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We need the hard times . . . (Attn: Anyone)
Fri Feb 16, 2007 09:18 (XFF:

So that we learn to appreciate the good.

Afailla walked about the Tower grounds, scowling as the wind blew wisps of her fiery red hair into her eyes, obstructing her view. The breeze was warm, but there was a definite heavy feeling to the air the calm before the storm. Rain lurked in the heavy gray clouds overhead, threatening to unleash their torrents at any moment. The grounds were a frenzy of activity, people scurrying about as though their lives depended on completing their tasks before the first drops hit. The green-eyed Soldier was the only one taking her time.

The weight of the weather made her sluggish, the humid heat sapping her energy. She looked up as the first drop fell on her sunburned nose (pale skin was not friendly in the out-of-doors). As though this had been merely a warning for anyone still out in the open to duck for shelter, the skies waited a few seconds before opening up in a downpour unlike any she had ever seen.

Growing up so near the Blight, Afailla was used to many kinds of weather, from blistering heat to searing cold. But rain was not common in that part of the world she was more acclimated to droughts than to floods. It was almost surprising. Those who were still caught outside began sprinting for shelter, and she saw little bubbles of Power popping up here and there, spheres of Air and Water to ward off the downpour, and weaves of Fire and Air to dry those who were already wet. She could do the same, of course, but instead she simply stopped walking and tilted her head back, staring up at the skies.

The release of the pressure around her was like a weight being lifted at her shoulder, even as her drenched clothes seemed to be weighing her down unnecessarily. At last, she let out a gusty sigh and gave in to common sense. She deftly erected a bubble of Air around her, using small bits of Water woven through to help repel the rain. As an afterthought, she managed a Fire and Air weave to dry her clothes. No use catching cold, though these kinds of summer rain rarely resulted in illness. It was the freezing rains of winter that could kill most easily, though the summer floods claimed their fair share of victims.

The weather does not stop the proceedings of the Black Tower. Even as the storm grew more fierce and thunder cracked seemingly overhead, Afailla noticed that the pace of activity had neither stopped nor slowed. The Power glowed everywhere she looked, and every black uniform was pristinely in place, as though it had just come from the wash moments before being donned. Reluctantly, she resumed walking, only now allowing herself to be called back to the task at hand.

Just as the lessons at the Tower would not stop, neither could the chores. She still had to get to the kitchens in time to help with the preparation of the midday meal, and she knew well the consequences of being late. Disappointed at the call of something so monotonous, she allowed herself to linger in the out-of-doors, putting off the inevitable as long as she could. Today was simply not a day to be active she would much rather stay in bed, or perhaps stick some needlework by a rain-drenched window.

OOC: I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to just sit idly by and wait for our two months to be up. I'm going to enjoy the WOTRP to its fullest while I still can. Anyone else who wants to show Joni and all the Officers from over the years how much we appreciate their hard work is welcome to join me - otherwise, I'll just write to myself.

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