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Another Kind of Deathwheel
Sat Sep 2, 2006 10:02 (XFF:

Locke winced at the harsh treatment of one of the Dedicated for speaking out of turn. Lysander was correct in his annoyance at being interrupted - a soldier always requested permission to speak freely - but an adept query by an obviously learned trainee should not garnish that sort of negativity. The final part of the sentence, however, had Locke at ends with himself. "I tested a bunch of soldiers for that last week"; that smacked of, not insubordination, so much as a stubborn pride that made the man think he knew more than he knew. As such, Locke approved, begrudgingly, of the haphazard beating. There are better ways to instill tact and guile in soldiers - most notably, by using tact and guile. Still, martial punishments are a part of martial arts, and this is an army. The young man shook his head, sending his jet black ponytail into a pendulum-swing for a moment. Another area that I must take into consideration, once these men are mine.

The explosions of earth were not far from the idea behind Locke's speciality - tornadoes of magma. It was less deadly, but more concussive; an interesting mishmash of explosive power and shockwave. Truth be told, Locke would never consider this in a pitched battle - a weave set to stun wasn't practical - he would rather kill, and kill all as brutally fast as he could. Interspersing the weave with Air made it somewhat of a good opening weave, however; the idea of the shockwave being big enough to literally bowl over a platoon was a good way to start a charge.... But then again, why charge at all, when one could annihilate them completely?

The Deathgates were another story. Locke was supremely interested in this new tool, this Waygate to Hell. The idea of these things, these unmanned death machines, being able to track and dispatch numberless amounts of enemies, tirelessly, was an incredible thing. He had heard of such a weave before, but he had been nigh promoted to the Sword Pin, and it had been discarded as a fitful attempt by the gossipers that be at creating the 'mega weave' or some other such nonsense. But seeing it as real... Locke was grinning from ear to ear. These can be modified to suit my purposes. We may never need to create a bullwark defense again. Ever. Although he had been at the tower since he was sixteen - almost four years - the usefulness of the Power when used to compliment the military never ceased to amaze him.

Locke drew deeply, taking saidin and throwing it as he pleased. The basic theme of the Deathgate was replicated quickly; Locke had grown and matured in the Power, and his prowess in Fire, oddly, enough, had been taken over by Spirit. This helped him not just a little, and soon he had created three of the things. They were smaller than Lysander's, but he'd altered the portion that made them mobile; rather than searching for prey, they were stationary, and rotated extremely quickly. The one on the right spun in circles, the one on the left moved in an opposite fashion, and the one in the middle pivoted at diagonals, each corner flipping to meet his flipside, top left becoming bottom right. Pleased with this seemingly artsy display, Locke contemplated the thought of a camp surrounded by these things. His camp, for defense, or around an enemy, to starve them effortlessly. How interesting.

Lysander was looking at him, an eyebrow arched.

"I daresay you've just reinvented the way I see our War Machine, M'Hael." Locke bowed.

Ly looked as if he wanted to snort. "I'm so thrilled." Locke took his dry sentence for everything it was, and risked his neck by laughing out loud.

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