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An Interest In Spirit
Sat Aug 5, 2006 20:29 (XFF:

At a motion from Laila, Reyna ceased the exercise and let the sweet feelings of saidar leave her. Already, she loved the way it made her feel, the way it sharpened the world around her to such a focus that she felt she could do anything. Reyna had yet to achieve the desire some felt to embrace the Source, but it would surely not be long in coming, as it always came to those who were capable of touching it.

The Dedicated spoke her praise. "You're doing very well, Reyna. Most don't get the hang of it so quickly." Reyna suppressed the blush that was rising in her cheeks. Such a display was not appropriate-especially in the Black Tower. Instead she nodded, accepting the comment as a matter of course. There was a little part of her that was rather proud, however. According to Laila, she was further ahead than most at this point, but she did not think it would be so for long unless she pushed herself to her absolute limits.

While Reyna was still sorting out everything about the Black Tower in her mind-how she should act and what would be appropriate-Laila continued the lesson, going on into the real uses of the Power as she would be taught during her time at the Black Tower. Though this would be some of the most simple channeling she would do here, it was enough to require all her focus at the moment. Saidar was still completely new to her, and even if she seemed to grasp it quickly that meant nothing for what she was to do for the dedicated now.

Reyna listened to the entire speech, certain things making special room in her mind such as what the Elements were. Spirit, Water, Air, Fire, Earth... Reyna had an odd sense of which she might be strongest in, but she was not sure. Until she was, she toyed with the ideas of what she could accomplish with each so-called Element. Spirit seemed an enigma, worthless in Reyna's mind, but if it was one of the five Powers, it had to have some significance. Until she found out just what that was she set it aside and examined the other four in her mind. Such powerful those . One could do almost whatever they wished. It was easier now to see how Aes Sedai were so capable of Breaking the World.

Reyna snapped back to the lesson fairly quickly, not wanting to miss anything important. Another sentence stuck out in Reyna's mind as Laila spoke it. "And yes, those elements can be used in battle. It's not very pleasant, but killing rarely is." It took an effort, but Reyna forced herself not to gulp at the statement. That was what she had come her for, was it not? For some reason, hearing the statement that she would be killing out loud seemed to bother her than the fact that she actually would be doing such thing. She had killed before, why should she not be able to do so again? It was at this point she decided that she did not like the idea of just killing outright where anyone knew what she had done. If Reyna was to kill, it would not be a public display. That was her way. It seemed unfortunate that one so young should be so dispassionate about such a travesty, but there were a lot of unjust things about the world and this was nothing compared to some.

Again, Reyna forced herself to snap back to reality in time to hear Laila instruct her on channeling. Her first feat with the Power was to be creating an orb of Air. Reyna could not see how it was done, but in her eyes it seemed simple enough. She would only be working with one Element. Reyna reached out and embraced saidar once more. It took some time, but it was expected, she was still not familiar with embracing and it would certainly not work for her every time.

Reyna felt herself fill with the Power, felt the rush of it soaring through her at a seemingly breakneck pace. It was a heavenly feeling. There was something lurking, even in the embrace of saidar. Immediately Reyna knew what this must be. They were the tendrils of the Power that were the Elements Laila had spoken of. It was not long before she found the Element she sought. Air, lurking inside the bliss. Reyna grasped for it, expecting it to be harder, but just as surely, her 'hand' caught hold of what she could only guess was Air.

At first, Reyna was unsure of what she should do with the tendril of Air she held. But her lack of knowledge did not stop her from doing what she must-this time. She took the tendril and focused it to a point and channeled it. She could see her hand clearly before her, but she could also see the focused tendril of Air. She moved it toward her hand. Both her hand and the tendril sat motionless for a few minutes before Reyna actually was able to make something happen with it. At first it seemed like there had been no change, but Reyna could sense it. The tendril seemed to-she could only think of it as leaking-leak into her outstretched hand and form a small ball. It was similar to Laila's, but not quite so large, nor so strongly solid as hers.

Reyna barely had time to admire her first Power-made item before Laila instructed her to let it go. The next three Powers were channeled in a much similar way. Each of them varied in difficulty to channel, but at some point in their time beneath the tree, she was able to duplicate each of Laila's flows.

A small flame danced upon her fingertip, she had just as little time as with the flow of Air to admire it before she was forced to continue on. Her hands filled with clear, delicious looking water. Reyna drank what she had created feeling excitment bubble up inside of her. She could create water, and drinkable at that. Even after that, Reyna found herself staring at a small mound of uppended earth on the ground before her.

It had taken time, but she had certainly been able to duplicate each of Laila's weaves, even if it seemed a bit strenuous on her part. She felt as if she should be sweating, but a quick swipe of her hand across her forehead showed her otherwise. The morning was still quite cool, but the sun was rising above the horizon now, showing how much time had passed during the lesson. However, it was not done yet. There was still one last Element for Reyna to become familiar with. Spirit. It still meant nothing to her in the sense of it's power but she simply waited for Laila's instruction.

Again, a certain portion of Laila's short-winded explanation caught her ears more so than the rest. "Its simplest uses affect another person." Reyna's mind elaborated on this simple statement. In short, it almost went wild with the possibilities. In Reyna's mind, Laila was telling her that Spirit was the most manipulative Element, and if its simplest uses could affect a person, then what could it's more complex weaves accomplish? Reyna was captivated by the Element. It would hold her interest as surely as the others.

As Laila had said, Reyna had not seen the weave that had so suddenly been sprung upon her making her almost fall asleep. Even that simple power of making someone sleep was a frightening power, Reyna was aware. When Laila allowed her to snap back awake she did not even feel indignant at what had happened. She was too fascinated.

Laila began to explain what had to be done for this specific weave, and Reyna listened carefully. It was not hard, but for someone of her level, it surely would take considerable effort. In no way was she about to give it up, however. Reyna had not let go of the Source, and so, she reached for the last Element. This one came to her easy, and once it was in her grasp, she went through Laila's instructions in her mind one more time before attempting the feat.

Reyna had hold of a tendril of Spirit, just like the other Elements, but instead of focusing it to a point right away she worked with it. Before she could do much else, she wanted to get a feel for it. She let herself bend it this way and that before attempting the corkscrew action as Laila had told her. It took another few minutes before she was satisfied with what she had done with the flow of Spirit. Now that the corkscrew was done, she worked to focus the flow, this time not towards her outstretched hands but the top of Laila's head.

Reyna let the weave sit, poised above Laila's head, and admired the simple flow. Having let herself admire her work, Reyna finally let the weave fall towards Laila's head. On contact, it immediately became harder to push it onwards, but Reyna would stop. She waited until Laila's eyelids had drooped just as hers had, before letting the weave dissipate. She would not break the trust she had with the Dedicated before her, it was not in her nature, but she did revel in the fact that she had accomplished the weave, even so simple a weave.

Reyna let go of the Power, feeling she had accomplished more that day than any other day in her life outside the Black Tower. If the work she did here always gave her this sense of pleasure, she could not think it would be so bad as some people seemed to think. Then again, she was still ignorant, but who knew?

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