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Of Horses and Dragons
Fri Jul 21, 2006 07:23 (XFF:

As the Asha'man delivered her final speech, telling them that Compelling someone to walk was fairly simple and straightforward—though her own smelly convict had not necessarily wanted to walk in the first place—Medaea considered the possibilities of her Talent. For certain, she could adjust the feelings and emotions of her targets; this could be especially thankful if she needed to be let by someone to get someplace she wasn't supposed to be. She knew she could also Compel someone to do something as lengthy as walking long distances, but it was limited. If someone was unwilling, they would eventually get past the Compulsion that had worn off and stop doing what she needed. Even adjusting their emotions might cause confusion and counteract what she needed from them. It did pose the question, though—could one Compel someone to simply die in their tracks?


Before she did begin, Medaea stepped forward to the Asha'man. "I have a brief question, Asha'man Quine." The woman gave a nod of her head for Medaea to proceed. "Can you Compel someone to kill themselves or even just drop where they are?"

The Asha'man's head shook. "Not successfully, Accepted Medaea. One of the most basic, instinctual reactions is to fight for life, no matter what. Even someone trying to suffocate themselves will often fight against it. Because of that, Compulsion can't work in that way unless it's someone who truly sincerely wishes to die and simply hasn't taken that step yet."

The woman's face was impassive, but Medaea caught a glimpse of emotion she couldn't define in the woman's eyes before curtseying and returning to her convinct. Glancing around the compound, others were working on their own convicts to varying degrees, either with cajoling and pleading for those without the Talent, or with fairly strong weaves from those with it.

Her gaze fell on an Asha'man who sat on a wooden porch, his face intent as it bent over whatever was in his hands. Using Spirit and threads of Air and Earth, causing her smelly convict to suddenly watch her with loving and anxious eyes, Medaea commanded. "Follow me." He scurried after her, almost on her heels, and as they drew closer, she saw that the Asha'man had a block of something in his hands, wood peeling and curling away from it in the rough shape of what looked like a dragon. She could tell just by the way he didn't use any tools, that he used saidin to whittle at the wood.

Removing her weave that toyed with the man's emotions, Medaea constructed the intricate weave of Spirit she'd grown accustomed to using just in walking her convict around for over a league. Sliding it into place, she saw his expression change in a manner that she associated with his mind opening to what she'd command. An empty book waiting for the words to be penned.

"Steal that carving from the Asha'man." She pointed, watching as his gaze turned to where the Asha'man toiled. For a moment his footsteps shuffled slightly forward and then he shook his head, gaze fearful in the presence of a male very evidently channeling.

His expression cleared. "No." He refused, much to the surprise of the Mayener Accepted. She felt the connection between them wane and then dissipate as her Compulsion failed to override his own natural fear of the male channeler and approaching him in order to steal.

Drawing on saidar until it was nearly painful for her to do so, Medaea wove the glowing skeins of Spirit once again, drawing them as thick as she dared and weaving them tightly together. She was nearly finished with the intricate lattice-work when it came to her. Drawing in the threads of Air and Water as well, she streaked them throughout the entire weave, lacing them through the gaps left by the Spirit until it was one solid, glimmering blade. Passing it through the man's head, laying into place, his entire countenance glazed over and she stared at her handiwork. Not only was the man open to suggestion, he was now at a point, she could feel, that he would do anything she asked, even if it went against what his strong feelings were.

Oh, she knew that the weave would still dissipate, the command would weaken and he'd be back where she started, but with the Air and Water threaded through the entirety, he wouldn't resist.

"Steal the carving from the Asha'man."

The man didn't even hesitate to comply, so desperate was he to fulfil her wishes. As he lumbered toward the Asha'man with a determined gait, Medaea contemplated what her intuition meant compared to what Asha'man Quine had taught; did the woman know of using Air and Water to enhance the flow? And now that she thought of it, Medaea considered the possibilities of using Fire and Earth as well. Was it a matter of style and teaching or had the Asha'man only showed them half of what they could accomplish on both sides and then expected them to put them together to build the whole?

Merging both weaves in that manner had done, what Medaea believed, to be true and full Compulsion on the man. The single weave of Spirit worked for when one was Compelling people to do things they would normally do, just not as willingly, but her addition of the streaks of Air and Water had Compelled someone to do something they wouldn't do willingly.

The man came running back from the porch, a startled and surprised Asha'man staring after the man who was bearing down on her, the carving in his outstretched hands. "I've stolen it for you Mistress!" He exclaimed, arriving and dropping to his knees in front of her.

Glancing up at the Asha'man who now made his way to them with more puzzlement than anger, she commanded her convict. "Rise, I'll instruct you in a moment. Asha'man, I apologize for this man, it's part of an exercise set on me by Asha'man Quine. I'll return your carving to you in a few minutes if that's all right with you."

The man gave a small shrug and smiled, "Sure, it's fine, I was just playing around with it. Keep it if you'd like and then just think fondly on Asha'man Girvan every time you look at my carving of the horse."

She glanced at the convicts hands in surprise—it looked nothing like a horse—the she smiled. "You're kind, Asha'man Girvan, I'd be delighted to keep this reminder. Thank you." Turning back to the convict, she commanded him to walk back to Asha'man Quine and display the success of her Compulsion.

OOC: I took a liberty with the Compulsion. According to what I found, Compulsion by Moggie was Spirit streaked with Air and Water, Rahvin used pure Spirit on servants and Verin used Spirit with Air and Water and a little Fire and I improvised a little. *grins*

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