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A Conversation in the Darkness...
Wed Dec 20, 2006 04:27 (XFF:

Lysander walked through one of the many doors that the kitchen contained, glanced around the room once and then settled his eyes heavily on Zander. The man was, if not quite angry, then at least close to it by Zander's guessing. He felt like smiling at the man to see if he could send him over the edge into anger, but he refrained from it, but only just. Instead he kept his face dead-pan as Lysander stalked over to him.

ďOn any mission, Lexan, it is required that you use discretion and listen to the words a superior, equal, or even inferior bequeath upon you. I told you that the act of seizing and releasing the Source three times was a warning, a silent alarmĖnot simply to gain the attention of one if only to converse. Lives are lost based missteps of similar natures, and they may not be your own. Understand that. Understand it, or the Tower will have no further place for you.Ē were the words that came out of his mouth, icy cold and without the slightest hint of emotion.

Zander was silent as the man spoke. In truth he knew he deserved the rebuke, and had only used the pre-decided warning as an attention attractor rather than an actual warning because it was Lysander who he was with. He was sure that if it had been Ronan with him he probably would have followed orders to the letter. Zander said nothing but resolved to at least refrain from rebelling against Lysander on this mission. It was not the time to make any kind of stand, and Zander had a mission to pass or his future was as smoke on the wind. And besides, before Zander could get a word in the man had asked for his findings.

Zander related the discovery of the knife, the letters and the accounts. Lysander nodded to himself as if to confirm something, but then went on to say that Zander had missed something. Zander didn't argue, this was his first time gathering any evidence whilst on a mission, and so he had expected to miss something. But he still felt a bit disappointed in himself. After all, he usually did very well on mission and in lessons, and so it was a bit galling that the one time he was losing his touch was when he was being weighed and measured by the MíHael of all people.

Lysander took Zander to the Billiard Room, where he brought forth a champagne flute with brandy remnants still clinging at the bottom of it. He also pointed out that the lipstick smear on the rim pointed to a woman. Together with Zander's clues it would suggest a woman was present with the murderer, or the murderer was a woman. Zander had to agree that these two options were the most likely, with Master Fengwil being accomplice in some way. Lysander asked Zander his opinion, which was that they should shadow Master Fengwil, as that could open their options in terms of leads, and within a short period of time the evidence gathered within the manor had been returned to their places and the pair of them were making their way through the dank streets, back to the Corpulent Bard.

Zander could hear the innís occupants before he could see the inn itself. Te dirt path and the pavingís had given away to cobbles whilst they had ghosted through the darkness, telling them that they were getting closer to their destination, the inn didnít really fade out of the darkness as suddenly appear out of nowhere. Raucous shouting gave hint to the drunken debauchery that was ongoing within its walls. Zander leaned against the opposite side of the street whilst Lysander entered the establishment to place his weavings. He got suspicious glances from the few night-lovers walking past him, but a cool glare back from Zander stopped them doing anything more than that. Zander waited what seemed like an age, and finally Lysander exited once more and approached him. Zander watched intently as them man weaved yet more weaves, and thought that he himself could copy them if given the chance and a bit of practise. And then they were cocooned in their sound-proof bubble, listening intently to the voices emanating through the weave.

ď. . . one malt or two? . . . no, donít know where that place is . . . one of the servers might . . . most Ďem are alcoholics . . . canít go two seconds without a sip . . . know every establishment in the city . . . donít look like that . . . you asked for two. . . .Ē

The conversation faded in and out, and as of yet nothing suspicious could be picked out from the hubbub. Zanderís mind, though keeping on topic and listening to the conversation, had also turned to Menaihya and the sensation of her in his head. She was surely not at the White Tower presently, as that lay to the North, whereas he felt that she was more to the West than the North. She felt closer also. Compared to before it lt as if he could touch her or smell her. It was a gratifying feeling, as if she was a life-long friend standing before him after several years without contact.

ďYou were one of the recruits raised for your merits in Illian you were one of the only Soldiers in the Tower ever sent into combat, not as a training mission, but as a necessity donít doubt that you resent my decision. I am no fool, after all, Lexan. I have heard the words of the Soldiers. I know their sentiments. Nonetheless, the world is as it is today for your intervention. Resent it if you so choose, but let that not be forgotten.Ē came Lysanderís voice through the dark.

Zader was surprised. He hadnít put Lysander down for the talkative type, even on missions with a partner. But it was the topic that made Zander wonder. He had heard it all before, the arguments and fights. There were only to sides now, those who supported Lysander and those who didnítí. Before there were many factions of thought, but the battles at Illian had cemented various segments into two sides. It was still undecided as to whether this had been a good or bad creation. It was true however that most of the Soldiers and dedicated resented Lysander, but 9it wasnít for the reasons voiced now on the whole. Zander wondered if the man was toying with him, or talking about it as part of some ulterior motive. He decided to just plunge in and damn the consequences.

ďOberon, it is true that they resent you, and I even resent you, though for different reasons. The majority arenít concerned about the deaths or about the necessity, but about the fact that you didnít lead them. They joined the Black Tower expecting to be lead gloriously into battle by their superiors, but when it cam to Illian they felt let down. They asked themselves ĎWhere is he? Our leader?í Iím surprised that your spies and gossip gatherers didnít tell you that or pick up on it.Ē He said without pity or restraint, ďI however, hate you for a very different reason, as the assassinís mission was a bit different and far more complicated that the standard Soldiersí. I went in expecting that the situation would be equal to our skills at assassination, but was proven horribly wrong. I donít mean to sound arrogant, but I was probably one of the more experienced there, seeing as most of them had never attended a lesson, let alone actually killed someone! The only reason that the death toll was not higher was that about a quarter of the assassins sent in fell in line with my plan of action as a unit rather than soloís. And even then I took the hardest officer. I didnít get out unscathed, none of us did. I expect that you remember quite a few of us being out of action for a while after Illian. Thatís why I hate you Oberon, because you sent people who had NO training into a slaughterhouse situation. Donít get me wrong, I will follow you as MíHael, and I will go on missions, but I do it now because it might save peoples lives, like in Illian, rather than because I think you deserve itĒ were the words he hissed at Lysander Thoth. He expected an outburst or promises of punishment. In truth he didnít really care. He had said his peace and left Lysander with something to mull over. Now all he had to do was wait until Master Fengwil left the tavern and they could get on with their work for tonight

OOC: Sorry about the lteness of this. I've been really busy with work and shopiing and decorating. All the things of Christmas have delayed me no-end. But it's up now. How's the holidays?

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