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Revenge, of a sort.
Sun Jul 30, 2006 17:38 (XFF:

Ceto Amaya was still somewhat disturbed from the first part of the lesson as Quine handed it over to Saudade, who began to explain the second part. Saudade instructed them to step outside; once the class and the convicts were standing out in the sun, Quine warded the class for sound, preventing the convicts from hearing the next part of the lesson. She explained that each person was to pair with a convict and, using Compulsion, force the man to walk a set path. Ceto Amaya watched carefully as the Asha'man demonstrated the weave, noticing that it was similar to the weave they had used earlier, but was more complex and woven entirely from Spirit.

Ceto Amaya was paired again with the wiry Saldaean man, who still sported angry red lines down his face. The man looked her over with an irritated look, no doubt seriously put off by the fact that he was being controlled by a small, cute girl who looked barely fourteen years of age. Ceto Amaya was in fact sixteen, but people always fell short when trying to guess her age. She quickly wove the triangle and placed it on the man's forehead, hoping to avoid any commentary from him. The effect of the weave was interesting; as Quine had said, it was almost like a map of the subconscious. It was now a simple act to get the man to do what she wished of him.

"Come with me, please," she said pleasantly, patting the man on the shoulder. "We're going for a walk." The man nodded and followed her, placidly obeying occasional directions to turn and, when she felt they were moving too slowly, to walk more quickly.

After some time, she felt her hold on the man's mind growing faint. He required more prompting in order to achieve the desired results, and she could feel resistance to her commands. She had just added more Spirit to the weave when she stumbled and lost her hold on the man. The weave dissipated immediately and the man stopped dead, looking around as if he had no idea what he was doing here or how he had gotten there, which was probably fairly accurate. He looked over at Ceto Amaya, who had recovered quickly from her stumble and was weaving the triangle again, and scowled.

"I had a little girl like you once, you know," he growled. "She was just like her mother… horrible. I killed them both."

Ceto Amaya's eyes widened. She plunged the weave into the man's forehead with far more force than was necessary, not wanting to hear another word from him. The man's face immediately lost its annoyed look and became placid once more. "Walk to the right," Ceto Amaya said, her voice tight. She reached up and rubbed her eyes, irritated that her hand came away wet. If she was really going to become Asha'man, she needed more mettle than this. She couldn't cry just because she was in the company of a man who had killed his wife and daughter.

Her eyes narrowed, and she contemplated for a moment before saying, "Turn to your left." She could feel some resistance, but she quickly increased the flow of Spirit in the weave and the resistance disappeared. The man turned and fell hard over a stone that had been placed to the side of the path, scraping his hands and arms on the ground. Ceto Amaya smiled tightly. "Get up." The man got to his feet, and they finished the rest of the walk in silence, only broken by the occasional command to turn or stop.

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