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Threads of Fate
Sat Sep 9, 2006 20:41 (XFF:

Balanced on a hair, a razors edge, Euriv held sadin like a volatile concoction that when mixed with carelessness exploded in ones face. As if he hadn’t been rushed enough to get to the source than a very brusque Asha'man barged in and made him lose his finger hold on Sadin. The Asha’man gave terse orders to Zander who plodded of in another direction while he had been ordered to follow.

The void and power gone from him now made him painfully aware of all the sensory changes that had occurred while seizing sadin. He felt so empty without it; he could feel it calling to him to reach and take it. Even without the void he could feel it; acceding with his better judgment Euriv dare not try to hold it again with out being ordered to. Sadin was a drug with a powerful addiction.

As they walked, Euriv’s eyes were continuously being drawn to the Dragon and Sword pins on the man’s choler. Those two pins alone gave the Asha’man a respected/feared position in the Tower and society. Those two pins were what Euriv hoped awaited him. The Asha’man did not even give his name but it wasn’t as if he had to, Euriv being a simple lowly soldier. There was an air about the Asha’man that disturbed Euriv; he felt it somewhat with Zander, too. A shadow, an air of loss of self, a feeling of emptiness. Was this the price of the pins? Was this to the fate that awaited him as an Asha’man?

The Asha’man seemed very eager to be done with the lesson as he rushed Euriv through to the gardens. It seemed very out of place with the rest of the Tower. It was like a bubble of quiet serenity as opposed to the bustling, tensioned “outside”. The Asha’man suddenly stopped and told him to sit in the middle of the path. Dirty as it was it really didn’t matter; as long as his hands were clean than he was fine. He seated himself cross-legged and looked at the Asha’man with obvious interest.

The Asha’man finally broke the silence. “You have succeeded in touching the True Source, I can infer, but have you yet progressed to weaving threads of the True Source?” Euriv shook his head. Zander had only elaborated as far as the fact that e would die if he lost control. The Asha’man continued, “Then I will instruct you.” The Asha’man followed up by explaining the five divisions of sadin: Fire, Earth, Spirit, Water, and Air.

Euriv felt the Asha’man grab the source and the awareness of how much more powerful the man was than him felt like a hammer’s blow. He felt insignificant and oppressed; this would change he would make it so. The Asha’man created five threads each of a varying thickness and each of a different element. His threads went in the order that he had given to Euriv also corresponding with the strengths and weaknesses of men versus women. He could see them as clear as day and he even remembered seeing the weaves used to make the lights that Zander had done.

“Now it is your turn. Create the threads as I have done.” The words he had been expecting. Euriv immersed himself in the Void with the flame, which came surprisingly fast since he had first done it. Sadin was there, feeling like it had waited for him to return, beckoning him to it. He readily accepted. Euriv reached out and seized it holding on for dear life, once again balancing on a razor’s edge. He relished the feeling for a moment smelling all the flowers, hearing all the insects, and seeing the veins of the leaves. The Asha’man’s stare brought him back to focus.

Euriv summed up a roaring fired in his mind grasping one of the large tongues of flame and spun it out before him as a red thread, small in size, small indeed compared to the Asha’man’s threads, but that was expected. Next was earth, rock black as coal, strong as diamond, trees and plants, leaves of the purest green. He felt them integrated them and spun them into a second thread next to the fire. It was bigger than his own fire but still small in comparison to the Asha’man’s threads. Euriv followed that with spirit. A warm white glow, a peaceful calming glow, spun into a thread of spirit before him. This was the largest so far, yet still smaller than the Asha’man’s. Water was next. A raging torrent, a great waterfall, spun into a thread in front of him. It was smaller than the thread of Spirit, but larger still than the threads of fire and earth. All still were small nest to the Asha’man’s. Air the final thread. A violent cyclone, a driving wind, spun into a thread next to the others. Air was the smallest of them all and it was even smaller next to the Asha’man’s air thread, which was his weakest, too.

Euriv etched into memory his strengths and weaknesses with the feeling that they would decide his life.

Naw it wasn't that bad. I had other stuff going on to pas the time

  • Finality and a New FaceAsha'man Chogan, MuC, Fri Sep 8 13:14
    Chogan did not teach. Not under usual conditions, anyway, though conditions such as these could hardly be termed “usual.” He, for one, did not abide by the use of teaching as a punishment. It was... more
    • Threads of Fate — Soldier Euriv al'Deron, Sat Sep 9 20:41
      • Credit!Mark, Sat Sep 9 21:30
        Good job. *grins* You now have seizing credit. Also, just for future reference, it's spelled " saidin " as opposed to " sadin ." Congrats! /|\Mark
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