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New Experiences With the Source
Sun Sep 10, 2006 16:08 (XFF:

Though Reyna was still very new to the Power, she was excited to know that Spirit was her second strongest Element in the Power. However, even this might not help her in this lesson. She had only basic knowledge of the Power and had yet to try more complicated weaves as this one that the Dedicated was showing them now. The blonde haired Soldier watched with rapt attention none-the-less. The lecture that the Dedicated had given was already lost to her but for the important parts of it. Reyna would be sure to check whether the sides of her shield–granted she was able to make one–were not too sharp. Even being exposed to saidar for such a short time had already had it’s effects upon the Murandian, and she had no desire to be cut off forever from such sweet bliss, nor did she want to give anyone else such displeasure–at least right now.

As soon as Dedicated Ceto Amaya had finished her demonstration, both for the other Soldiers and the Dedicated, Reyna immediately began. Her first goal was grasping the Source, which took her less time than usual to be sure, but was slower than many others. Once she had it flowing through her she took a moment to look around. It seemed as if everyone held the Power now, though Reyna did not have the experience with it to see when other women, at least, were holding it. Now that Reyna held the Source she took the time to look around for a partner. The person closest to her was a female Dedicated whom she did not know. Feeling empowered by the Source flowing through her, she approached the Dedicated who seemed only willing to be her partner.

Reyna smiled at the Dedicated, who smiled back. They took a few steps away from one another, as if that made a difference in the weave. It made the two more comfortable none-the-less. The Dedicated spoke up, “Since you already seem to be holding the Power, why don’t you go first.” Reyna nodded and tried to simulate the weave she had barely seen Ceto Amaya doing. It had been rather hard to catch everything that she had done, not having much experience seeing and memorizing weaves yet, but Reyna had the gist of it and thought that would be enough.

The Dedicated who had paired with her waited patiently for Reyna to weave her shield, seeming to take it in stride that this was not easily done for her. Thankfully, the hard part had been completed when Reyna had grasped the Source. Spirit was right there waiting next to Air for the taking. She wove Spirit in the structure as she had somewhat seen the Dedicated doing it. It seemed like forever, but it only took a moment in reality for the weave to be completed. Once she was done, Reyna examined her handiwork and checked that the sides of her shield were quite blunt. Her partner smiled at her as if she knew what Reyna had been checking and it made Reyna feel a bit foolish if at the same time embarrassed. She would check it more times than that though to be sure.

Once Reyna was completely satisfied with her weave, she tried to shove the shield into place. It was strange, that she knew just where the shield must go, but it must have been correct. It took great effort on Reyna’s part to get the shield placed properly, and even then, it was harder to maintain the weave. The feeble shield held for a time, but the Dedicated was not hard pressed in shattering it. The Soldier was astonished at the seeming force of a weave snapping back, and she stumbled backwards. Her eyes were open rather wide, but she forced them to return to their normal state. The Dedicated, who seemed all around understanding gave her a weak smile and a shrug and instructed Reyna to prepare herself for the shield that she was now going to place.

No matter how much warning Reyna could have received, nothing would have prepared her for what came next. It was so sudden, and it had taken even less time than it had for her to put the shield in place. Suddenly the Power was there, still coursing through her, and the next moment, it was gone. Not like when she wasn’t touching it–those times she could still feel it’s presence–but now she felt nothing, as if it had been taken away from her entirely and she almost fell backwards with surprise. It was not a pleasant feeling, but neither was it a painful one–simply one that you know there is no hope, just an empty void.

Reyna’s vain attempts to break the shield, as her partner had done, failed bitterly. She pushed and she strained, but nothing she did budged the shield one bit. Fortunately, her partner did not make her to suffer for long, and let the shield disintegrate into nothing. Reyna embraced the Source once more and reveled in it’s presence as she had mourned in it’s absence. The Dedicated addressed her once more, “It’s not pleasant is it?” Reyna only nodded that she agreed. “Are you ready for another go?” The Dedicated asked her. Again, Reyna nodded her head and the two went on just as before.

As the time passed, Reyna became more adept at making the shield. She could still not hold it completely against the Dedicated, but each time she had held it for longer than before. There was still no luck in Reyna ever having break through the shield the Dedicated wove, but the strain she put on it surely would have broken a shield similar to her own, granted the person holding the shield wasn’t too much stronger in the Power than herself. Back and forth, Reyna and the Dedicated practiced until they were instructed to stop and continue on with other defensive weaves.

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