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Early Rising
Fri Jul 21, 2006 08:24 (XFF:

Reyna woke with a start. A hand on her shoulder was shaking her awake, not hard but firm. She turned on her side to see another, Dedicated by the pin on her collar, fully dressed and looking quite ready. Certainly more so than the still half asleep Reyna.

The Dedicated spoke, "Soldier Reya do Calisair a'Nesae?" It was obvious the Dedicated did not require affirmation and Reyna wasn't sure she could have given a spoken response just then anyway. "My name is Dedicated Laila. I've been instructed to teach you how to embrace saidar. Be outside by the oak tree next to the Barracks in five minutes."

Reyna watched Laila walk out of her room brusquely. As the door closed, the words settled down upon Reyna. She opened her eyes in shock and jumped out of bed. She put on the unfamiliar clothing in a rush. Lacing up her boots almost haphazardly, but managing a fair job on her breeches shirt and coat. As the last button was done up on her coat, she made a dash for her hairbrush. It was hardly necessary, but it was hard to stop habit.

Reyna made her bed quickly, making sure her room was in order-at least a bit- before letting herself out. It had taken her surprising little time to get ready, and as Laila had instructed her, she made her way out of the barracks in five minutes time.

It took only a short sweep of the scene outside the barracks to find Laila. The Dedicated, older than her, but not terribly, was sitting under an oak tree near the barracks. Reyna made a beeline for her. Before she made it two steps fire burst forth as if from nowhere, momentarily blinding her unfamiliar eyes.

"Come on then, sit down," she called over, "I want to get you channeling before breakfast." Reyna continued toward Laila after the momentary distraction, and found herself beneath the oak tree a moment later, sitting across from Laila.. The Dedicated wasted no time. Her finger was pointing at the ball of fire that was now floating between them and began her lecture.

She said much the same as Zander had only the day before, but she payed close attention none-the-less. There were some new things being said that Reyna might regret missing out on hearing. After the more warning type lecture Laila had continued on to talk about how fortunate those are who can channel the Power.

"That said--the Power is also a blessing, in my opinion. You are extraordinarily fortunate to be able to channel. Many say that channelers are Darkfriends--witches--wild animals--" Her lips twisted in a wry smile. "They are wrong. Given that you've chosen to come here, I presume that you are intelligent enough to recognize their talk as the trash it is. Still, I think it's important that you know this--the Power is a blessing."

Though Reyna may still have been slightly afraid of channeling, in no way did she find it to be some kind of art only for those sword the Dark. That fear would leave once she found out what it truly was to channel, and that was soon now. Reyna nodded her head to show that both, she understood and she did not believe the nonsense some people spewed about the Power and channelers.

"Now. I have told you who I am--Dedicated Laila, your teacher in saidar. Your name is Soldier Reyna do Calisair a'Nesae. Tell me a bit more about yourself. Where you come from. What you did. What you want to achieve. Anything you choose to tell me. But I do want to know--why did you choose the Black Tower?"

It was more the last question she was answering, but she vaguely answered the first ones at the same time.

ďI come from a small village in Murandy, but have lived in Lugard for the past eight winters. It wasnít the most fulfilling past eight years to be sure, and having no personal connection to Murandy, I decided to leave. Around the Andor-Murandy border, I caught word of a non-channeling unit of the Black Tower, and it appealed to me, so I came. The Black Tower was where I wanted to start anew. However, when I arrived here, I was informed that I possessed the inborn ability to channel. From there, I swore myself to the Black Tower and now find myself here, learning to channel.Ē

Her answer could have been embellished some, but Reyna could not see the point. She would answer honestly and to the point. Her voice was strong, but it held no disrespect for the woman before her, simply stating fact without hesitation.

Reyna fell silent after her little speech and waited for more instruction from Laila. She had no idea what to think about the Dedicated. She looked like nobody she had ever seen before, but that was not surprising. Reyna had never been out of Murandy but for her journey to the Black Tower. Lailaís appearance was drastically different from her own. But it was her eyes that were so captivating. Certainly the feature most would notice first, just as Reyna had.

However, other than her appearance, Reyna knew nothing about Laila. Her brusqueness and nonchalance revealed near to nothing about her. As of yet, Laila was a closed book to Reyna.

OOC: A tad sooner than a week aye? ^.^ And Iím going to get Reyna through this lesson whether I like it or not as well. ^.^ Anyway, no questions as of yet, but Iíll be sure to e-mail you if I do! Thanks!

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