary because Zander wanted it to, and he wouldn't mind admitting it either. And when they did get to the sand shallows he let go of her when she tried to break from his grip and smiled to himself as he watched her figure walk forwards slightly before reaching down into the water to ripple it for some reason. She paused there for a few moments and then marched onwards out of the water to dry herself and sit down on her dress. For a wonder she didn't put the dress back on. But then Aeil are never really embarrassed about such things he recalled from his teachings.

He felt the subtle weavings of a man channelling vaguely in the area surrounding him and Menaihya. He paused in his trek out of the water and scanned the tree-line with a pensive frown. He knew that it could have been anything, but he had a bad feeling about it for some reason, and he had learnt to trust his feelings implicitly. He made a mental note to check up on his friends in the morning. And then he gave a sigh and continued to exit the water, aware of Menaihya's eyes on him but not caring. He channelled himself dry and fetched his shirt and cloak, placing them on the ground next to Menaihya and sitting down next to her. He folded himself up and reclined casually. He sensed her face turning towards him, and he looked at her questioningly.

“I will have you know, Dedicated, “that Bonding is a serious matter. Especially for me, it is very serious, and although I make the initiative now out of necessity, there is a reason I choose you.” At this point, as she tilted her head towards him at a slant, Zander mentally schooled himself to say nothing. He knew it was serious, but she was saying it to explain something, and so he let her without any sarcastic comment.

“I have chosen you because of several factors that came to my knowledge tonight. I need a Warder who can reason with me and converse openly with me. I cannot have a man who is scared to talk back to me, or to test my logic. You have proven to me tonight that you have a backbone of your own and a brain for yourself. Those are valuable assets in my eyes. However, is a difference between talking with me, and objecting openly against my judgment. I am Aes Sedai. You might have forgotten this on occasion during the night, but first and foremost, I am Aes Sedai. I have lived longer than you have, I have experienced more, and I know more. When I make a decision about something, it is probably because I am certain of its validity. Therefore, I need you to respect me. I need you to work with me, and to respect me. And, as my Warder, I need you to protect me. I think you are aware of what a Warder’s implications mean and entail. Of course, I am aware that you are still a Dedicated. That means that you will not be at the White Tower with me as much as I would like you to, in the future. However, if you remain steadfast to your training, you will be raised in time. The fact that you are not right now does not matter to me. Nor does it matter, Zander Kilgas, what profession you strive for and adopt. However, when and if we do Bond, there will be no secrets between us. I will have you understand that. With all that said, do you still agree to become my Warder? Will you accept these terms?” she said, neatly laying it all out for him without any real complexities.

He had held her gaze as she spoke, but now his eyes swung out towards the silver waters in deep thought. Doesn't matter eh? Well I suppose it doesn't at that, seeing as it will probably make me slightly more deadly than the average Warder, deadly though they are. But would the Black Tower let me leave after my training? Or will they merely contact me from within the White Tower when they want something done? For life? Can I really commit to that? She's beautiful yes, and I think I could probably spend my life with her, spiky personality and all. But do I have the stamina to do it as protector? To always be wary? And never openly argue with you? I think that's a bit much to ask over such a lifetime as we will have, being channellers and all. And if you're being plain silly, then you surely can't expect me to stay silent can you? were the thoughts that slowly developed in his skull as he considered the myriad paths ahead of him. But he knew what he would say quickly enough.

“I accept, Menaihya Sedai,” he said with a solemn voice, looking deeply into the eyes of she whom he would protect from now onwards, in any way he could.

And with that, goose pimples were all over his skin, and he shivered as he felt something touch him, flow through him. He was so lost to the chill that he didn't notice when she put her fingers to his temples, but only noticed when she withdrew them slowly. He blinked away a temporary double-vision, and stared in wonder at Menaihya. He had been right; she did merely have a spiky shell. In his eyes she seemed just the same as before, tiny shift and all, down to her toes. But in his head she was a collection of.....colours was the only way he could describe it. He didn't know what all the colours meant, but they swirled and flowed in his mind like water through pipes. Some coalesced and vanished quickly or slowly, and some remained where they were, indicating that they were usually what she felt. He closed his eyes and realised that he knew exactly where she was, and what position she sat in, and even when she breathed if he concentrated hard enough. And then his head ached and he groaned slightly before bringing his own hands up to rub his temples. This will take some getting used to he thought amidst the aches in his skull

"Well, that fells very interesting I must say. It will take getting used to, but I think I can manage, though my head aches like I've been drinking for days straight. I think it's safe to say I will remember this night for the rest of my life." he said with a smile for her, glancing at her and slowly tilting his head to one side. She was watching him with something close to wonder in her eyes he thought, but it was hard to differentiate the emotions in his head, emanating as they did from a corner of his mind.

"Is there anything you need to tell me, or that I should know bout the bond Menaihya Sedai? I must admit my ignorance in this area, and seeing as you are more learned than me, I ask you to put an end to my ignorance. Please?" he asked her. His words were chosen to be gently jokey, and she smiled wryly when she saw his mischievous little smile creeping across his lips.

OOC: Sorry it took so long, it has been a bit hectic for me recently. Anyways, I got there in the end *grins* You can tell Zander about the bond if you want, but I won't mind if you don't,considering the festival ends tomorrow.

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