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Sun Jul 2, 2006 23:27 (XFF:

"I'm just a bit worried, that's all," Isura said, hurrying to keep up with Ceto Amaya's quick steps. "You've been acting odd lately, and—blood and ashes, slow down! Your lesson doesn't start for nearly ten minutes!"

Ceto Amaya stopped, turned around, and looked at her friend, raising an eyebrow. Isura sighed exasperatedly. "That's what I mean, you see? You only started acting like this when the battle ended and we all returned here." Ceto Amaya sighed softly and began walking again. Isura lunged forward and grabbed her shoulder. "You told me you did well! What really happened?"

Isura was small, barely taller than Ceto Amaya, but she was strong; the death grip on Ceto Amaya's shoulder prevented her from walking away again. "Nothing happened," Ceto Amaya said. "It was a bit of an unpleasant ordeal… I'd rather not talk about it. I'm just tired, mainly. I keep having nightmares." None of that was really a lie; she did keep having nightmares. Munin kept showing up in her dreams, and lately her own family had started appearing as well. I suppose it just means that I miss them all, she thought. I should write to my mother.

"You know, most people think that it helps to talk about these things," Isura said, looking worried. Ceto Amaya smiled – she was a sweet girl, if sometimes a bit too eager to help.

"I'd prefer not to," Ceto Amaya said. She gave Isura a one-armed hug. "Thank you, though. And now, I've got to run… lessons."

She hurried off before Isura could continue to press the subject. There was no need to discuss what had happened during the battle, or what Ceto Amaya had done – it was over and done with, after all. And she had accomplished what she'd intended to. The manner in which the end had been reached was of entirely no consequence.

At least, that's what she continued to tell herself.

She entered the classroom and took a seat somewhere in the middle, smiling distractedly at another Soldier who sat down next to her. She had no real reasons for coming to this class, other than that she thought that Compulsion might be a useful weave to know as an Ambassador. It would not be something that she'd be eager to resort to, but it would be preferable than resorting to certain other things. Who knows, maybe I'll even have the Talent, she thought.

She fully realized, listening to the Asha'man's introduction, that Compulsion was indeed a powerful weave. Being able to plant thoughts into someone's mind was not something to be taken lightly… the fact that a person could be entirely controlled by another was rather astounding, and also frightening.

As was typical of lessons, after the Asha'man's introduction came the students' introductions. Ceto Amaya waited until her turn rolled around, and then stood. "I am Soldier Ceto Amaya din Marin. Spirit is my second-strongest element." Water was her strongest, which was no surprise – after all, she had spent almost all of her life before coming to the Tower on the sea. She had not seen the sea in what seemed like an Age. Perhaps it's only a matter of time until the sea enters my dreams as well, she thought, smiling wryly.

  • Compulsion: Conduit of WillAsha'man Quine, MuC, Sun Jul 2 10:41
    OOC: This is for Soldiers, Accepted, and Dedicated with the Talent of Compulsion! If they don’t have the Talent, Soldiers and Dedicated can take this for Defensive Weaves credit. Accepted, however,... more
    • Completion!Mark, Tue Jul 25 10:06
      Watch me as I alphabetize the credit listings: Accepted Medaea See, I'm impressive. Soldier Ceto Amaya is on a LoA and therefore has an extension; Soldier Toren can request an extension if he so... more
    • Part III: Actus ReusAsha'man Quine, MuC, Thu Jul 20 11:12
      Whether she would admit it openly or not–and she knew without variation that the answer was “not”–Quine rather liked Accepted Medaea. The woman was talented in Compulsion, even beyond perhaps the... more
      • Talking About StealingSoldier Toren Swain, Thu Aug 3 10:14
        Toren and his lanky convict were one of the last pairs to return from their walk around the Tower grounds. Asha’man Saudade shepherded the convict back into an orderly row with his peers, while Quine ... more
      • Temporary TheftSoldier Ceto Amaya din Marin, Sun Jul 30 19:45
        Ceto Amaya listened once more as the two Asha'man explained the next and last task for the Soldiers. It was an interesting idea, and one that would definitely test each student's skill. Ceto Amaya... more
      • Of Horses and DragonsAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Fri Jul 21 07:23
        As the Asha'man delivered her final speech, telling them that Compelling someone to walk was fairly simple and straightforward—though her own smelly convict had not necessarily wanted to walk in the... more
    • Part II: Stretch Your Legs!Asha'man Quine, MuC, Fri Jul 14 16:28
      That Quine was pleased with the progress was an understatement. Above all else, she was delighted with the fact that there was no opposition. Not one recruit raised a point of moral resistance,... more
      • An Unexpected SolutionSoldier Toren Swain, Tue Aug 1 12:54
        The second convict could not have been more different from the first. He was a young man, nearly Toren's equal in height, but with thin and wiry build - all angular knees and elbows. His blond hair... more
      • Revenge, of a sort.Soldier Ceto Amaya din Marin, Sun Jul 30 17:38
        Ceto Amaya was still somewhat disturbed from the first part of the lesson as Quine handed it over to Saudade, who began to explain the second part. Saudade instructed them to step outside; once the... more
      • Walk This WayAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon Jul 17 08:29
        With the small class filed out of the rooms, a light breeze touched on Medea's face and tugged at her hair gently as she listened to the instructions of the Asha'man. The convinct she'd been toying... more
    • Part I: The Four Ad'sAsha'man Quine, MuC, Sun Jul 9 10:41
      Quine was interested in learning of the class’s strengths, and was pleased to find that the majority of them was strong in Spirit. She had not expected that, as Spirit, traditionally, was only evenly ... more
      • Emotional ManipulationSoldier Ceto Amaya din Marin, Sat Jul 29 21:33
        Ceto Amaya found Compulsion to be an interesting subject. Yes, it was an underhanded shortcut to achieving an end, but one could not deny that it had many uses, especially in the Ambassador's line of ... more
      • If you're happy and you know it . . .Soldier Toren Swain, Thu Jul 13 11:14
        After the introductions concluded, Asha'man Quine continued her explanation of Compulsion. "I feel that it’s best we begin with something simple. Manipulating emotions. Now, even those without the... more
      • Is smead an emotion?Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon Jul 10 11:34
        Medaea watched with interest as the Asha'man deftly wove through the complicated yet almost logical weaves for Compulsion. They weren't truly using Compulsion, not how she suspected it could be used, ... more
    • "Normal" Life ResumesSoldier Toren Swain, Wed Jul 5 07:24
      A week after the battle, there was little sign that anything out of the ordinary had happened around the Black Tower. Here and there was an empty bunk, or a familiar face missing from a lesson, but... more
    • Learning the ForbiddenAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon Jul 3 09:30
      As an Accepted of the White Tower, Medaea was allowed to follow her studies as she chose—in most cases this meant that she would restrict it to the White Tower and the White Tower alone. Yet there... more
    • Consequences? — Soldier Ceto Amaya din Marin, Sun Jul 2 23:27
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