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This bodes ill.
Wed Feb 21, 2007 14:45 (XFF:

As Afailla watched, concerned for the well-being of the young man, the mud seemed to evaporate before her eyes and his clothes steamed dry. She pursed her lips – it irked her that she could not see saidin, but aside from that, the steam showed poor control. Of course, Fire was her strongest element, and the drying weave came easily to her because of it, but still. His declaration that she was no more sane than he was made her lips quirk up in a smile, and she shook her head absently.

“Yes, you could, but I’m not the one who just got struck by lightning.” She shook her head and stood, as the man – Darius, she now recalled – seemed to resent her trying to help. It took a few moments for his other comments to penetrate her wounded pride, but when they did she frowned more deeply. “My sister is the same way.” She hesitated a moment. “What . . . things?”

He didn’t answer right away, instead falling silent and gaining a very distant look. After a few moments, he shook himself slightly and spoke up. “Do you feel that?” She started to make some quip about how it was probably just the aftermath of the lightning, but his tone made her hesitate. To humor him, she shifted her attention inward, and then began searching for anything that felt off. There was a faint sense of wrongness, right . . . there. She could find the general direction, and she turned to face it. The wind picked up outside her bubble, and she released her hold for a brief moment and let the rain lash her face as she threw her head back and scented the air. With a shudder, she slammed her defenses back up and shook her head to try and rid her nostrils of the stench of death to no avail. Once there, the smell wouldn’t go away, and it made her stomach turn, though she had learned by now to keep her meals where they belonged.

“I smell it.” She nodded an affirmation. “It’s not good, whatever it is. Too much death to be anything good.” She shuddered. Distance had dulled the scent, but for her to be smelling it at all didn’t bode well – her Gift was not very strong; she usually only smelled things that were close, though the ones she did smell came across loud and clear. She shivered, not from the rain, and sank to her knees in the mud. “Do you know what it is?”

OOC: Sounds like fun. And sorry the post took so long; crazy week.

And yes, I have seen that. But they were TRYING to get struck by lightning (well, she wasn't, but the dude was).

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    • This bodes ill. — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Feb 21 14:45
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