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Emotional Manipulation
Sat Jul 29, 2006 21:33 (XFF:

Ceto Amaya found Compulsion to be an interesting subject. Yes, it was an underhanded shortcut to achieving an end, but one could not deny that it had many uses, especially in the Ambassador's line of work.

She had a suspicion that she'd used this particular weave before, albeit unknowingly. She'd always been very good at getting what she wanted, even when there was no real reason that she should get her way. Not too long before she'd left her family, she had desperately wanted to go ashore and see Munin, but her mother had consistently denied her that privilege. Ceto Amaya hadn't seen Munin in several months and had nearly been to the point of tears when her mother had finally let her go, completely out of the blue. At the time, Ceto Amaya had thought that her mother had tired of the constant badgering and given in, despite how unlike her mother that was. Now, it seemed as if Compulsion might be a more likely possibility.

The weave was not terribly difficult. Ceto Amaya listened in interest as the Asha'man explained what elements were used to alter emotions. She was wondering what would happen if Air and Water, which had been said to stimulate happiness and depression respectively, were mixed, when the door opened and a long row of men in shackles entered the room. Ceto Amaya listened once again, perplexed now, as Quine explained that these men were convicts and that they were to be used to practice the manipulation of emotions.

Ceto Amaya joined the rest of the class in lining up in front of the men. The man in front of her was tall and wiry, with tilted eyes that gave him a Saldaean look. He grinned at her, revealing that he was missing a front tooth. "Well, aren't you a pretty little one," he said, his grin becoming leering.

A thick weave of Spirit, Fire, and Water hit him in the forehead. The convict fell to his knees and began to cry like a child. "I'm sorry!" he sobbed, shoulders shaking. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it! I'm horrible! I don't deserve to live!" He began to scratch at his face. Quickly, Ceto Amaya withdrew the weave, eyes widening. The man stared up at her, still on his knees, no doubt wondering why he was kneeling and his face was tearstained and scratched.

Ceto Amaya wove a small weave of Spirit and Air and placed it on the man's forehead. He smiled and stood up. She increased the strength of the weave and the man grinned wider, and then began to whistle a bright little tune. She withdrew the weave and thought for a moment, looking at the man's scratched face. Then she wove together Spirit, Fire, and Earth, and placed the weave on the man's forehead. He began to sweat and breathe heavily, and as she increased the weave, his head jerked around, looking around the room as if trying to find someone hidden in the corners.

"I know you're there!" he shouted, lunging toward the walls. His shackles caused him to fall, but as he knelt on the ground he continued to shout. "I'll bloody kill you! Blood and ashes, you won't get to me first!"

She tried Spirit, Water, and Earth next. The man wrung his hands, whimpering softly. Ceto Amaya withdrew the weave, not wanting to go any further. The sight of the man kneeling on the ground and trying to scratch out his own eyes was still fresh in her mind. She wasn't sure she wanted this much power over people.

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