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Blown to bits
Fri Sep 1, 2006 18:23 (XFF:

Once again, Afailla watched the new weaves with rapt attention, fascinated with the various weaves being demonstrated by the female Dedicated. She watched the varied types of explosions excitedly, making note of the different things that were added and the effects they had. She waited until the Deathgate demonstration was over – much as she’d like to try it, she didn’t even know where to begin with such a complex weave – and everyone had spread out again before she began experimenting with this new tactic. Shoving a few strands of red hair behind her ears, she called to mind the image of the weaves and Embraced. It took a moment to get the weave looking just right, but before long, she thought she had it. Earth was a mediocre element for her, but at least it wasn’t her weakest – this came a good deal easier than shielding had.

She settled the weave into the ground as she’d seen the Dedicated do, and moments later, amid many other roaring booms, her creation exploded, spraying her with small bits of dirt and grass. Perhaps she should have settled it further away from herself . . .. After several more attempts, Afailla managed to find a good range, where she could still handle the weave with finesse, but was just out of range of being sprayed with debris herself. A few more explosions had her feeling confident with the basic weave, and she began to vary the size a bit, mostly to make it smaller. Condensing the weave took a good deal more concentration, but she did manage it. Eventually, she managed to work the explosion down small enough that the most it could do would be to knock a large dog off its feet. She didn’t try making the area any larger – she didn’t want to risk accidentally hurting one of the others around the Blasting Grounds.

Instead, she began adding the elements, as had been demonstrated. The first she tried, because she couldn’t resist the impulse, was fire. This time, the explosion was more impressive-looking, though the impact was much the same. She did, however, have to step back a few paces to avoid setting herself on fire from the sparks. She winced slightly and tried again, this time with a good deal less fire weaved in. This time, the explosion was more controlled, but still put on quite a show. Satisfied, Afailla began varying the size, trying first more fire, and then less, until she had more-or-less mastered a few varied sizes. Out of curiosity, and because there seemed to be no reason to hurry – their instructors didn’t seem anxious to stop any of the students – she began trying with air.

Unfortunately, upon her first attempt, the whole “more of an impact” part slipped her mind, and she actually managed to knock herself off her feet. This left her surprised and more than a little stunned, laying on the ground and staring at the sky. After a few moments, she got to her feet, though she distinctly felt a bruise growing on her backside. By looking around, she realized that she had been forced back a few feet from her former position. With a wince, Afailla reformed the weave with the air, taking more care than before. This time, she made sure to integrate the two elements more fully, and to use the air sparingly. In fact, she used so little that she didn’t think there would be any difference at all. She was wrong. The explosion was much more controlled, but the added force was obvious by the feeling of impact beneath her feet. Somewhat surprised, Afailla added a bit of air, taking care to move the weave almost as far away from herself as she could. This creation was a good deal more powerful, but it was also less refined and controlled. With a shake of her head, Afailla determined to keep her next attempts on a short leash. She again varied the sizes and to a slight extent the amount of air she included, but before long she grew bored with repeating the same weaves.

Finally, out of curiosity, she decided to try combining all three. She used very little of the air and fire elements as she combined them with the earth, but still when she lay the weave into the ground, it exploded with enough impact to actually throw Afailla backwards a couple of yards, landing her on her backside and leaving her seeing stars, though it was the middle of the day. It took her several minutes to clear her head and be able to stand without the world spinning rapidly around her, but as she struggled to her feet and shook her head, she muttered irritably to herself. “Don’t think I’ll be trying that again . . ..”

OOC: . . . I'm so MEAN to her. ^_^ But it's so fun!

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