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Emptiness and War...
Tue Aug 1, 2006 15:00 (XFF:

Zander listened to what the man had to say. His eyebrows rose slightly at his mention of his knowledge at healing and such practises. He filed it away in his mind for future use. He was often attaining many scrapes and gashes that were unexplainable without risking losing face, so knowing the Euriv had some knowledge of healing would be useful to remember. He kept the smile on his face,and waited until the man had finished his brief specch before replying.

"A Healer in our ranks eh? Been a while since one of those turned up. And Light knows we have needed them recently," he mused to himself, "Well I suppose we had best get on with the lesson then." Zander said in a now brusque manner.

Euriv nodded and sat up straight on the bed. "Now, first we are going to have to get you into the right mind-set and the right meditative state before you can even access Saidin. The most common way for you to do this is to imagine that you are alone, floating in nothingness. Around you there is a darkness so deep that not even light exists within it. It encompasses everything in nothingness. This is called the Void," Zander told the attentive man, "Now, once you can imagine this, you must try and take everything that you are thinking about, everything you are feeling and emoting. You must gather it all up and fling it into an imagined flame within the Void. You mut feed the flame until there is nothing but your thoughts left with you as you float with the flame in the Void." Zander stopped there, taking a breath.

"Once you have achieved this, there will appear a flicker of light in your periphery vision. You will be able to feel the immensity of Saidin. And then you have to reach out to Saidin. You must grab it visciously and not let go, for if you do not master it in your little war, then it masters you. And if it masters you, then you lose, and you will risk being burned out and probably killing everyone in a certain last radius." Zander said with a smile. "So no pressure eh?"

"Now I want you to try and imagine the Void in your head, and then conjure up the flame. Then feed your emotions into the flame. And then reach out and battle Saidin. Don't forget that not everyone succeeds first time, and some take years to learn this. So take it one step at a time and go at your own pace. And don't be disheartened if you fail, merely try again" Zander told Euriv, before settling back to watch the man intently.

OOC: Sorry about the lateness! My net bust for a week, so this is the first opportunity I have had to write it. 300 words like before, although more is welcome ;) Let's introduce Euriv to Saidin!

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            • Credit!Mark, Sat Sep 9 21:30
              Good job. *grins* You now have seizing credit. Also, just for future reference, it's spelled " saidin " as opposed to " sadin ." Congrats! /|\Mark
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