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Part I: The Four Ad's
Sun Jul 9, 2006 10:41 (XFF:

Quine was interested in learning of the class’s strengths, and was pleased to find that the majority of them was strong in Spirit. She had not expected that, as Spirit, traditionally, was only evenly divided between men and women, though it stood to reason that most of the students in a Compulsion class would have come to find out if they were strong in the Talent. Many would not have come if they did not think they stood a chance. Hence the Spirit.

“Good,” she said, nodding robustly. “Now, Compulsion truly is a Talent, and is arguably the most dangerous one. However, if it is expected, or if the would-be victim is paranoid, there are specific weaves–none of which will be taught today–that can shield against it. As aforementioned, too, there is a side-affect to it, the headaches, that can belie the use of the Talent. It can be recognized. So, yes, it is a bit difficult to accomplish, and the weave is intricate to boot, which gives downfalls to the weave’s many advantages.”

Advantages indeed. As a Soldier newly transferred from the White Tower, she had learned of the Talent, and . . . was less than careful with it. Oh, she never got formally punished by the Asha’man, as she was intelligent enough not to have allowed for such a pratfall, but when a particular female Dedicated found out that her lover had been Compelled into Quine’s bed. . . . It was far more fell than anything the Asha’man would’ve meted out to her. That much went unsaid. It was because of this, she did not doubt, that Quine had lost the interest in romantic endeavours before gaining the silver pin.

Peering at the class through dark eyes, she continued. “I feel that it’s best we begin with something simple. Manipulating emotions. Now, even those without the Talent may find that they have a skill in this. All you really need is a moderate-to-strong foundation in Spirit and the desired effects can be achieved. As I said, you can change the emotions of the victim. You can send someone into fits of laughter, into angered rage, into anything you want. However, the weave has to be maintained for the sensation to continue. You cannot tie it off. You’ll find that with all Compulsion weaves, that they cannot be tied off and abandoned. Once you cease maintaining the weave, any changes will become no longer, and all changes will revert.

“There are four emotions, and we will refer to them as the Four Ad’s: mad, sad, glad, and bad.” It felt ridiculous spouting that, and she did not doubt that a few smirks peeked up amongst the students, though it would be petty to punish them. It was . . . vaguely amusing. “They are, of course: anger, depression, happiness, and anxiety. You can tweak the Four Ad’s subtly to gain a wider range of effects. For example, to achieve shame, you would mix depression and anxiety to the right degree. To achieve greed, you’d mix anger and happiness. Hatred would be an offshoot of anger, and so you would need to find the right degree of anger to do so.”

“Some will have greater ease with this depending on if you have the Talent, though you won’t know for sure until you advance to the next part of the lesson. The weave is as follows. Women, watch closely. Men, your demonstration will come soon enough.”

Touching the True Source, Quine drew in saidar. It was a manageable amount, suffice to say, as she did not like the sensation of sweetness sending her stomach into fits of leaping. Peering at the class . . . everything was clearer. Browns were browner, greens were greener, and everything was as it should always be. And so she channeled. It was a simple variation compared to the complexity of the standard Compulsion weave, a series of arrays, all melded into skewed columns and rows. She touched it lightly with Fire, streaking the weave accordingly. “Adding Fire to the weave of Spirit stimulates anger. Accordingly, Air stimulates happiness, Water stimulates depression, and Earth stimulates anxi–”

At that moment, the classroom door all but burst open, and in marched a whole row of shackled, grizzly men. The students watched in muted surprise as they entered, arms bound to each other and bodies bound to another person. They were in varying states of disarray, standing at the front of the classroom just behind Quine. Some appeared terrified, seeming like young boys, and others were cursing under their breaths. Taking up the rear was an Asha’man, guiding them. He was an average-sized man, appearing of Andoran origin, with pale blue eyes and a mop of red-gold hair to verify this. She supposed he looked vaguely handsome, though his nose was off-centre. It really was.

“Good day, Saudade,” she said, nodding. Asha’man Saudade nodded in return. “It was good that you finally managed to arrive to the class. I’ve already demonstrated for the women.”

Saudade made a sound in the back of his throat, his stone-like face untouched by a smile. “The convicts took a while longer to round up than I thought they would.” That was all he said.

“Each of you will choose one of these . . . convicts. We requested them from Aringill to train into stablehands, perhaps, though I think I enjoy this idea better. Line up right before them, though we aren’t taking them out of their shackles.” Saudade, she realized, was already demonstrating the Compulsion weave for the men, which, she supposed, would look similar to the same for women. While she was still speaking! The nerve of him! “You will practise manipulating emotion and producing the Four Ad’s as well as any other combinations you can. The weave shall be placed directly into the victim’s forehead. Remember: Air for happiness, Fire for anger, Water for depression, and Earth for anxiety. Find as many combinations or variations as you please. Begin.”

OOC: So sorry about this being late! *cringes* Anyway, here it is . . . 500 words again practising manipulating emotions of any wonderful burly convict. I’ve taken artistic liberties in working out the system, so feel free to take as many liberties as you want, too. ^_-; Part II will come up HOPEFULLY on Friday the 14th. Ciao.

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