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All the World Aflame
Mon Aug 28, 2006 10:31 (XFF:

Locke examined his M'Hael with a sort of scholastic evasiveness; he was not personal, but not impersonal. He was seemingly stoic, but inside, he was incredibly aware of everything the younger man was doing. Locke shook his head at that thought; he didn't mean younger man in a bad sense. The other man. He watched the younger man with his two-tone eyes, not judging, not weighing anything on the scales of worth in his mind, just... letting all the information he wanted roll in, without effort. He had the relaxed perfectionism of a psychiatrist; it was unsettling for most. Lysander didn't seem to mind, in fact, he was hiding his annoyance at Locke's mere presence, rather than being goose-pimpled from the sidelong, imperial gaze. The M'Hael's diction spoke of education; he was a gifted speaker, which was odd, because he chose to speak so very rarely. Locke was aware of the multifaceted nature of being a total introvert with a place in command - he was one - but Lysander had a different nature to his secrecy. He wasn't as open about it. That's hilarious - a mystery of a man turns into a fallacy of a sentence.

Locke had no qualms about a lesson in Fire - his strongest element of all was Fire. After that was Spirit, and then Earth. Air and Water, were, in truth, negligible. Well, negligible by Locke's standards - he could create a rainstorm, or knock back several men with a wall of air, but that was nothing truly useful. The classmates that were around him seemed to take no real notice of him; that was pleasing. His one reluctancy to attend this class was that the presence of an Asha'man, for no apparent reason, might divert the student's attentions from their instructor; that was unacceptable. As it was, though, nobody paid any mind, as the discipline they had been taught made them. Fine examples.

In time, Lysander's demonstration came to an end. He brought it to everyone's attention that Locke had been privy to Blossoms of Fire - perhaps a mistep, perhaps not. Locke shrugged - he wasn't interested in showing off, or using the Power to his utmost in front of the lwer ranks than he. That, too, would keep them from focusing. He was, however, greatly intrigued by the tactical applications of arrows of fire. They eliminated the need for conventional archers, and were many hundreds of times more deadly, to boot. And efficient! No arrows to cut, no fletchings to cross off, and no steel heads to forge. Just that, in and of itself, would save thousands of crowns in expenditures for the Army, were it to be supplemented with channeling men, as was Locke's goal.

Locke began the weave as his M'Hael had demonstrated, and practiced once. The needle-thin projectiles rocketed forward and punched through the rock they were aimed at like it was nothing. The tubular incisions were odd; they melted through, creating little stalagmites that soon cooled into a semi-hard rendition of how the ceiling in a large natural cave looked like. Locke was intrigued. Getting these to work at their full potential would require training - a platoon of men who could harmonize their weavings of these things would be an incredible asset. Locke was curious about the effective range of the projectiles - they were simply fire, and, with exposure to air, came a detriment to lethality. In Lysander's weavings, there were indications of a catalyst hidden within the Fire weave itself that would preserve temperature; it was a strange mechanism that he himself didn't quite understand. He's a very intelligent man. Locke continued to practice, silently contemplating how he could organize a unit specifically for this weave - and how it could benifit the Army as a whole.

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    He had half a mind to order Asha’man Locke from the lesson, and the reason in this was given in the other man’s title. Locke was an Asha’man–a word plucked from the Old Tongue as to mean “guardian.”... more
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      The afternoon sun, sheathed in clouds of iron and steel, cast patchy shadows over the Training Grounds. As the M’Hael demonstrated the Arrows of Fire weave against that power-wrought stone barrier,... more
    • All the World Aflame — Asha'man Lemain, Mon Aug 28 10:31
    • PyromaniacSoldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Aug 25 15:40
      When the class had been divided, Afailla had wandered over towards the defensive group, figuring that this would take more finesse and concentration – not something she wanted to have to worry about... more
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