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New Weapons and New Mistakes
Sat Sep 2, 2006 03:49 (XFF:

Styr watched the second demonstration with an attentiveness that made his dark eyes swirl with streaks of indigo and sapphire. Traveling was a Talent that he had never tried to employ, and although he had seen Gateways formed often enough, he had never been able to pick out the precise weave needed. Fire, and Spirit for the Gateway… And this offensive weave… That was intriguing. For a moment, he mused upon where the destroyed halves of the object might go. Perhaps they would just appear at random intervals around the world? He almost chuckled at that idea. Imagine waking up to find half a Trolloc lying on top of you. It was grim humour, but it appealed to Styr.

Moving a little away from the group, he entered the Ko’Di once more. It got harder and harder now he was using the Power so much. He might be stronger than he had once been, but it still tired him horribly to use saidin for anything more than daily chores. Drawing deeply on the Source for enough energy to keep weaving, Styr wrestled with Fire and drew Spirit sweetly into the weave he had seen the M’Hael use for a Gateway… It flickered, the light appeared, but it merely stayed stationary. No rotating into a view of the blackness of Skimming, certainly not a view of another place. What in the Great Lord’s name was wrong with the stupid thing?!

Irritation shattered the Void and the weave tangled and disappeared in a pop of flame. Styr’s eyes widened in shock. Mothers milk in a cup! If the weave had tangled differently, he could have killed them all! Thank Ishamael the M’Hael hadn’t seen that! Taking a deep breath, Styr tried again. Once again, the vertical sheet of light appeared in the air, but it failed to rotate into a proper Gateway. This time Styr released the weave before the Source, and stood there trying to puzzle it out…

Perhaps it was his technique… The weave was correct. He was positive of that. Yet… A memory flickered at the edge of the Ko’Di, and Styr smiled. Of course… What was it the Asha’man from the battle in Shienar had told him? It’s like boring a hole in the Pattern. As much visualising as enacting.

This time, the Gateway opened fully into a endless void of impenetrable blackness. As he had visualised it, so it came to be. Styr’s stony face twisted briefly into a victorious smile. This would be incredibly useful. Maybe he did not have the strength for true Traveling, but Skimming was just as useful; if slower.

Following the instructions of the M’Hael, Styr stepped back away from the Gateway and took in his surroundings before adding the Earth-flows to the weave. The last thing he wanted after that earlier mistake was to end up slicing up one of his classmates. Not that he cared much for them, but he thought maybe the M’Hael would have other thoughts on the subject.

As the Earth combined with the Gateway weave, it flipped, and the colour changed distinctly. Held still by Styr’s hand, it merely sat horizontally, opening and closing slightly on the spot. Yet when he loosened his hold on it, it began to rotate a space of several feet. The more he released his grip on it, the further it went. Amazing… Throwing a stone in, he watched with widening eyes as only a small section of the rock fell back to the Earth. Great Lord, the things he could do with that weave. He could chop entire armies to pieces! Lost in contemplation, he barely noticed as the Deathgate took a larger-than-average swing and moved straight towards him. Yelping, he leapt to the ground and released the weave. Even so, a large square of his overcoat was missing; cut cleanly as though by a seamstress. Muttering to himself about carelessness, he got to his feet and fingered the cut.

Releasing the Source, he hunched, catching his breath after the effort it had taken him to produce the weave. It seemed that his life as a Soldier had been easy compared to what was expected of him as a Dedicated… Sighing, he hardened his mind against the fatigue, and strode back to the lesson.

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