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Re: This bodes ill.
Thu Mar 1, 2007 17:32 (XFF:

Darius felt at it again, extending his senses further into the countryside. He drew more of Saidin and slowly eased the storm into nothingness. The clouds thinned, the rain doing likewise, and the lightning blasted out once more to relieve itself of its fury. Within a few moments, the storm was history, leaving only a few puddles and dripping pedestrians to prove it's violent passing. He let the shield around him dissipate to allow him more control of Saidin.

He took a deep breath and let his grasp on Saidin slip down to a thread. Even while he was doing this and worrying about the rancid tainted feel, he was thinking about her question. What was he worried about? Any number of answers popped to mind for that question. His sister, his parent's burials, the cats that always slept with him, the dog they always kept and his dad had always complained about... Any number of things. He pushed them away, feeling the Void crack slightly before strengthening again.

"It feels sort of like... oil on water. Think we should get someone?" He took a step backwards, glancing at the door to the Black Tower. "I have the Traveling Talent if we should take a look. I know for certain that if it turns out to be a privy that they'll have our heads."

It didn’t feel like ‘nothing’ but it was wise to consider all alternatives. Perhaps they could split up? He dismissed that an instant later. If it was anything, they would need both of them. If it was anything. The obvious choice was to go, but the smarter choice was to stay and go for help.

“We could always just ignore it I suppose, but I for one am in need of a good adventure. What say you?”

OOC: Sorry for the long time posting. I was always busy >_>
Plus I had to add another paragraph because I forgot about 300 words 6^_^

  • This bodes ill.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Feb 21 14:45
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    • Re: This bodes ill. — Anonymous, Thu Mar 1 17:32
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