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In a nutshell
Wed Jul 26, 2006 16:04 (XFF:

Euriv had not slept well at all, even with the aid of some sleeping herbs. His nightmares made him wish he hadn’t thought of going to bed. He simply laid back and kept his eyes focused on the ceiling trying to detach himself from his body and get that floating feeling he had earlier.

Doing that brought back memories one in particular was when he had his first patient. The man had been terminally ill and was going to die any day now but somehow, miraculously he got better in one night. The same night he himself had gotten a fever for no apparent reason that went away in an hour. Was that the power he could have? Could he cure others? Wait, did he even want to ha… A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts.

He slipped out of the bunk nimbly hitting the floor without a sound and walked resignedly to the door. He opened and stuck his head out the door and saw a man standing there. He scanned him from the feet up and got no father than the sword pin on the man’s choler. He swung the door open and bowed, not a perfect bow but it wasn’t that bad.

"Yes sir?" Euriv asked tentatively.

"Euriv, my name is Zander, and please don't bow, there is no need I assure you. I have been sent to instruct you on the ways of the One Power, seeing as you can't really do much at the Tower until you can channel freely" the man stated in a pleasant manner the was defiantly nicer than Euriv expected. "May I come in?" Zander inquired.

Euriv opened the door wider and let Zander in and nearly jumped of surprise when he channeled light into the room. He felt the heat coming into the room and was glad weather or not it was channeling. He was freezing. The man sat down in one of the chairs and gestured for him to sit down, too. He didn’t feel very much like sitting down while he was so excited or nervous; he couldn’t tell, all he knew was that his adrenaline had kicked in. He sat down with some reluctance and managed to keep his fidgeting to a minimal.

"Firstly, I will start with a question. I feel it is always better to get to know your student a bit better before you instruct them. How did you come to the Black Tower? And better yet, why? Where do you come from? What skills do you have? What did you do before you came here? Feel free to only answer one question; you don't have to tell me your entire life of course. I respect privacy. Tell me as little as you want, and then we may begin the lesson." the man, Zander, finished with an easy smile that did seem to make him feel less pressed.

Euriv cleared his throat and stared for a moment in thought before he spoke. He had nothing really to hide. “I came to the Black Tower some-what unintentionally by way of the recruiters. I came here looking to join the “non channeling” division but as fate may have it during the testing it became known to me that I posses the ability to use the One Power. I come from a town called Four Kings where my parents had a medical practice, which also answers the question of what skills I have. I worked there to become their apprentice as a medical practitioner. Even though I am only 16, I had learned everything they had to teach me and it was time to move on. That’s pretty much my life in a nutshell.” He finished with a grimace, remembering his parent displeasure at his leaving, but quickly snapped back to Zander.

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    • In a nutshell — Soldier Euriv al'Deron, Wed Jul 26 16:04
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              • Credit!Mark, Sat Sep 9 21:30
                Good job. *grins* You now have seizing credit. Also, just for future reference, it's spelled " saidin " as opposed to " sadin ." Congrats! /|\Mark
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