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Pigs Are Easy Prey
Wed Dec 20, 2006 20:49 (XFF:

Pigarin positioned himself in the centre of what was to be his new home. The room was extremely tiny; barely suited for a servant. In fact, he doubted even those were as small as this room. He could barely walk a few strides across it, and the decorum was somewhat horrendous. Expectations had always been low, but when face with the naked reality, Pigarin was reminded just how alone he now was. This decision had hardly been something he had wanted, and as he stood there, dressed in the charcoal uniform, he thought about what was happening back home. No doubt his sisters would been in an uproar with their father dead and his heir missing. Dia would have to take over High Seat, taking control over the House’s assets and power, not to mention its fair share of problems. Of course, even Dia had been taught about the Great Game, but to her fortune, at least in Pigarin’s mind, she had been excluded from learning the finer points of the philosophy. And yet now it meant that Cairhien would rip her to shreds.

Sighing with regret and worry, he turned from his spot, heading out into hall. At this point of the evening it was completely empty of other trainees, no doubt they would be in the mess, feeding themselves after a hard day. Something he was soon realizing that food was a commodity for those in black, and more so for those new recruits who could not channel a wink. This was done very much on purpose, forcing the soldiers to work harder than they could have done by themselves, honing them and molding them into efficient killing machines. Pigarin’s shivered, and tonight it wasn’t because of the cold.

The young Cairhienin moved towards the exit, thinking of dinner, but before he was even half way, a door behind him flew open. There, standing with shoulders back and chest puffed out, was one of the other recruits who had arrived with Pigarin, Matthias had been his name. He looked much fiercer in his new uniform, and the aura of confidence was somewhat awe inspiring. It took Matthias a few moments before he noticed the smaller lad, and the small quirk of his lips was enough to know of what he was thinking. Pigarin had seen it often in other nobles, it made them seem like ravenous lions who had just found a weak and defenseless animal. Easy prey was exactly what Pigarin had always been.

“Well, if it isn’t our little Pig,” he sneered. That too had come with his arrival, the new nickname that everyone thought was truly hilarious. Quite frankly, Pigarin thought it was contrite and immature, but when he had voiced that it only encouraged more to use it. “I guess you’ll soon learn that an upturned nose and a bit of coin will get you nowhere here,” commented Matthias, seeming very pleased with that particular fact. Pigarin frowned slightly, he had never thought he had been snobbish, at least not so much as everyone else he had known. Perhaps that was why everyone treated him like they would a dirty beggar; with no respect.

“I’m sorry if I…” He was cut off before he even finished his first sentence.

“I’m not interested Pig, I’m not sure what you’re doing here at all. This isn’t going to be good fun, you can’t gossip about this to your rich friends, and you can’t order anyone around here. Nobles should stay where nobles belong in my opinion,” he stated irritably, making his territorial mark very evident. Was this how everyone pictured nobles? Just idle dictators?


“No!” And with that, he pushed past Pigarin, knocking the much smaller man into the nearby wall. With a yelp of pain, Pigarin slipped down, hitting the ground with a loud bump. Matthias sniggered, and strutted out of the barracks, leaving Pigarin on the floor, more miserable by far than he had been before. This couldn’t be how his life was going to be from now on, could it? This he hadn’t thought possible - a place worse than the Cairhien court. What he couldn’t give for a subtle comment laced with disdain, a polite conversation filled with deceit, anything that would at least appear to be kindness.

Minutes began to drag by, and Pigarin did not want to move. In fact, he didn’t really want to do anything. Perhaps if he stayed there, everyone would leave him be, at least then he could have some peace. No more painful shoves, no more rude comments, he did not want to be judged anymore! More than anything he wanted to go home.

“Are you alright?” a concerned voice asked. Pigarin hadn’t noticed the man approach, which was a comment on how distracted Pigarin was considering the creakiness of the floor.

“I’m fine!” he said a little too loudly. He was angry and unhappy, and that seemed to be finding a way into his voice, however it too was giving him a voice. The words he hadn’t been able to weave before were now ready to come out.

“You must be new, the first day is always pretty tough,” the voice persisted. Pigarin looked up, grumpy face in tow, and examined the possessor of the kindly voice. It was a man of average height, with thick black hair, and eyes a dark brown, and narrowed slightly to mirror the tone of his voice. “My name is Dyson, by the way, Dyson Ignatius,” he said with a small smile, holding out a hand to Pigarin.

Feeling a little better for the attention, he grasped the aiding hand and climbed to his feet clumsily. Dyson laughed a little causing Pigarin to blush a little. He hated his complete lack of coordination, for it made for some very embarrassing moments.

“I’ve been here for awhile, so don’t worry I’ll help you out. I guess you probably haven’t eaten or anything yet. Yes, I thought so. I’ll tell you everything you need to know. Just follow me.”

And so Pigarin did.

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