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Seizing for Euriv
Wed Jul 26, 2006 07:51 (XFF:

Euriv al'Deron Zander thought. His eyes twinkled with a mild amusement as he thought of the day he had ahead of him.

He had been instructed to teach a newcomer to the Black Tower on how to seize Saidin, and he had dutifully added it to the never-ending list of tasks he had on his plate since becoming a Dedicated. The amount of work had definitely increased, to such an extent that Zander could barely keep up with them, as well as keeping himself immersed in his personal training. He had had to resort to staying up well into the night in order to keep ahead of the game.

Not that I mind that of course. The night has always been the best time for me in any case. But still, very little sleep is starting to take its toll on me he thought as he paced leisurely through the Soldier's barracks. As he made his way to Euriv's quarters, Zander took in the sights and passing memories in his mind made him smile even more as he thought of the many times he had had as a Soldier himself.

He found Euriv's quarters and knocked on the door. He had no doubts that the man would be awake, even though the sun had long since disappeared beyond the horizon. It was his first day spent in the knowledge that he could channel, and everyone lay awake in their bunks on that day, finding sleep hard to come by. Sure enough, the door was opened after a few moments, and the man's face poked around the door. The man took in Zander and his eyes wandered to the sword on his collar. He bowed before he made his inquiry.

"Yes sir?" the man tentatively asked.
"Euriv, my name is Zander, and please don't bow, there is no need I assure you. I have been sent to instruct you on the ways of the One Power, seeing as you can't really do much at the Tower until you can channel freely" Zander stated in a pleasant manner, trying to put the man at ease. "May i come in?" he inquired.

In response to Zander's statement, the man's eyebrows rose slightly, but he still opened the door and stood aside so that Zander could enter the room. Instantly Zander channelled fire and spirit, creating small lights to illuminate the dark room and also to heat it from the late night chill. He took up a chair and indicated for Euriv to sit in the bunk. The man did so with a small amount of reluctance.

"Firstly, I will start with a question. I feel it is always better to get to know your student a bit better before you instruct them. How did you come to the Black Tower? And better yet, why? Where do you come from? What skills do you have? What did you do before you came here? Feel free to only answer one question, you don't have to tell me your entire life of course. I respect privacy. Tell me as little as you want, and then we may begin the lesson" Zander finished with a smile that was calculated to put the man at ease before he responded.

OOC: Okay! This is where it all begins! Tell Zander as little or as much as you want. 300 words minimum please, and after that the fun can begin ;)

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      • Emptiness and War...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Tue Aug 1 15:00
        Zander listened to what the man had to say. His eyebrows rose slightly at his mention of his knowledge at healing and such practises. He filed it away in his mind for future use. He was often... more
        • Try try try again and try no to kill yourselfSoldier Euriv al'Deron, Thu Aug 3 19:41
          Euriv finished with almost no breath after talking and discreetly sucked in air through his nose. The man, Zander, sat there simply smiling; it was beginning to unnerve him. He pushed the feeling... more
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              • Credit!Mark, Sat Sep 9 21:30
                Good job. *grins* You now have seizing credit. Also, just for future reference, it's spelled " saidin " as opposed to " sadin ." Congrats! /|\Mark
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