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Finality and a New Face
Fri Sep 8, 2006 13:14 (XFF:

Chogan did not teach. Not under usual conditions, anyway, though conditions such as these could hardly be termed “usual.” He, for one, did not abide by the use of teaching as a punishment. It was demeaning to the notion that passing on one’s knowledge was burdensome, and Asha’man being slated with lessons for misdemeanours (unbeknownst to the initiates, of course) entirely coincided with the thoughts. That being said, Chogan hated the febrile interaction that was teaching; Lysander assigning him with the task of teaching seizing lessons was a punishment well-picked.

A tall man, Chogan Corvus was well-built, with muscled arms and an enviable frame forged of sweat and effort. His neck-length black locks were allowed to fall straight today, framing a pallid face embellished with rather aquiline features. Perhaps he was handsome; if he once had been handsome, the inevitable hardness that was intrinsic for any Asha’man had done away with that. Handsomeness was unnecessary. Handsomeness did not win wars. Handsomeness did not stain kings with their own blood.

Chogan was an Assassin and, as such, knew the M’Hael a mite more personally than others. Many still believed that he was an Officer, as that was the illusion he exuded; Chogan did not recall why. Alas, the two shared . . . other similarities. Once, while the boy still had been a Soldier, Chogan had offered to mentor him in exchange for certain liberties. Today, Lysander was the M’Hael, yet still a boy. A child. And he continually rejected Chogan for the role of Tsorovan’m’hael. Had the Creator instilled the world with any shred of justice, Chogan would be the M’Hael, and Lysander’s head would be dangling resignedly on the Traitor’s Tree!

That was but a possible future. In the certain presence, there was work he was to do, and so he would attend to it. As the late summer sun crested the heavens, Chogan navigated the mangled mess that was the Soldiers’ barracks. Euriv al’Deron. The boy, it seemed, was looking to be a Healer. A useless trade. Absolutely useless.

Finding it in due time, he sensed the Power being held; was his mind illuminating him to the boy’s first successful attempt in holding saidin? Did he even care? And as Chogan opened the door–he was an Asha’man; he would not deign himself to knock–he saw the two of them seated there, Dedicated Zander and Soldier Euriv. It was amusing, to say the least, that the pair of them had chosen the younger recruit’s barracks for the locale of this particular exchange. While Zander could get away with something like this, it was hardly proper for Chogan to occupy Euriv’s rooms in private with the lad. Pedophilia was a disgusting thing; he’d not blemish his reputation with accusations thereof.

“Dedicated Zander, Asha’man Saudade would like to see you on the Blasting Grounds,” Chogan said silkily, merely passing on the M’Hael’s sentiments. “Soldier Euriv, I will resume this lesson with you, though not from here. Follow closely.”

The three of them parted ways; as Zander went padding off to the Blasting Grounds to await whatever instruction he was to receive there, Chogan and Euriv headed off to the direction of the gardens. It was nearby, and it would provide the necessary tranquil setting for those fledglings mastering saidin. Chogan guided Euriv down the path dividing a patch of snowdrops from another of saffrons. Insects could be seen buzzing around idly, their lazy silhouettes gracing inconsequential petals with their presence.

“Seat yourself,” Chogan said, gesturing to the middle of the path. It was dusty, yes, but there were no benches, and remaining standing would simply not work. “You have succeeded in touching the True Source, I can infer, but have you yet progressed to weaving threads of the True Source?” Euriv shook his head. “Then I will instruct you. Just as the True Source is divided into two halves–saidin for males and saidar for females–the One Power is divided five ways. The Power allows us to create “threads” before us, which can be woven in distinct shapes with various elements to create certain effects. Weaves. The five elements which can be combined are as such: Fire, Earth, Spirit, Water, and Air. We each are stronger in certain ones of the Five Powers than others, and women generally have dominance in Water and Air, men in Fire and Earth, while Spirit is neutral. What I will now do is demonstrate these threads for you, and have you replicate them.”

Touching the True Source, Chogan consumed the caustic substance that was saidin. He demonstrated them. “Fire.” The lone thread appeared before him, vibrant and red. It was thick, hallmarking his strength in it. “Earth.” Though not quite as big as Fire, Earth was another of Chogan’s strength; its green appearance carried all the rough hallmarks of the element. “Spirit.” Neutral, and rightfully so. This white thread was of average side, nondescript and eerily beautiful as it wafted before him. “Water.” Water was considered impractical, especially in the sense of combat. Nonetheless, the blue thread, though slim in size, was attractive. “Air.” The last of the threads was yellow, though very slight indeed. He was limited in what he could do with Air, which was frustrating, as Air had so many uses.

“Now it is your turn. Create the threads as I have done. They can be made by willpower alone, though imagery might help, like a cyclone for Air or an Illuminator’s spectacle for Fire. Once you have made all five, you will notice that some are thicker than others. The thicker ones are the elements in which you are strong. Discern your elemental strengths and recite them to me in order of strongest to weakest, and once you have done that, recruit, you are dismissed.

OOC: You’re a saint for waiting as long as you did. ^_-; Do as Chogan instructed, creating one thread at a time. Have him rhyme off his elemental strengths and then you’re done! I’d like a 400 word minimum with attention to spelling, grammar, and all that jazz. Once that’s been accomplished, you’ll have your first credit!

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    • Finality and a New Face — Asha'man Chogan, MuC, Fri Sep 8 13:14
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        • Credit!Mark, Sat Sep 9 21:30
          Good job. *grins* You now have seizing credit. Also, just for future reference, it's spelled " saidin " as opposed to " sadin ." Congrats! /|\Mark
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