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Dedicated Laila
Breakfast Time!
Sun Aug 27, 2006 19:09 (XFF:

The sky had brightened from the deep blue of pre-dawn to the sunny skies of early morning. Rays of sunshine danced across the grass, wet with dew. Already the grounds grew warm with late summer heat; later, the day would scorch the recruits slaving under the guidance of the Asha'man. At the moment, many of the recruits in question rolled out of bed to dress wearily and stumble from their barracks to the dining hall. A trickle of women wound its way past an oak tree, paying little attention to the two girls sitting in its shade.

Laila's eyelids fluttered, then opened completely as the final heaviness fled. She relaxed--slightly, inwardly relieved to be awake once more. Leaving herself vulnerable to someone else ran against her basic instincts. It was not that she distrusted Reyna--only a fool would attack a commanding officer--but the very idea left her tense and cautious. It was a reflex she worked to break down; if she could not learn to trust her companions, she would never make an effective soldier on the battlefield. Armies function as a whole, not as a unit. Besides, how else was I to demonstrate Spirit to her? The sleeping web was one of the few Spirit weaves she knew; the element was her major weakness.

Laila sat up and stretched, nodding her approval to Reyna. "Now, as you might have noticed, girls are heading for breakfast now. I won't keep you much longer." She pushed herself to her feet, putting out the ball of fire with a flow. "Still, there's more to go. I'll explain the concept of weaves over breakfast." She glanced down at the still sitting Soldier. "Get up. We'll talk as we walk."

As they strolled over to the dining hall, Laila continued her lecture. "Alright. We've already gone over the Elements together. Now, in order to cause an effect with the Power, we use strands of the Elements--called flows--to create weaves. Weaves are patterns formed from flows. They vary from the very simple--such as your little twist of Spirit--to the extraordinarily complex--such as the weave for Travelling. You've heard of Travelling? The channeler uses the Power to move instantaneously from one place to another. You'll see it used soon, if you haven't already. Anyways, you'll only be using simple weaves at first. Still, the Tower pushes all of its recruits very hard. You are expected to learn immediately how to take care of your basic needs and chores with the Power." By now they stood in front of the dining hall, where a line was already forming. "So we'll finish off today with a cooking lesson."

Leaving Reyna outside the dining hall, Laila pushed her way through the growing crowd, flashing her brand new sword pin at the Soldiers. She suppressed a smug grin. As a Soldier she had despised the Dedicated who used their superior rank to go first, but now...Well, I have a student to teach. Therefore, I'm justified. It was a stupid stunt, but she felt surprisingly gleeful at the chance to pull rank.

A few minutes after entering the dining hall, Laila returned, food floating behind her in a line. "You can get more after the lesson--the line is still short," she commented as she motioned Reyna to sit with her on the lawn in front of the dining hall. A lump of dough, a triangle of hard cheese, and an apple came to rest before her legs, while a second lump of dough floated expectantly before Reyna. "Catch," Laila said, and released the flow of Air holding it up. "Like I said: Soldiers are expected to learn to do everything with the Power. Everything. Including baking their morning bread. Normally you'd have to figure this out on your own, but learning how to bake this will serve as a good start to your education." Laila picked up her own lump, toasting it immediately with threads of Fire. "The weave is simple: make a small net of Fire. I advise you to keep the flows small--the thicker they are, the hotter they'll be. If you only bake it partway, you can always repeat the weave. Try not to burn your bread, because I'm not going to get you another loaf. Understand? Good." Laila sat back to watch the proceedings as she ate her breakfast.

...I owe you an apology. You deserved this reply a long time back at the beginning of the month. I've been doing all my summer traveling (read: visiting colleges) this August, and believe me, responding to your post is a much more pleasant use of time. Sadly...*sigh* Well, this is the last part--enjoy!

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