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Part III: Culmination
Thu Sep 7, 2006 13:47 (XFF:

It really was turning out to be a rare brand of treat to stand here before the fruits of education, the initiates of the Black Tower, and see for himself what leaps and bounds were being made. Ink-stained reports on spare pieces of vellum hardly succeeded in relating progress. While he usually placed his complete confidence in the written word, there really was nothing like watching weaves being made before him. Explosions, Deathgates, shields, slicing. . . . There was something infectious about the achievement of knowledge, about the birth of due skill, and Lysander was, if only for now, entranced by this. Asha’man were geniuses; Soldiers and Dedicated were geniuses pending.

As the last of the sinister parodies of gateways winked cleanly out of existence, Lysander was free to instruct the recruits at ease. His words carried farther than the mere initiates privy to his offensive weaves, for Lysander spoke unto those even under Dedicated Ceto Amaya’s care. The woman may be a woman, yes, but she was competent enough. At least she hadn’t accidentally killed anyone. A definitive plus, he thought, smirking decidedly.

“Release your hold on the Power. Good. The completion of our lesson will take us now from the Black Tower to a more remote setting where your weaves can be placed into practical effect.” Really, what they were doing could realistically have been done within the Tower, if not actually within the confines of the Blasting Grounds. Recruits were too often fenced within four black walls, and experience gained outside of said walls was refreshing, if not exactly illuminating. “Dedicated Paisling? A gateway, as we discussed?” Young Paisling seemed ready and exhilarated, even, to be able to perform the duty Lysander had requested of him before the lesson’s start. Lysander was without the Talent to Travel, just as one could not summon a rainstorm without Cloud Dancing or make a ter’angreal without the accompanying Talent, either. After all, it had been the Skimming weave that had allowed him to make Deathgates. As Paisling seized saidin, pale skeins of Spirit wove themselves into the Traveling weave, and a gateway materialized before them, gleaming for the silver of it.

Gesturing for Ceto Amaya to lead the recruits in, Lysander gave a confirming nod, and the ebony-skinned Dedicated followed suit, guiding the black-coated initiates forth. Lysander was the last to pass through after Locke, and they all were able to see the set destination. Flat, green land on every direction, rolling out while the eye, in tandem, attempted to draw in all back in. The steppe was unmarred.

“This is the Caralain Grass,” the Dedicated explained, though she herself had never been here, and Lysander only once before. “It owes its allegiance to no nation. You will discover that any nation owning expanded land is of little use if the land is inhabited by little more than a few farms. Larger, unmanned borders not only increase the amount and proximity of neighbouring nations thus heightening the danger of invasion, but it is a burden on the nation to enforce the law so far from the capital.” Ambassador indeed. Coming here was as much about completing the lesson as it was about giving the recruits perspective on the world that existed outside of the Tower’s walls even as they trained.

Lysander gestured to a place on the grass just off his left. “I will direct your eyes now to the makeshift arena that has been put in place for you.” This has been created by himself mere hours before, born of Illusion and tied-off weaves of saidin. While the term “arena” might invoke illusions of grandeur, this was hardly anything of the sort. White lines formed a large rectangle some fifty paces long, divided width-wise into two regions. A perfect circle adorned the centre. On one end of the arena (and only one) a statue of a winged bird was visible. It was approximately as tall as Lysander’s shoulders, cleaved of smooth, blue stone. It was a heron, graceful as it stood there, silent as death. It was stone. Death was inconsequential thereto.

“As you might have supposed, you will be pitted in one-on-one combat. Dedicated will square off against other Dedicated as Soldiers will face other Soldiers. Furthermore, those who had educated themselves in offensive strategies will face those who have been instructed in defensive weaves. The object is simple. The objective of those who had studied under me today will be to do harm to the heron statue. The heron, however, has been crafted of cuendillar. It will not be broken. All that one needs to do is successfully attack it with a weave that, had the bird been made of regular stone, would otherwise have done some form of harm to the statue. Those studying under Ceto Amaya will simply have to parry the attacks. If the bird sustains a hit, winner is the attacker. If the bird is not destroyed within a ninety-second time limit, winner is the defender.

“Remember that you can only use weaves learned in this lesson–that is, the shield, the fireball, Arrows of Fire, earth detonation, the barrier, Deathgates, or splitting weaves. Also, you may only stay on your half of the arena; any offending member who physically crosses the border dividing the arena in two surrenders the victory to his or her opponent. Understood? Now, partner yourselves, and the first pair who chooses to may be the first to square off.”

He eyed Locke. “You will partner with the Dedicated–barring Dedicated Ceto Amaya–of your choosing, and woe to whatever Dedicated that may be.” Much could be learned by defeat against a superior, though it was seldom much fun.

OOC: I only hope I didn’t actually write “heroin statue” instead of “heron statue” in any places there. If you’ve ever seen Lost, you’ll know why I might be inclined to accidentally string those other words together. *grins*

The arena a basketball court, basically, where your one-on-one fray will take place. Those on the offensive must stay on your half, and, using only the Power, hit the statue. Those on the defensive can shield the attacker (who stands some chance of breaking free . . . eventually), erect a barrier, or split the weaves (depending on your rank and what you learned) of the opponent. After ninety seconds, if the heron has been untouched, victory goes to the defender. Understood? *grins*

400 words minimum describing the skirmish, and whether you win or lose, you still get credit, of course. If you’re doing both BW and DW, two posts of 400 words (or one of 800) is required, roleplaying your character being the defender and, in a second match following it, being the attacker with a different partner. Feel free to partner up with PC’s if you so choose, though NPC’s are perfectly fine and likely a hell of a lot easier, too. *grins*

In a week’s time, credits will be posted! And, just for the hell of it, I’m keeping the lesson open. *shrugs* I’d rather give credit to those willing to write than to bar them from the opportunity unnecessarily.

Have a blast! (And now I realize that looks very much like some cheesy pun. Unintended, certainly. ^_-;)

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      • The best offense is a good defense.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Aug 25 15:11
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