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Walk This Way
Mon Jul 17, 2006 08:29 (XFF:

With the small class filed out of the rooms, a light breeze touched on Medea's face and tugged at her hair gently as she listened to the instructions of the Asha'man. The convinct she'd been toying with earlier was still assigned to her and with a brief touch of Air, she saw the man beaming to do nearly anything she would ask. Glancing down the long expanse of cobbles to where the Traitor's Tree towered far and away above the roofs of the buildings, she gave a slight grimace. It was probably going to be longer than an hour of walking for her to do the nearly four miles. She wondered why the Asha'man had decided to do something to so protracted and long but wisely kept her mouth shut; Asha'man seemed prickly in the types of questions asked of them.

Looking to the man, she pulled on the threads of Spirit and began to lace them together into the strange pyramid like shape—although she expected to have some difficulties, there was something inside of her that naturally responded to what she was doing, and the weft and warp of the threads came to her almost effortlessly. I suppose it's no surprise to find that I have the Talent for this. She also wondered how many other wilders who knew the small tricks she'd used were also Talented in Compulsion and would never know.

The last of the lacy weave fell into place and it looked beautiful and dazzling to her eyes—it was by far the most complicated thing she'd ever woven, and although she worked with one of her middling Powers, the flows weren't so large to tax her strength in it. Sliding the weave into the man's head, his eyes glazed slightly even as his stupid grin remained. She could almost feel the map of his mind in there, not necessarily a bond, but there was a certain empathic link from her mind to his that made even her own body shudder to feel what he seemed to be thinking and feeling. He was a murderer, and she got the impression of many murders and rapes in his lifetime.

"Turn to your right and walk forward." She commanded him in a cold voice. The murders had been done to satisfy his dark and perverted nature, a man like this deserved a hundred deaths for how he'd killed his victims.

She could feel him resisting against her—the weaves she'd used previously had been occluded by the newest weave, and so he was merely doing what she said now, rather than working to please her. The presence of the "one or the other" sort of method annoyed her and when she was raised to Aes Sedai and was a little more above admonishment for the practice of the weaves, she would figure out how to do both. It had to be possible. After about five minutes of walking, the Traitor's Tree just in sight, his feet began to slow and she felt the command dissipating. "Keep walking forward, smelly convict." Her orders vibrated along the threads of Spirit and there was again the token resistance to the command, but the strength of her Compulsion was far too great to be ignored.

Within fifteen minutes, they had turned around the Traitor's Tree, heads pungent in the warm air, the sound of flies buzzing around somewhat distracting. Distracting enough that she lost her solid grip on the convict and he shook his head as he came to. The man looked around as if he were waking from a dream. "What's going on here?" His brows drew down as he took a threatening step toward her; Medaea again touched the Source, drawing threads of Spirit, Air and Earth into the latticework almost with practiced ease and draping it over his head. Immediately his eyes glazed over and he stopped, falling to his knees. "Please! What can I do to make you happy!"

She watched him with cool eyes. "Do as I tell you. If you displease me, I won't speak to you ever again." The man's eyes welled up with pitiful tears that he scrubbed away with dirty hands, leaving a streak of mud on either side of his face. Scrambling to his feet, she left the weave where it was, tying it off in an experiment to see if the weaves would linger enough that he'd want to do what she said. She guessed that the threads would dissipate fairly quickly; working with the mind was delicate work and to make the weaves too strong could have adverse effects.

Weaving the pure pyramid of Spirit worked a little faster for her this time and when the weave entered the man's head, she could feel some of the residual weaves left in her own weave. The Spirit threads and unfortunately sliced through her original weave, but there were still some lingering effects left that made him watch her with a small amount of desire to do what she wanted just to make her happy. "Walk around the tree, and start back north again." Her command was sharp and he nearly leapt to obey her, his long strides eating up the distance quickly. "Slow down so that I can follow easily!"

She felt the small amount of resistance in his mind, but it was smaller due to the lingering effects of her emotion control weaves. It was another half an hour before she and the convict were to the gardens—a paltry name compared to the vast wonders in the White Tower. By adjusting her weaves and using a combination of destroyed flows of emotional control and overlaying it with the Compulsion weave of Spirit, she tweaked her weaves roughly every five to ten minutes during the walk, the empathic link between them giving Medaea some idea when her control was starting to fade and the convict probably began to wonder why he was walking at the say so of a woman like her.

It was still another half mile from the gardens and Mess Hall back to what was named the Northern Classrooms and she was first to arrive, her convict practically dragging his feet. As they came back to the Asha'man, she renewed the strength of the Compulsion weave, sharpening the edges, honing the weaves back to crispness and tying it off. Layering the net of Spirit and Air over the Compulsion weave, she pointed to a spot on the ground and watched as his eyes went wide and the link between them conveyed that he was his. "Stand right there until I tell you to move. This will please me." He hurried to the spot she indicated and stood there nearly at attention.

Turning to the Asha'man, Medaea asked a question she was sure wouldn't be met with icy silence. "While I was performing the Compulsion weave, Asha'man, I noticed that after a time he began to resist the command and I'd have to renew the weave. Can you explain this?"

Asha'man Quine's face was impassive but she gave a brief nod. "Yes. Compulsion overrides the will of another for a short time. The more unusual the request and the more it goes against their natural inclination, the quicker they'll recover and try to resist. Some with extremely strong wills can break free of it quickly, while others the effects can linger long beyond your weave."

Medaea nodded thoughtfully. "Thank you, Asha'man."

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