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The Rules Of The Farmyard
Thu Dec 21, 2006 19:59 (XFF:

Rubbing his stomach irritably, Pigarin waited out of the mess hall for Dyson. His stomach, while no longer growling, still felt emptier than it should be, and it was anything but a pleasant feeling. Shifting on his feet, he observed the nightly activity of the men, and women he supposed, in black as they moved amongst the grounds. It wasn’t quite as busy as when he had arrived, but he wondered as a young woman marched by whether the Black Tower was ever quiet. Did armies every go quiet? He reckoned not, it would be dangerous, and quite frankly stupid, to not have sentries, even Pigarin, with no military knowledge knew that. But here they were so guarded with walls and the One Power…

“Hello,” said a nearby woman, a little smile upon her face. Pigarin jumped with a small hiccup, where had she come from? He couldn’t reason whether she had been standing there the whole time, or if she had simply decided to sneak up on an unsuspecting soldier.

“Ah…hi,” he replied shyly, not sure exactly what he should say. He had to admit, the woman had a stunning beauty about her, more so than many of the Cairhienin ladies with all their artificial beauty of make up and fashion. There was something to be said for the simple, clean cut look, for this woman was wearing it spectacularly. Unfortunately, his luck with woman had been less than good, less than bad even; it was horrid. He stumbled over words, and often embarrassed himself with one of his many acts of clumsiness. Being laughed at was never a good sign, not to mention the fact that it often made him act more foolish. Light blast it! He wished he could do something right.

“My name is Mearsy, who are you?” she asked, pushing a blond curl behind her ear. He gulped heavily, as she took one step closer towards his person. Now this was the most unusual experience he had had…ever. He could smell her now; it was a sweet aroma, reminding him of the flower gardens, though this was much more intoxicating. His breathing increased as she stepped forward again, she was almost touching now…almost…

“Hello, Mearsy, how are you?” asked Dyson. Now where did he come from? The taller man cut in between the pair, forcing the woman back a few paces, and boy was she not impressed.

“Dyson, can I help you with something tonight?” she queried, widening her eyes in askance. Her blue eyes were so lovely…

“No, goodnight.” And with that, he grasped Pigarin’s arm and led him off away from the mess hall. Mearsy called out to him, and he did so want to turn around and go back, to smell her again, to touch her. But he wasn’t strong enough to fight the hard grasp of Dyson’s hand around his arm, he almost spoke up. Almost.

Just as suddenly as Dyson had pulled them away, he stopped, just like that. The place was a strange selection, for nothing appeared particularly note worthy. Around, Pigarin could see a few buildings, lights spewing forth from the windows, lighting up the white ground, and nearby pairs and trios of trainees moved past. “Why did we stop here?” inquired Pigarin, feeling that Dyson was acting very unusual.

“I think it’s time we talked about some of the more intimate rules of the Black Tower. Well, not so much rules, just standings I guess. Something you’ll want to take very seriously if you hope to fit in here,” Dyson’s tone was deep, and he spoke straight to the point. He remembered his father used to use the same tone, the one he implemented when speaking of something that was particularly important. Everything had seemed so obvious to Pigarin, people were open with opinions, they said and acted out exactly what they meant, he didn’t think there could be possibly by subtext within the battlements of the Tower. It seemed he had been quite wrong.

“Rule one; you must try and avoid the women as much as you can. The only reason you should approach them, the only reason is to release the tension, if you understand my meaning, and even then, I’d be staying away from the channelers. Here, in the Black Tower, it’s a man’s world, and if you are fraternizing with the enemy, such as they are, you will be ostracized like you won’t believe. Trust me, your reputation is tarnished enough as it is I would say,” Dyson explained bluntly. Pigarin frowned slightly at this, his reputation was tarnished?

“Being a noble in the Black Tower, I can tell you now, that is not a good thing, and it never will be. Don’t worry, we can work on your attitude a bit, try and make you fit in a little better. The training will help, it’s hard and it tends to either break you, or mold your strength, so, right now, I’m not so worried about that.” Pigarin nodded slowly, realizing the truth of what he was saying. Matthias had made his opinion on nobility painfully obvious.

“But what about Mearsy…you…it was only about…the tension thing,” Pigarin’s face fired up vividly at the thought, but fortunately it was dark enough that Dyson was unlikely to have noticed. No doubt it would be passed of as an example of his social awkwardness.

“Well, that girl, you should stay away from. She is manipulative and tactful, just as bad as Aes Sedai in my opinion. Always takes something from you, she does, you know, she never does anything for nothing. Not to mention she tends to be in with most of the men, and bringing that kind of attention from them onto you is not a good thing. For the next little while, I’d imagine things will be tough enough. She’ll probably keep trying, but you should try and stay away, okay?” His tone was almost desperate, and Pigarin nodded quickly to appease him. Dyson had his back, and he would trust his word. If she hadn’t been so Light damned beautiful…

“There are many rules here, Pigarin, and they are important if you want to get on with everyone else. And trust me you want that more than anything.”

Pigarin barely moved as Dyson began his list of rules.

I don’t want anymore trouble…

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