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Soldier Reporting
Fri Aug 11, 2006 14:37 (XFF:

Reyna approached the Blasting Grounds. She had been at the Tower for just over a month now, and in her mind, was progressing nicely. The same could not be said of those who taught her, but then again, they gave little praise at the Black Tower. At least she hadn't been assigned punishment for lack of effort. It became increasingly easier for her to embrace the Power, considering how hard they pushed you here. Reyna had been informed shortly after arrival that the Black Tower pushed you, unlike the White Tower, and most excelled in channeling far faster than any Novice of the White Tower.

The training here was brutal, and the heat only intensified every moment. She had sat down to eat lunch, and even lunch didn't stay the heat. It had been a good lunch today. She had managed to perfect a certain weave and hold it long enough to have a well cooked meal. Those meals were becoming more common for her. The beginning had been torture, not being able to eat a good meal until she could cook it herself. It was coming easier now, just as everything else seemed to be falling into place. She had routines now. A morning work out to prepare for the day, most of the time that was running, to build her endurance. She would then eat breakfast and more exercises followed. It was work, eat, work, eat, work, eat, work, sleep. It didn't much change right now. As surprising as it might seem to non-channelers, the lessons with the Power were just as exhausting as those without.

There was a hint of a breeze out on the Blasting Grounds, but not enough to stay the heat. She was sweating already, but she attempted to ignore the heat. It would to no good to brood on it, and if she wished to excel as was her ultimate goal, her mind should be focused on the task ahead, not on mundane facts like the heat. Her eyes were scrunched, trying to avoid the full effects of the sunlight.

To anyone that had seen Reyna when she had first arrived there was an obvious difference between the Reyna now, and the one that had arrived here. Not so much the personality, but appearance wise. Her hair was still short, but there was a difference between the lengths now. She had also acquired a band that she could tie around her forehead to keep it from heeding her vision. The golden locks were still choppy and looked rather boyish, but it wouldn't be long before she could put it back. Her stature had changed as well. She had never slouched in her life, but it seemed she stood a little straighter, and the beginnings of muscle lined her arms and legs, but they were hidden by the sleeves of her coat and her breeches. Her coat was undone a little, to coax any kind of breeze, but not informal.

The first two people she saw out on the Blasting Ground had to be what she was looking for. There was already another there, but she was focused on the two who would be ultimately teaching the lesson. Reyna was here for a dual credit, even if she had to work harder today. She was determined. She wanted to know it all, and she was prepared for the lesson, at least she hoped.

Upon coming close enough, Reyna bowed. There was a significant difference between the bow she gave to the Dedicated, and the M'Hael. She had seen the man about the Tower and had made sure she remembered what he looked like. She did not want to feel the fool for not know who he was when next she saw him. She herself had been surprised that he would be one of the two teaching this lesson. She did not know the woman, but she would soon find out, she was sure. "Good day, Dedicated. Good day, M'Hael." Reyna told them both, minding her manners and her low rank.

It took a little more time for others to gather on the Blasting Grounds, but once the Dedicated deemed it a large enough crowd, she spoke. "I am Dedicated Ceto Amaya din Marin and this, of course, is your M'Hael Lysander. Today's lesson will deal with both offensive and defensive weaves to be used in battle. While most people, I imagine, think of mainly offensive weaves – that is, weaves used to attack and eventually incapacitate your opponent – when they think of battle, defensive weaves are extremely important as well. If you cannot defend yourself from attack, you likely will not live long enough to formulate an attack yourself." Reyna nodded mentally, doing her best to put the information in her mind so it would stay. She did that with everything she learned here, but she did not have a perfect memory, like most people. It took a few repetitions for some things to stick.

The Dedicated, Reyna now knew her name to be Ceto Amaya din Marin, continued. "Now, I would like you all to please go around and state your name, rank, and Track, and then we can begin." Reyna ignored the fact that she thought it odd that they would be asked their Track. Zander seemed to stress the importance of not informing anybody but those you trusted of your Track when she had first arrived. With a mental shrug, she decided to do as the Dedicated had asked anyway. Especially in the presence of the M'Hael it would be terrible to go out of bounds of her rank.

The Soldier who had been there before her went first, and she took her place after him and answered second. "Soldier Reyna do Calisair a'Nesae reporting, on the Track of an Assassin." She stated simply and waited for the rest to introduce themselves in much the same way. She tried her best to stay patient, but the was a desire for the lesson to start as soon as possible.

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      • Fifty-FiftySoldier Kieran (Karen), Fri Sep 15 08:43
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      • Weak With EarthSoldier Reyna a'Nesae, Thu Sep 14 07:38
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      • Playing With Fire And EarthSoldier Kieran (Karen), Thu Sep 14 22:05
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      • The BeginningsSoldier Reyna a'Nesae, Sun Sep 10 16:35
        Reyna had been particularly excited at the chance to learn both defensive and offensive weaves on the same day. She knew it would be hard, but she had already made that promise to herself that she... more
      • Unruly FlameStyr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Thu Aug 31 09:30
        The afternoon sun, sheathed in clouds of iron and steel, cast patchy shadows over the Training Grounds. As the M’Hael demonstrated the Arrows of Fire weave against that power-wrought stone barrier,... more
      • All the World AflameAsha'man Lemain, Mon Aug 28 10:31
        Locke examined his M'Hael with a sort of scholastic evasiveness; he was not personal, but not impersonal. He was seemingly stoic, but inside, he was incredibly aware of everything the younger man was ... more
      • PyromaniacSoldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Aug 25 15:40
        When the class had been divided, Afailla had wandered over towards the defensive group, figuring that this would take more finesse and concentration – not something she wanted to have to worry about... more
    • Part ID: Keep Your Guard UpDedicated Ceto Amaya din Marin, Thu Aug 24 20:51
      Ceto Amaya blinked at the slim, pale man who seemed to have shown up entirely unprompted. She knew him through reputation – Asha'man Locke Lemain. This was confirmed both by Lysander addressing him... more
      • Getting On One's Bad SideSoldier Kieran (Karen), Thu Sep 14 18:36
        A shield, a shield, he was to make a shield. Normally, that wouldn't sound like that hard of a task for the Domani, but when you took into account the fact he had had too much fun partying last... more
      • New Experiences With the SourceSoldier Reyna a'Nesae, Sun Sep 10 16:08
        Though Reyna was still very new to the Power, she was excited to know that Spirit was her second strongest Element in the Power. However, even this might not help her in this lesson. She had only... more
      • A Reassuring SmileStyr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Thu Aug 31 10:00
        At ease, Styr felt rather than saw that Dedicated Amaya wove. Unlike many at the Black Tower, he did not possess a pointless prejudice against the female recruits. Maybe it was his time in the White... more
      • The best offense is a good defense.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Aug 25 15:11
        When the class had been divided, Afailla had wandered over towards the defensive group, figuring that this would take more finesse and concentration – not something she wanted to have to worry about... more
    • One of These Things is Not Like the Ooooother...Locke Lemain, Tue Aug 15 07:46
      Locke shifted his index finger across his smooth chin speculatively. The recruits in the training yards were working on beginning spearform - his weapon of choice. Most were a bit clumsy with the... more
    • Soldier Reporting — Soldier Reyna a'Nesae, Fri Aug 11 14:37
    • I don't think I'm ready for battle...Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Aug 9 17:26
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