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Part II: Stretch Your Legs!
Fri Jul 14, 2006 16:28 (XFF:

That Quine was pleased with the progress was an understatement. Above all else, she was delighted with the fact that there was no opposition. Not one recruit raised a point of moral resistance, citing ethics or something silly like that. The Light burn them! This was Compulsion; if you had a problem with ethics, why under the bloody sun would you choose to come to a lesson that ordered you to strip a man of his will?

There will be plenty of opportunities yet for them to show opposition, Quine thought, smirking inwardly. It was difficult to discern who had the Talent and who was simply able to perform the weave on a merit of being powerful in Spirit. Something as minor as emotional changes could be performed by anyone strong in Spirit, suffice to say, and it would take a more advanced spin on the weave to truly determine who had Compulsion. And that was exactly the sort of thing she would present upon them.

“Excellent work,” she intoned, nodding her benedictions. “You appear to have an understanding of the simplest form of the weave, and you’ve learned of the reactions, too. Emotions can hinder or enhance decision-making processes, can they not? Soldier Toren, your man would not have made the choice to sing had he not been experiencing joy, correct? Thus, without directly altering the choices of an individual, you can indirectly tweak their actions. This can be a point of defence if ever you’re caught in a bind for using Compulsion. Should you alter the emotions of a victim so that they act in such a way that would not be usual for them, you could say that the decision was made solely on the behalf of the victim, and that you only spurred it on. A sticky situation, yes, but an argument can be made nonetheless. Asha’man Saudade will now take you through the next half of the weave.” Quine peered up at the taller man.

Saudade nodded, breaking into a pace where he stood. “Now that you’ve been able to tap into the conscious mind of these ‘demonstrations,’ you will have the opportunity to control their actions further. This will indefinitely determine who has the Talent and who does not. Put simply, if you have the Talent, you should be able to exercise full control. If you don’t, you may only be able to get a stir from your victim, or you may not be able to garner any results at all. For this part, we will be stepping outside the classroom.”

The man led the line of shackled convicts, guiding them with a forceful hand peppered with a few idle threats out the door. Quine led the Soldiers, Dedicated, and the Accepted out in their wake, stepping out into the sunlight. Put simply, the classroom was too small for what she had planned. Saudade went about separating the burly men from one another, unfastening the cast iron chains that linked them. They were still shackled at the hands and ankles, yes, though they were no longer bound to each other.

Touching the True Source, Quine began to channel. Weaving Spirit and Air, she created a grid-like matrix around the lot of them, an entire bubble that excluded the convicts. It was a ward against sound, protecting the shackled men from being able to hear her words. She tied it off. “Your task,” Quine said, speaking out unto the throng that suddenly did not include the convicts, “is to use Compulsion to guide the men through a short walk. You will each pair off with one of them, and that one will be your charge, and it’ll be your duty to have them complete the walk. They are still bound at the hands and ankles, and I daresay they’ve been bound long enough that they’re not in any sort of condition to make some sort of sprightly escape. They are not going to want to comply, obviously, which is why I’ve used the Power so they cannot hear me. I don’t want them getting passive-aggressive and complying with the walk if only to spite me.”

“The weave that you will use is of Spirit entirely,” Saudade explained. “Sometimes Fire and Air are added for more intricate weaves of Compulsion, though this is not one. It does not need to be especially powerful, as a walk is not a radical act. What you will need to do after this will require a stronger weave, and will likely require Fire and Air, though that will come.”

“The weave is like so.” Quine began weaving, entirely sure that Saudade was channeling for the men, too. It was similar to the emotion-altering weave, in a sense, in that it was a spun matrix of the Power that came to a distinct point. However, the sheer breadth of it was something more; the amount of spun threads into it had increased noticeably. It was like some frosted triangle of Spirit. “The path of your walk will carry you south past the Traitor’s Tree, up around between the Traveling Yards and the Administrative Buildings, between the Mess Hall and the Gardens, and back here to the North Classrooms.”

“Prompting the convict into walking shouldn’t be hard. The weave should give you a map of their subconscious, almost, and it’s simply a matter of willing them to obey. You’ll understand as you practice. If you don’t have the Talent, well, you’ll probably end up having to use other methods to prompt them. If you do, they ought to obey.”

Dropping the weave, Quine peered out unto the class. “Try to be back in less than an hour. Begin.”

OOC: It’s all yours! 500 words going through the described motions. *grins* It’s just a short walk, and for those of you without the Talent, feel free to berate, threaten, and smack with whips of the Power and/or torch their rear with Fire. ^^;; Otherwise, it should be easy-peasy! Have fun, and Part III will be up next Wednesday. Remember that the lesson is now closed to newcomers.

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