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Hanle's Place
Wed Jan 10, 2007 21:17 (XFF:

Pigarin could find nothing else to describe how he felt in his new training position, he was bored! Iuri, after giving him quite the lecture on the importance of clean hands when working, had left him to sort through a large pile of notes. At first, he had figured he would enjoy the process, separating each page based on location and issue. One pile was all about skirmishes in Altara, another was focused on the continued unrest in the nobility of Andor, and another again was about the Seanchan presence in Ebou Dar. Once upon a time, back in the days of nobility, he would have wanted nothing more than to be left alone to his paper, to the affairs of books and stories. Even more so, he had always been fascinated by the functioning of the world outside his own city, perhaps never to the point of actually being involved, but it was nice to read about.

Now, at that moment, he wished he could have been doing anything but! He wanted to throw the next page about Tear out the window, shred those on the city problems of Tanchico, just destroy them all. When he had turned into an adventure hungry Light blinded fool, Pigarin had no idea. But he knew he would get nowhere sitting there and complaining. Most likely, he would simply earn himself another pile of papers to sort through, just to show him just how important it was. The ranking members of the Black Tower were surprisingly apt at finding the most painful and irritable punishments. No one could say that they lacked imagination.

And perhaps it wasn’t all bad; after all, no one could enjoy every little factor of their position. Paperwork would be the worst for each track, sitting there scribbling and sorting and filing. That alone gave him a little more motivation, a little something more that made him pick up that next page, and the next, and the next…

Time must have passed, though whether slowly or quickly, Pigarin couldn’t tell. Light never seemed to fade, no one disturbed him, and all in all, it seemed almost as if the Pattern itself had stopped. It wasn’t until finally, sometime near the end of his pile; thank the Creator, a person entered into the cramped office. He was a tall and gangly fellow, with short brown hair and a jolly expression that clashed horribly with the uniform and what it stood for. Admittedly, if this soldier, and soldier he must be without pins, was in the ambassador sector, then he probably didn’t have to worry much about the battling side of things.

“Hello,” he said, his jovial voice mimicking his somewhat off putting grin. “Good to see another soldier going down the right path, if you know what I mean. Ambassador training is quite fun, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it,” he finished, flashing his teeth. Now, Pigarin wasn’t one to judge, he understood what it was like to be so boxed in by your peers, but even so, this man was, if one could say, simply too happy. He was one of those comfortable and stable human beings that, in the company of other flawed and miserable individuals, made everyone hate him. But still, Pigarin felt that he had to be polite

“I’m Pigarin,” he said, unsure what else to say to the lanky man of few words but many smiles. Funnily enough, however, this boy was the first stranger that he hadn’t felt intimidated by. It was a nice change.

“It’s nice to meet you, I am called Hanle,” he responded positively. At the same time, he took a step towards Iuri’s desk, which had remained empty since Pigarin had begun his day of work. There, he rummaged through papers, collecting odds and ends, occasionally pausing to read one document, or toss out another. Hanle, unlike Pigarin, seemed very content by his work, and that meant maybe he could enlighten the newest addition.

“Um, just curiously, I wonder if you could tell me about this training?” he asked, feeling quite secure in his words, not even stumbling. Now that was a strange feeling.

Hanle obviously loved being asked questions, any man like him would love the opportunity to hear their own voice, and his beaming face was enough to demonstrate that. “Well, it’s very fascinating. You’ll spend a lot of your time running through files like this, learning about the world around us, and, of course, how we can help make it better. Being a soldier isn’t all that outrageous, you’ll be mainly running errands and doing small bits of work, not very much trust you see. Of course, you’ll be doing lessons learning about politics, history, country customs and all of that. This includes learning appropriate weaves like wards and such. Anything useful for your line of work, you know.” His speech continued in much the same fashion, talking about the countries one visited, and the people one would meet, and the things one must learn. It seemed quite the adventure, though Pigarin almost felt like screaming.

From what the man had said, and indeed, he had said quite a lot, it seemed that all the ambassadors really had to look forward to was plenty of paperwork and boring conversations. Learning about other countries was only interesting for so long, after all, it wasn’t as if they really changed much when it came to custom and beliefs. He wondered at that moment why he had ever been drawn to the role of negotiator and advisor. Perhaps he was quite suited to the role, at least he was in terms of his knowledge, but the passion was not there, and that was the clincher.

But what could he do about it? There seemed to be no solution to his imminent problem. Already, he had committed himself to the track, and he knew very well from previous experience that Asha’man did not like to be made fools of. He could spit in the Dark One’s eye; he could stand up and say that he had changed his mind, and took what would follow, the almost definite punishment. It was doubtful he would avoid that, no matter his wish, though it wondered at his unfortunate ability to attract such things. Sighing loudly, only to be given a strange look from Hanle, he knew that even if he could take the stand, which he quite frankly could not, he had nothing else to do. None of the other tracks seemed to suit him at all.

Unbeknownst to him, however, the impending presence of Asha’man Anin that was coming would change all that.

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