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Styr Tai'Sei, Dedicated
A Reassuring Smile
Thu Aug 31, 2006 10:00 (XFF:

At ease, Styr felt rather than saw that Dedicated Amaya wove. Unlike many at the Black Tower, he did not possess a pointless prejudice against the female recruits. Maybe it was his time in the White Tower, but he could tell that the women of the Tower would make up any weaknesses that the Men had in the One Power when it came time for a battle. And of course it was foolish as saying the Great Lord’s true name to assume that He would not possess female Dreadlords at the Day of Return.

Nodding unconsciously to himself, he compared the weaves as the M’Hael joined the Dedicated to show the male Recruits. The second weave did seem to have far more benefits to it than the first, but it also looked appropriately more difficult. For a second, he lamented the fact that neither weaves contained his strongest element; but then the Ko’Di swallowed everything. Stepping towards the only Soldier partnerless, he tried calming smile to smooth the boy’s obviously fragile nerves. What came from the Ko’Di was more of a feral grimace, and Styr sighed as the lad glared at him. Obviously reputations got around even the newest recruits.

‘Come on then, Soldier. Practice your weave on me and then I’ll practice on you.’

One of the more unpleasant experiences he’d had while a Soldier was that of being cut off from the Source while holding the Power, and so although he held on to the Ko’Di, he let go of saidin. Losing the Power, and then being blocked from it- however slowly it took the new boy, fumbling and bumbling along as he did- was like losing a part of himself completely. The better part…

‘All right, I think you’ve proved you’re point. Now, my turn.’ Styr’s words came out with a pained grimace. Even having let go of the Power first, being Shielded was an unpleasant experience at the best of times. More so when your partner almost Severed you out of ignorance. Seizing with the eagerness of an addict with his first fix in weeks, he wove Spirit first in a light Shield that, from the Soldier’s reaction, cut him off from the Source mid-seize. Then, he added the flows of Air with slightly more effort- enough to make him sweat beneath his black overcoat anyway…

Immediately, he could see the difference in the weave. With the normal shield it was as much of a strain to hold the shield as it was to try and break free from. Yet with this new weave, the effort was negligible with the sphere of Air and Spirit stretching like rubber as the Soldier tried to reach the Source. An added advantage was that it made it harder for the victim to move, with a thin barrier of Air surrounding them. This was possibly more useful than the Offensive weave, even if it used his more middling-strength elements. Releasing the weave just as the other man was looking worried about his welfare, he released the Power and the Ko’Di in order to smile a little more reassuringly at his ‘partner’.

Turning on the balls of his feet in the hard mud, he strode back over to the M’Hael and his own ‘partner’…

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