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Sometimes, they're all we have.
Fri Feb 16, 2007 21:54 (XFF:

Darius stood, perfectly balanced, on a tall stump. It stuck, 8 meters up, out of the ground. He thought it was probably the only thing that cared about everything that went on around it, and that it had seen everything in the tower. The storm swept around him in curtains while he channeled. He wasn’t stopping the storm from hitting him, he was urging it on. He didn’t know why, but he just didn’t want it to stop. A flare of lightning lit the sky, and he counted.





Thunder boomed, a dense wave of sonic energy. He smiled, and the sun broke through the clouds for a moment, a golden ray of sunlight amidst the turmoil of the storm. He allowed it to remain for a moment before blotting it out again. An instructor had taught him how to invert his weaves, and he was making full use of this. He spotted someone walking through Tower Garden near him, though she was on the path. He recognized her, and his smile became wider.

Afaila Dafrin, wasn’t it?, he thought, amused, I wonder if she remembers me. What an affair that festival was!

Just then, a bolt of lightning slammed against the shield of air he had erected for that purpose. What he hadn’t expected was the pure wave of sound the slammed against his ears, and his balance was off momentarily. He fell, and barely managed to snag an old branch with his hand. His arm wrenched on his shoulder, and he stifled a gasp through clenched teeth. He dropped the rest of the way to the ground and stayed on one knee for a moment, arm clutched to his chest.

“What a spectacular entrance,” he muttered to himself, annoyed. He always had the most atrocious timing, and even worse luck. His eyes wandered up for a moment, and he noticed the girl, Afailla, was heading torward him.

And I also manage to do it in front of a girl. Good one, genius.

“Light take it!”

OOC: I Agree! Let's celebrate a Wake for the Black Tower!

  • We need the hard times . . . (Attn: Anyone)Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Feb 16 09:18
    So that we learn to appreciate the good. Afailla walked about the Tower grounds, scowling as the wind blew wisps of her fiery red hair into her eyes, obstructing her view. The breeze was warm, but... more
    • Sometimes, they're all we have. — Darius al'Ceer, Fri Feb 16 21:54
      • Lightning never strikes twice.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sat Feb 17 16:10
        Afailla winced at an explosion of sound cracked overhead. The thunder was beginning to sound closer. Lightning sparked in the sky, seconds later followed by the boom of power always associated with a ... more
        • Famous Last WordsDarius al'Ceer, Sun Feb 18 13:05
          Darius glanced up at her, his ears ringing and his face muddy. With irritation, he realized that he had lost Saidin, and seized again. He forced the raging torrents of fire and ice into predictable... more
          • This bodes ill.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Feb 21 14:45
            As Afailla watched, concerned for the well-being of the young man, the mud seemed to evaporate before her eyes and his clothes steamed dry. She pursed her lips – it irked her that she could not see... more
            • Re: This bodes ill.Anonymous, Thu Mar 1 17:32
              Darius felt at it again, extending his senses further into the countryside. He drew more of Saidin and slowly eased the storm into nothingness. The clouds thinned, the rain doing likewise, and the... more
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