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Lightning never strikes twice.
Sat Feb 17, 2007 16:10 (XFF:

Afailla winced at an explosion of sound cracked overhead. The thunder was beginning to sound closer. Lightning sparked in the sky, seconds later followed by the boom of power always associated with a strike. She looked up, diverting her attention briefly from the shields she’d erected around herself and the beating they were taking to peer into the skies. For one brief moment, the sun peeked through the boiling black clouds, and then was promptly hidden again in a particularly brutal wave of rain. Shaking her head, she resumed walking, fixing her attention on the path ahead of her. Through the haze of the weather, she caught sight of a shadow just before the bend in the path she was on. She squinted, and was about to call out when another bolt of lightning shot down, seeming to strike directly on top of the young man – for she now recognized the shadowy form as a male. He fell, crying out in pain, and then crouched on the path, holding his arm to him and muttering under his breath.

Afailla was an utter failure at Healing, but nonetheless she broke into a run, splashing through the muck until she reached his side. Not heeding the soup beneath her, she dropped to her knees and peered into the wet face of the man.

“Darius?” Oh, she certainly remembered him – he had been one of the first people she’d met at the Tower. “Are you alright? Bloody hell, what are you doing out here?”

Not that the same question couldn’t be asked of her. But at least she was being sane – she was safe and dry inside her little bubble of Air. From the looks of this Soldier, he had been just standing in the rain with no attention to his own well-being. And, unless she was going crazy, he had seemed to actually be whipping the storm into a more violent frenzy.

OOC: Sorry it's so short . . .. But let's try and run with it, hmm?

  • Sometimes, they're all we have.Darius al'Ceer, Fri Feb 16 21:54
    Darius stood, perfectly balanced, on a tall stump. It stuck, 8 meters up, out of the ground. He thought it was probably the only thing that cared about everything that went on around it, and that it... more
    • Lightning never strikes twice. — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sat Feb 17 16:10
      • Famous Last WordsDarius al'Ceer, Sun Feb 18 13:05
        Darius glanced up at her, his ears ringing and his face muddy. With irritation, he realized that he had lost Saidin, and seized again. He forced the raging torrents of fire and ice into predictable... more
        • This bodes ill.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Feb 21 14:45
          As Afailla watched, concerned for the well-being of the young man, the mud seemed to evaporate before her eyes and his clothes steamed dry. She pursed her lips – it irked her that she could not see... more
          • Re: This bodes ill.Anonymous, Thu Mar 1 17:32
            Darius felt at it again, extending his senses further into the countryside. He drew more of Saidin and slowly eased the storm into nothingness. The clouds thinned, the rain doing likewise, and the... more
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