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Part IID: Similar Yet Different
Sat Sep 2, 2006 18:37 (XFF:

Ceto Amaya watched the various Soldiers and Dedicated as they practiced their shields. Overall, she was pleased with the results – they all managed to perform the shield and were successful in breaking through. She was also pleased to note that none had overreacted upon being separated from the Source; it had been fairly plain on some of the faces that they had found it to be an extremely unpleasant experience, but everyone had preformed well despite this.

"Good job, everyone," she said as the final few gravitated back towards her. "As you can imagine, a shield is a very useful weave to know how to perform – if your opponent is a channeler and you prevent them from touching the One Power, their ability to harm you will most likely be severely compromised. Shields do not ultimately prevent attack, of course… any intelligent channeler will likely know some sort of other skill – knife throwing or sword, for example – that they can use in case their ability to channel is compromised. However, by shielding them, you can take away their most powerful weapon."

"For the next part of this, the Soldiers will be dealing with another type of shielding. This shield, however, does nothing to the other person – it is much like a traditional shield used in battle in that it will protect you from whatever might be coming at you. You make this shield using hardened Air," she said, quickly weaving thick threads of Air together in front of her in a rectangular shape that was roughly her height. She could feel Lysander weaving as well. Upon finishing, she stepped in front of her shield and picked up a rock. "As you can see, it acts much as a shield made from wood or metal might… it repels things that come at you." She threw the rock, which bounced off the shield. "If you are strong in Earth, or particularly cautious, you can strengthen it by adding Earth to the weave." She channeled Earth, weaving slimmer threads in between the fat threads of Air.

"Of course, this shield will not stop everything, by any means," she continued. "In some respects, it is much the same as the last thing you were doing. If someone is much stronger in the Power than you are, they will be able to break through this shield. However, you will be able to protect yourself from some things. You can make the shield whatever shape best suits the occasion – it's just a matter of reshaping the flows."

She looked around to the Dedicated in the group. "Dedicated will be taking a more offensive approach to defense, if that makes sense. What you will be practicing is slicing through weaves. This also resembles the shielding that you were doing earlier – however, you will not be cutting your opponent off from the Source, but you will be cutting through their weave. Having your weave cut isn't as unpleasant a sensation as being cut off from the Source, but it can be rather jolting all the same."

"Of course, this weave has certain drawbacks… as women cannot see weaves of saidin and men cannot see weaves of saidar, this technique is only applicable if you are facing someone of your own gender. With practice, or by watching hand movements – though it's a good idea to learn to weave without moving one's hands – you can sometimes guess where the weave might be, but overall, it's rather difficult to cut something you can't see."

"The actual technique is similar to a shield in that it is made entirely from Spirit. However, what you will weave now more resembles a knife than a disk, and the edges are much sharper than what you would have on a shield. You," she pointed to a female Dedicated standing towards the front of the crowd, "please perform the weave for a fireball." The woman obliged, and Ceto Amaya began weaving as well, a sharp razor of Spirit forming quickly. The fireball was almost completed when Ceto Amaya flung the razor forward, cutting through the threads of Fire in front of the other woman. The woman grunted slightly as the weave dissipated, likely hit somewhat hard by the rebound.

Lysander demonstrated the same thing with a male Dedicated from the group of students, and after he was done, Ceto Amaya continued speaking. "All you need to do is slice through the threads of the weave and the weave will dissipate. You do need to be able to form this weave quickly – if you can't complete the weave before your opponent is done with his or her own weave, it's useless."

"Now, pair up again and practice what you've learned. You'll need to pair up with someone of your own rank this time around, if you didn't last time. Soldiers practice the shield I just taught you – one partner will shield his or herself, and the other will throw a weave at the shield… switch off and keep doing this until you feel you've got the hang of it. Do be careful what weave you throw – try not to do anything that would cause serious injury if the shield did not hold. Dedicated, one partner will weave something – the weave doesn't particularly matter – and the other will try to slice through the weave before their partner completes it. Again, take turns until you feel you've both got it down. Find a partner and begin!"

OOC: So sorry that this is late. Anyway, 400 word minimum again… partner up with another person or an NPC, I'll leave the choice to you. Soldiers work on the other shield, Dedicated on slicing weaves. Have fun!

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