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Quite the Chef
Wed Aug 30, 2006 22:09 (XFF:

Reyna watched the ball of fire that had provided light in the early morning dawn go out in the blink of an eye and smiled. She would be doing that very soon herself. As they walked over to the Mess, Laila continued her lecturing about everything that could possible have relation to the One Power. Or so Reyna thought. Either way, she took it in alongside the rest.

"So we'll finish off today with a cooking lesson." Reynaís mind took a moment to take that in, but as soon as she had, she recalled Zander telling her that all recruits were required to use the Power in even the most simple tasks, and this included cooking your food. This would certainly be one of the most useful things she was to learn this morning, and Laila again had her intent attention, even more so than before.

Laila had even pointed out how easy the weaves they had been doing under the tree were compared to the ones Reyna would be using every day in training. At the prompt of the Dedicated, Reyna followed next to her as they approached the Dining Hall. When they reached the line of girls that Reyna knew to be Soldiers just like herself, they passed them by. Some of them even grumbled, but only at Reyna who was obviously low ranking. Reyna just kept her head forward and followed after Laila.

Once at the front of the line, Laila had grabbed, or more made follow her with the Power, enough for the both of them, and the pair started the trek past the line of Soldiers once more. Once outside, Reyna felt a little more comfortable without all the eyes staring into her back as if she had publicly humiliated all of them. At least that was how it had felt walking in there. So concerned about her own thoughts, Reyna barely managed to catch the lump of dough that had fallen before her. She fumbled with her hands for a moment before she had all her own breakfast things arranged nicely before her.

"The weave is simple: make a small net of Fire. I advise you to keep the flows small--the thicker they are, the hotter they'll be. If you only bake it partway, you can always repeat the weave. Try not to burn your bread, because I'm not going to get you another loaf. Understand? Good." Reyna had nodded her understanding, and immediately focused her concentration on the task at hand. She repeated the exercise they had done beneath the tree, imagining herself the flower and saidar the sun. It took her a couple of trys to grasp the Power, but once she had it, she knew all she had to do was take that weave of fire, as she had done under the tree.

Cautious, and aware of what Laila had said, Reyna had focused her thread of fire she grasped to a small point so she wouldnít burn her dough. She was very hungry, and did not fancy going back inside the Dining Hall with all the other Soldiers just now. Turning the thread onto the bread she began channeling, as instructed into the lump of dough. As Laila had assured her, she watched the bread rise as if it was being cooked at extra fast speeds, which it was. Reyna was not new to cooking for herself, but neither was she experienced in bread-making, and so, she stopped before it had time to cook completely. Her worries were on burning it, not undercooking it.

Reyna did not let go of the Power as she looked up at Laila and gave her a small questioning smile as if to ask if she had done it correctly. She placed the warm bread to her lips and bit down to find that the middle was still rather doughy. Reyna chewed the piece in her mouth with a light grimace before holding the bread out before her once more and repeating the process on the bread to cook it a little more. Now that she had a view inside the loaf, she could tell if it was done or not, and cooked it to itís right consistency. The smile she gave Laila that time was a little more confident, having known she had done it correctly that time. The bite into the loaf was actually quite delicious this second time, and the cheese, though hard, made it even better.

Channeling had made her hungry, and Reyna had not realized it until just now, but it was apparent in the way she was taking in all the food at such a fast pace. Towards the end of the loaf, Reyna forced herself to slow, but it was such a good breakfast, she didnít even want to. Having three meals a day once again, was new for her, and she was not about to let that go anytime soon.

OOC: Itís alright. ^.^ School started for me, so I find my free-time waning as well.

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