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The less things change, the more they never seem the same.
Sat Sep 2, 2006 19:25 (XFF:

After the Dedicated had called the group to a halt, Afailla joined the others in watching this new demonstration. The modified shield seemed much more manageable – it was all air, except of course when Ceto demonstrated how to strengthen it with Earth. Air was, luckily, one of her strongest elements, and the Soldier felt confident in her ability to produce and maintain such a shield. She remained, as before, and watched the second demonstration, observing the technique though she knew better than to try it herself. Shortly, they were sent off to their pairings again, and Afailla joined back up with the same girl as before – neither of them seemed interested in going through the discomfort of seeking a new partner.

Afailla let the other Soldier form her own shield first, waiting for her partner’s nod before forming a fireball about the size of her hand and tossing it at the shield. She didn’t throw it as hard as she could, nor did she make it very large. This was simply to see how strong the shield was, and for the other girl to get used to feeling such an impact and to know how to counter it. After a few such small fireballs, Afailla tossed one that was considerably larger, almost the size of her head, and woe in some tiny strands of Air – just enough to add some force to it. This creation, she hurled with a good deal more strength, and had the satisfaction of seeing the other girl stagger under the impact, though the shield held – barely.

Eventually, the other Soldier let her shield drop, and Afailla created one of her own. She wove the strands of Air into a sphere around herself – somehow, it just seemed the easier choice; besides, she didn’t want to have to worry about something going over or around a wall. She considered her shield for a moment, checking for weakness, and then just to see what difference it made, wove in thin strands of Earth. When she was certain that her shield would hold firm, she nodded to her partner and waited for the first impact.

Her partner did much as Afailla had – using a small fireball at first so that Afailla could see what it felt like, but after a while of trying various sizes and strengths of these, the other Soldier seemed to feel confident that Afailla’s shield would hold. She began weaving and hurling fireballs of various sizes and power, throwing them as quickly as she could weave them. Afailla staggered a bit under the onslaught, feeling her shield shudder and weaken. Rather than pour more energy into it, she diverted her attention slightly and tried to form a new shield just under it. The second shield was a bit weak, and she had trouble holding both weaves at once, but as her first one was collapsed – which made her stagger again, going down on one knee – her full concentration shifted to her new shield, and she built it up strong enough to hold for a few more fireballs. At that point, when she felt it shuddering again, she held up a hand, and her opponent stopped. Obviously, this Soldier was a good deal further along than Afailla had thought. With a weak smile, Afailla dropped her own shield and gestured for the other girl to form another one, ready to get a bit of revenge for the uncomfortable snapping of her defenses.

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    • The less things change, the more they never seem the same. — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sat Sep 2 19:25
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