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Styr Tai'Sei, Dedicated
Unruly Flame
Thu Aug 31, 2006 09:30 (XFF:

The afternoon sun, sheathed in clouds of iron and steel, cast patchy shadows over the Training Grounds. As the M’Hael demonstrated the Arrows of Fire weave against that power-wrought stone barrier, another type of shadow flickered upon Styr’s pale skin; crimson light reflected on his face and in his eyes. Within the Void, he felt that flame, he was that flame. Somewhat shocked, he felt the precise elements the M’Hael had woven. Always before he had only had the tutors’ word that this or that was the element they wove; and he had been forced to work with more of an impression of the shape of the weave. Closing his slightly gaping mouth, he seized saidin himself. Maybe he had become stronger in the Power than he had realised? With his late start, due in part to the shielding of that most nefarious friend of the dark, he had always been behind the others in his strength and dexterity, if not his determination. Things were changing… More than just his rank.

Raising his hand, Styr reminded himself momentarily of the weaves the M’Hael had taught the Soldiers. It was embarrassing, but Fire was his second weakest element- a strange deficit in a male channeler- so it took twice as much effort as any of his weaves of Earth or Spirit. Unlike those two elements- the ones he used for his Talent of Aligning the Matrix- Fire writhed in his grasp like a particularly disgruntled serpent. And this serpent was more deadly than the natural kind…

Struggling as though in a physical battle, he shaped the orb of the weave and laced in the few strands of blissfully co-operative Earth. The ball barely blinked into existence above his outstretched palm before he let it extinguish. As the M’Hael had said, these kind of weaves were far below a Dedicated. Letting his held breath go, conscious that this was the easy weave, he drew harder upon the battle of fire and ice that was saidin. It was life itself, and yet it reminded him too closely of death. Of that terrible Graveyard of Ice and Fire in Shienar… The Void wavered, and he almost lost the Power. Almost burnt himself out. Yet he held on, revelling in the closeness of pain and death.

Weaving a vortex of furiously twisting Fire over his fingertips, he once more added filaments of Earth- more numerous with this weave and more exact, which made his new strength in reading others’ weaves something essential- into a twisting spiral of dark crimson and earthy browns, greens ad creams. With a satisfying whip and crackle, two darts of the five he had formed lashed out and bored molten holes in the barrier. Frustrated at the weakness of the other weaves, which tangled hopelessly, he let them fall back into the Source before reforming them with less Earth. Sweat broke upon his brow and upper lip, but he held on to the bucking flows, and this time was rewarded as five Arrows darted out to strike the target.

Releasing his flows, and the Source, he stood to attention, and turned to the demonstration being given by Dedicated Amaya. Why not learn defence along with these new offences? Certainly it would be easier…

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    • Unruly Flame — Styr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Thu Aug 31 09:30
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      When the class had been divided, Afailla had wandered over towards the defensive group, figuring that this would take more finesse and concentration – not something she wanted to have to worry about... more
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