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If you're happy and you know it . . .
Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:14 (XFF:

After the introductions concluded, Asha'man Quine continued her explanation of Compulsion. "I feel that itís best we begin with something simple. Manipulating emotions. Now, even those without the Talent may find that they have a skill in this." It made sense as a pre-cursor to Compulsion. Toren wouldn't have to force anyone to do a specific thing, just put them in certain mood. The Asha'man continued her lesson, "There are four emotions, and we will refer to them as the Four Adís: mad, sad, glad, and bad. They are, of course: anger, depression, happiness, and anxiety . . .Ē Toren knew at that moment that, however goofy it sounded, he would not forget the four ads. Hadn't farmers for countless generations used the same sorts of rhyming tricks to pass on the things they thought were important? Red sky at night, ploughman's delight . . . Plow deep while sluggards sleep . . .Little strokes fell great oaks. No, whatever talent Toren might or might not have for Compulsion, he would not forget the four ads.

At about this time, the male Asha'man arrived in the classroom, leading a line of rough looking individuals. He began to demonstrate the weave, just as Quine had been doing for the females, and soon after the students were instructed to attempt the weave themselves. Toren looked over the convict who stood opposite. He was an older man, with a touch of gray in his hair, and he carried himself with an air of quiet dignity. "You may have me chained up," said his attitude, "but I'm something more than these common criminals." Toren set out trying to make him angry.

At first the combination of Fire and Spirit seemed to have little effect on the man, and Toren started to wonder if his talent was so non-existent that he couldn't even manage the simplest Compulsion weave. Or perhaps he had simply chosen a particularly stubborn individual. Toren was considering whether he should work with a different convict when the man suddenly blurted out "No justice!" He was quiet for a little while longer after that, but having once voiced his anger, something clicked in the man's head. The anger came pouring out. "No justice! High lord pansy arse comes after my daughter, like she's some common whore. A common whore, you hear me?! I ain't barely laid a hand on him and, bam, I'm in the lock-up. And there werenít no justice after, neither. Judge didnít care what happened; he just cared who slipped him the biggest pouch of gold. Bloody cheat!Ē He spit to emphasize his disgust and continued his rant with unabated fury.

It will probably be harder to make him feel happy, now. Toren decided that the challenge would be a good measure of his talent. If he could turn the convictís angry tirade into happiness, it would be a good sign that he had some skill for Compulsion. If not, the best he could hope for would be to enhance an emotion which was already present in his targetís mind. Toren carefully wove the Air and Spirit together, letting them settle around the convictís head. Again, there was a long pause, while the man continued to vent his frustrations with the justice system, but ever so slowly his mood started to swing. After a minute or two, the convict was singing. What he lacked in talent, he tried valiantly to overcome with enthusiasm. ďIíll eat when I am hungry and Iíll drink when I am dry; Get drunk whenever Iím ready, get sober bye and bye . . .Ē Many of the other convicts were giving the singer puzzled looks, or muttering under the breath, but it didnít seem to deter him at all. If anything he sang a little louder, as if trying to blot out any unhappiness which might spoil the mood.

Eventually Toren let the weave unravel. The man continued to the end of a verse, and then stopped singing. He looked around at his fellow convicts, staring hard at anyone who happened to be looking in his direction as if daring them to say anything about his odd behavior. Within another minute, he had retreated into his shell of silent stoicism. Toren felt an odd urge to apologize to the man; he had been messing with another manís head, making him say and do things which he would not have done of his own free will. It was good that the Black Tower took a dim view of those who abused this kind of power, and perhaps the White Tower was not so foolish in banning it altogether. Toren was filled with a fearful anticipation as he wondered whether he would be able to manage true Compulsion.

OOC: Credit to Benjamin Franklin for the wise sayings, and Great Big Sea for the song lyrics.

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