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Part III: Actus Reus
Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:12 (XFF:

Whether she would admit it openly or not–and she knew without variation that the answer was “not”–Quine rather liked Accepted Medaea. The woman was talented in Compulsion, even beyond perhaps the confines of simply having a Talent. Medaea was a natural. Though Quine had left the White Tower with the firm belief that it was simply not going to take her where she wanted, she never once assumed that a denizen thereof couldn’t be intelligent. Medaea was a sharp woman. She would do well.

Peering out unto the class, Quine noted . . . mixed results. Saudade watched with a fixed smirk unbefitting of an Asha’man. While anyone with strength in Spirit would have been able to perform the previous task, the Talent was necessary for this. Some, not unlike the Accepted, were about to guide their charge through the task, taking what any onlooker would see as a leisurely stroll. Others didn’t have such luck. After failing at the weave one or two times, they took to more humourous approaches. Quine looked on as a curly-haired Soldier went red in the face as he berated his convict into walking. The convict, of course, was looking on rather casually. Others were using more brutal tactics, whipping at the ankles and singeing the seats of their pants to achieve the desired effect. Of course, this was less of a walk, and more of the shackled charge trying to flee from their partner. It hardly worked out.

All in all, those who had the Talent did impeccably well. Those who didn’t showed difficulty. And so they would progress.

Gesturing for the recruits to approach her, Saudade went about organizing those few convicts who’d begun to stray. He was very much a sheepdog in his efforts. Quine, meanwhile, addressed the Soldiers, Dedicated, and the lone Accepted.

“Good work,” she said, “and I think that this should have eradicated any question as to whether or not you are Talented in Compulsion. Now, however, we will progress. As you see, when executed Compulsion properly, the weave simply does not make someone perform an action–rather, it makes them want to perform the action. I have stated this before, though it is important to remember. If I were to Compel one of you to eat your own shoe, you would do so feeling entirely vindicated and satisfied.

“That being said, you can realistically Compel your charge into doing whatsoever you please, more or less. In practical situations, Compulsion can theoretically play a strong part for negotiations, which is why an Ambassador would benefit from having such a Talent. Mind, this should be a last resort in a situation where not using this weave would result in terrible consequences. Otherwise, standard diplomatic reasoning should suffice, as it would be a fallacy to have the entire patchwork of nations founded on the trickery of a weave.

“What I’ll have you do now is experiment with the weave a tad. Walking is a fairly typical action, as well-nigh of all of us do so every day. It is so built into our primal instincts that tapping into that motion is child’s fare. Now, though, you’ll have to try harder. You’ll have to Compel your charge into committing a theft.”

Saudade, who had finished organizing the convicts again, approached, nodding in agreement. “Indeed. While these misguided men will have experience in larceny, I can say that you will have to Compel them to do so. After all, for all the punishment they have received, and for all that they would . . . committing a crime right under the eyes of an Asha’man would go against their will, I daresay. At the same time, you can’t simply be standing in the open. You have to look casual as you Compel them, as this ‘theft’ cannot be traced back to you. Try holding a conversation as you weave, and maybe even inverting your flows from sight. While the weave itself may now be second nature for those with the Talent, the covert methods behind the user’s actions may not.”

Quine agreed. “Try not to get your charge into too much trouble, now. The crime can be anything from stealing a Dedicated’s pin to nicking a Trainee’s sword. It’s a good skill to have, being able to protect oneself from notice as the convict does the work. You may go anywhere within the Black Tower’s walls you’re allowed to go, so long as you give the stolen object back. Be sure not to incite too much anger.”

“For those of you without the Talent, give it a shot. It can’t hurt. At the very least, you’ll be able to manipulate the emotions of your victim, and if you get them feeling a particular emotion, they may be more susceptible to verbal compulsion. You could chide your suddenly envious recruit into stealing that shiny locket around someone’s neck. It’s always possible.”


OOC: Final part! Good luck, guys. Same standards as before, and once you’re all done, you get shiny credits! If you need an extension, request one, though Kate has an extension by default for being on a LoA. ^_-; Good luck, and credits will be posted on Tuesday! Have fun!

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