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House and Home
Tue Nov 7, 2006 14:28 (XFF:

The House Kielle was not at all as Jasper remembered it.

It had been a glorious place once, when her mother had held the High Seat of the Kielle family, and spoke for them in the Lady’s Court. Settled into the cliffs a stones throw away from Ebou Dar’s gates, the mansion overlooked a cold Sea of Storms, reflecting in Jasper’s memory the pale blue summer skies in its multitude of windows. They reflected nothing now, dirty and broken, some half-hidden by shutters with peeling green paint. It had been abandoned for over a decade , likely plundered by both Seanchan soldiers and wandering thieves. The lawn was overgrown with thistleleaf and onion grass, the front door hanging slightly ajar. The back half of the house, where Jasper’s childhood chambers lay, had been ripped open with the Seanchan invasion, the cliff beneath it sliding into the sea and taking with it rooms full of priceless treasures – the last remnants of Jasper’s childhood, buried in a watery grave.

You’ll be strong, Jasper, won’t you? Be strong for mommy, and make more of your life than what would just be handed to you.

Indeed, it had been beautiful in the days of Saiya Kielle. Before her death to an illness which had no cure, before her husband fell to the Myrddraal’s blade, and before their eldest child shunned her nomination to the Ebou Dari court and became the first woman to earn the Black Tower’s final rank.

And yet the Wheel had turned, and in true cycle Jasper had found herself there again. Kneeling in the courts of Ebou Dar that morning - though not as it should have been. Not as the High Seat of a house which had once been so proud, but as Seanchan Blood. Not discussing the laws of dueling, but the death of damane. Not arranging marriages and naming her children, but reporting names of the dead and progress of war.

The Lady Kielle had died with that house, and only the Asha’man - the Seanchan blademaster – remained in her wake.

A cold wind blew across the overgrown lawn, and the lengthy stalks hissed their response. Jasper did not feel it, could not feel it. She turned her cold grey eyes on the stone at her feet, and spun the single lily that she held between her thumb and forefinger.

Saiya Kielle
Beloved Wife, Mother, and Sister.

‘What we keep in memory
is ours unchanged forever.’

Jasper knelt, settling the lily along the based of the stone. Her fingers brushed over the engraving; the stone was ice cold despite that relatively warm climate of Altara, and for the first time in many months, her lips curved into a soft smile. “I have made more of my life than anything that could have been handed to me, and I pray you will forgive me for it.”

Saidar brought little joy as Jasper embraced, setting the weave in place for a Gateway. Her business in Ebou Dar done, and her House in ruins, it was time to return home.

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