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Is smead an emotion?
Mon Jul 10, 2006 11:34 (XFF:

Medaea watched with interest as the Asha'man deftly wove through the complicated yet almost logical weaves for Compulsion. They weren't truly using Compulsion, not how she suspected it could be used, but it was a basis. One didn't learn to throw fireballs without first learning to form the flame and Medaea pushed aside her snide thoughts to hold on to that one. Channeling had to be done in steps, most of them thought, and so she would endure if only to learn this aspect of her abilities. Nearly anything could be endured.

Placed before a large man who was probably twice as wide as Medaea and only barely came up to her chin in height, she looked at the sullen tilt to the man's dark eyes, the glittering lack of acceptance for his state of being and shook her head. "Tsk, you should be happy that you're here, my smelly man." She chided. "You're going to get three squares a day and be kept out of the rain and snow when it starts getting cold."

"I ain't happy for nuffin." He snapped at her, taking a step forwarded even as she remained in place, crossing her arms and tapping a single foot in the dirt in impatience. "What's wrong wiv you?" Ain't ya scared?"

She opened herself to saidar and pulled out the threads of Spirit, winding them into the net that Asha'man Quine had demonstrated. The Spirit threads would open the mind, it was the combination of any one of the other Powers that would touch on their thoughts, feelings and emotions. With the latticework of Spirit in place, the Accepted threaded small but heavily woven strands of Earth throughout and pulled it tight over his head. The man's eyes widened and he took a step back. "No, I'm not scared. Aren't you?" He tried to backpedal but she only held him in place by a waist high net of Air and then released her weave. The man sagged against it before jumping forward with a yelp, staring wildly at weaves he would never see. "Aren't you happy that I kept you from falling?"

Pulling out the skeins of Earth from her weave, Medaea replaced it with light but thick threads of Air, this Power coming to her far easier. The weave was almost identical to the one that had caused fright in him, but she patterned the threads slightly differently to see if her theory regarding their layout held true. Pulling the weave against his head, she felt his immediate shift and he looked over at him. "Yes, yes I am!" He said, a smile widening on his face. Giving her threads a half turn, twisting them so they were nearly on a diagonal with the Spirit, he fell to his knees before her. "Mistress, that was very kind of you!"

She took a step back this time, if only to keep her skirts from being dirtied by his grimy hands and, leaving the threads of Water in place with the man happy to have just her smile, she added in flows of Fire. They were small and fine, but she threaded them in the same manner as the Spirit threads and looked over at another of the convicts. Pointing at him, she told her own smelly man, "That man looked at me and it displeased me." Tweaking the threads of Fire, her convict was suddenly sent into a rage over her imagined slight and he tried to launch himself at the other man with a loud growl.

Another weave of Air kept the man from getting anywhere, the wall reaching his chest and stopping him from going anywhere. Whipping away the strands of Fire, she quickly replaced them with her strongest Power—Water. These were laid in thick and almost overpowered the threads of Spirit. Slowly, until there were only a few strands of Air remaining in place—just enough to keep him devoted to her in the back of his mind, she pulled on the threads of Water, letting them slide into place. "Your actions displeased me, convict. You moved before I even told you to. I am very upset with you."

He turned and fell to the ground, sobbing into the dirt, spittle causing tiny mud puddles beneath his weeping face. "I'm so sorry! I—I don't know what I was thinking! Please—p-p-please." His words descended into nothing more than blubbering and she watched him with some amount of amazement. To have this sort of emotional control over someone…Reducing the strength of her Water weaves and increasing the Air subtly, his crying began to stop, but not entirely, and he looked up at her. Spirit, Air and Water were a powerful and potent combination when used in specific doses. She could see and feel his mind working to want to be happy by pleasing her and sorrow still for failing her. She placed a few tiny threads of Earth into the weave and tweaked at his anxiety—just enough that he would worry if she didn't smile.

Bestowing him with a brilliant smile, she motioned with her hand, "Rise, stand up my smelly convict." He surged upward and smiled, the Air flows twinging and tickling his mind so that he would do what he could to remain happy—even if that mean obeying her every word. As she waiting, Medaea supposed there were probably other methods for making a person do what they were Compelled to do, however the control of emotions—of extreme happiness, sadness and anxiety—could be just as powerful.

OOC: Man, she is so bad. I hope this is okay for what you wanted. =)

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    • Is smead an emotion? — Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon Jul 10 11:34
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