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Part IIB: The Worth of Earth
Thu Aug 31, 2006 20:07 (XFF:

Progress was progressing. He rarely taught group lessons in the same vein as these, and so he could not always be expected to remember which Soldiers and Dedicated would excel and which of them . . . would need third and fourth attempts to complete a weave successfully. Dedicated Ansel made it all seem to blaze by like quicksilver, grinning as he sent finger-thick filaments into various stones, drawing patterns in the blistering hollows he formed. Others weren't so lucky.

He let his gaze pass over Locke. The Asha'man hadn't decided to make Blossoms of Fire after all; the volatile weave of expanding pillars of flame had been supplemented with the Dedicated's Arrows. Both Blossoms of Fire and Arrows of Fire were relatively new occurrences, learned from Asha'man who had been dispatched on a mission for the Dragon Reborn when Lysander still was without the Dragon pin. Some manor house or another.

"Well," Lysander murmured in a voice only audible to those standing closest to him or those still holding the Power, "I think it stands to reason that the Blasting Grounds will have to be milled and grooved again not long after this." Extensively. "The next weave you will learn, Soldiers, will be done exclusively with Earth. We will be detonating the earth beneath us, something that–"

"But isn't that Earth Singing?" Dedicated Nonul blurted out. "I tested a bunch of Soldiers for that last week!"

Lysander blinked. Oh, blood and ashes. Channeling Air, he formed the weave into three horizontal razors, channeling them at the obverse side of the fellow's ankles. They cleaved through dark britches, cleaved through skin, even, and left naught in their wake short of tattered linen and carmine hints of blood. Nonul let out a jagged hiss through gritted teeth, though Lysander was not about to mete out pity. "Many would have dealt out thrice is bad for interrupting," Lysander intoned with his most frank expression. "You may get your leg Healed after the lesson, and you will darn your pants tonight with saidin." Weaving such painstakingly thin flows of Air would likely drive Nonul round the bend.

"To address the question Dedicated Nonul posed–however artlessly–yes, this is a form of Earth Singing, though it can best be considered a cousin weave. Even those without the Talent will be able to complete this. While Earth Singing involves the mimicry of tectonic while producing a quake, this will break the earth as to send it launching chaotically–which can uproot mounted cavalry, even, and in linked circles, an entire army. And it is done so." Weaving long, looping flows of Earth, Lysander formed latticework of threads meting at perpendicular angles. He was sure to give himself some room for safety's sake, of course, for safety's sake. As the weave sunk into the ground, a sound like a cannon's fire pealed sonorously, and stone and earth alike were scattered in the chaotic explosion. "This weave will only be successful enough to uproot one or two men, or, alternatively, one mounted combatant. Practice as you please, and if you are successful, you can attempt to weave some Fire into it for a more conflagrant effect, or Air if you desire a stronger impact."

His gaze then gravitated to the mess of Dedicated there, standing with a stoic solitude as if to spite any preconceived notions one might suddenly harbour of their rank due to Nonul's outburst. "Your weave also involves Earth. It is called a Deathgate." This fancifully named weave was another one whose origins could be traced to the Dragon Reborn and the manor house, though it had oddly not been seen before then. "There are two purposes of this weave. First, you must consider the nature of a gateway–if it opens in a locale where an object already stands, said object is bisected. The closing of a gateway will slice through any object that attempts to bar its path. You also will remember the truth in that Shadowspawn cannot survive Traveling. They die. Instantly. And such is the practicality of the weave."

The Dedicated would likely already know Traveling. It was not taught to Soldiers for sensible purposes, for not all Soldiers could be expected to stay rooted in the Tower obediently. Dedicated without the Talent, ones who did not have the ability to Travel–such as Lysander–were limited to Skimming, which was almost identical, though it would open in a vague dimension and demand several minutes to arrive at the destination. This would build off that knowledge.

Weaving Spirit and Fire, Lysander formed the basic weave–and a silvery blue gateway opened before them, cutting through the fabric of existence as it opened. The Skimming dimension was visible beyond it, born of dark, swirling gases, or so it would seem. Then, Lysander touched the weave with Earth, and the gateway took on a new life. It was a Deathgate. It opened and closed at routine speeds; Lysander tossed a rock to demonstrate, timing it appropriately so that when the gateway came to a close, the rock was only half of its former self, and the other half was gone even when the gateway opened once again. The Deathgate began to pace a circle, appearing almost comical. It would hunt Shadowspawn had any been present, and their absence justified its mundane paces.

"Be careful not to allow your Deathgate to approach any other recruit–and never use a Deathgate for the purposes of Traveling or Skimming. It, perhaps, is the most foolish thing a soul can attempt." He then silenced himself abruptly, turning to Dedicated Ceto Amaya as to allow her to edify the recruits.

OOC: Ahaha, Deathgates would seem almost like an unbelievable weave had they not been included in KoD. Anyway, you know the drill, and we are still keeping the lesson open for newcomers so long as they reply to all the parts.

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      • The best offense is a good defense.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Aug 25 15:11
        When the class had been divided, Afailla had wandered over towards the defensive group, figuring that this would take more finesse and concentration – not something she wanted to have to worry about... more
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