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Learning the Forbidden
Mon Jul 3, 2006 09:30 (XFF:

As an Accepted of the White Tower, Medaea was allowed to follow her studies as she chose—in most cases this meant that she would restrict it to the White Tower and the White Tower alone. Yet there were instances when the Black Tower provided opportunities and Medaea took them, regardless if it followed her own self-imposed curriculum or not. The Arches had shown her that the Black Tower could provide her with training beyond what she’d learn at the White Tower and she preferred to know certain things that not all Accepted or Aes Sedai knew. Each Accepted and Aes Sedai had their own little tricks, their own little “things” that they knew, not always sharing with the Tower, and one of those “things” that Medaea knew little about was her wilder trick. The trick of Compulsion.

When asking about it, she hadn’t been surprised to see every Brother and Sister going frosty in the eyes and telling her coldly to forget about it. That it was a restricted and forbidden weave.

She thought they were full of poppycock and had let rot go to their brains. Oh, she understood their reasons—to force someone to do something against their will, to open them to a suggestion made—it smelled of Darkfriends and Black Ajah. But the truth was that the Aes Sedai had become so conservative and so stiffened in their version of what was right and wrong that they forgot that there were sometimes very practical uses to the weaves too, that didn’t stink of the Dark One.

She had been Skimmed to the Black Tower on the premise that they had alternative weaves with Illusion that she wanted to learn and earn a different perspective on. The permission had been granted by a very skeptical and suspicious Master of Novices, but then again she noted that when he was alone with her, he’d generally hurry the discussion to remove her from his presence. In this case it had worked like a charm and a Green Brother familiar with the Black Tower had Skimmed her to the Tower. (He, because Medaea was certain they wouldn’t show her the saidar weaves for Skimming until she’d earned the Shawl.)

Once in the Black Tower, the Brother followed after her from a safe distance—most likely to ensure her safety, but also to make certain she made no escape (as if that were a remote possibility). Her chance came to get away from the Brother when the Asha’man teaching her weaves for Illusion was mingled with a small ward and Medaea was given the chance to ask hurriedly in a low voice, “Asha’man, I wish to learn the weaves for Compulsion, but as you can imagine the Aes Sedai would forbid it. Could you arrange for the Aes Sedai to be distracted while a teacher is found?”

For some reason, the feral grin of the Asha’man as she looked toward the Aes Sedai was filled with joyful anticipation. “I can arrange that, Accepted. Compulsion weaves are taught regularly over in the classrooms and there’s one being held in about an hour. I’ll keep your Aes Sedai distracted.” The ward dropped and the Illusion weaves unraveled as she cast an appraising look at Medaea. “Are you sure you don’t want to transfer here? You’d make a stellar Asha’man.”

Medaea’s blue-violet eyes lit up and her long chestnut tresses swung with her head. “I appreciate the compliment, but no. My strengths, I believe, are in the White Tower.”

The Asha’man shrugged and glanced toward the Brother. “Give me two minutes then head along that western path to the classrooms.” True to her word, the Asha’man strode off and engaged the Aes Sedai into conversation, drawing him away from the area within a couple of minutes. He cast a single glance backward, but the Asha’man drew his attention back and then they were gone.

She arrived at the classroom, her long legs bringing her to the room within a matter of a quarter of an hour. The room was nearly empty but for an Asha’man standing, waiting, and—to her surprise—the girl she’d faced off against during her last trip to the Black Tower. Soldier Ceto Amaya, if she remembered correctly. The girl cast her a look and recognition passed between the Atha’an Miere and the Mayener before Medaea took her seat, her eyes locking with the Asha’man’s. Something flickered in the eyes of the Asha’man, but her face was so stoic that Medaea supposed it was her overactive imagination.

The class filled up only partially, and Medaea listened to what Asha’man Quine had to say—and with a start Medaea realized she recognized the name of the woman, the unusual nature of it striking recollection in her mind of a Novice who had asked to transfer to the Black Tower when Medaea had been a Novice. For some reason it stung to know that Quine was full rank and Medaea was only one year into her Acceptance. The White Tower seemed overly cautious, she asserted.

Asha’man Quine went into the generalities of Compulsion, things that she knew—namely it being forbidden in the Tower, and what it was. She knew from testing the weaves and trying to duplicate what she’d done when she’d been using the Source wildly that it was primarily Spirit, streaked most times with Water and Air, sometimes Fire and Earth. Medaea also supposed that although Spirit ranked just barely third in her strengths that she most likely had the Talent for it since she’d been able to use the weaves. It was a leap of logic, however, and she guessed that today she’d find out for sure. “Now, give your name and rank as well as where Spirit stands on your spectrum of elemental strengths–that is, if you are strong in it. That is all.”

Standing, she spoke clearly, her voice smooth and confident. “I’m Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine of the White Tower. My strength in Spirit is third, but it’s only a shade beneath Air, with Water being my strongest Power. That is to say, I can work Spirit adeptly and with enough strength to do most Spirit weaves.” Except Traveling, she guessed. That rubbed, to know she’d be relegated to Skimming when the time came. But that was another hurdle she’d have to cross when the time came. For now, she was about to learn weaves very forbidden to her.

Light help her if Sloane Sedai ever found out.

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    • Completion!Mark, Tue Jul 25 10:06
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      That Quine was pleased with the progress was an understatement. Above all else, she was delighted with the fact that there was no opposition. Not one recruit raised a point of moral resistance,... more
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      • Emotional ManipulationSoldier Ceto Amaya din Marin, Sat Jul 29 21:33
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      • If you're happy and you know it . . .Soldier Toren Swain, Thu Jul 13 11:14
        After the introductions concluded, Asha'man Quine continued her explanation of Compulsion. "I feel that it’s best we begin with something simple. Manipulating emotions. Now, even those without the... more
      • Is smead an emotion?Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon Jul 10 11:34
        Medaea watched with interest as the Asha'man deftly wove through the complicated yet almost logical weaves for Compulsion. They weren't truly using Compulsion, not how she suspected it could be used, ... more
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    • Learning the Forbidden — Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon Jul 3 09:30
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