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The Beginnings
Sun Sep 10, 2006 16:35 (XFF:

Reyna had been particularly excited at the chance to learn both defensive and offensive weaves on the same day. She knew it would be hard, but she had already made that promise to herself that she was willing to expend all the effort. That effort and determination is what made a name for ones self, and Reyna was determined to do such. This lesson was decidedly different from the defensive weaves to be sure, though she was still watching Dedicated Ceto Amaya for demonstrations, it was ultimately the M’Hael who was giving the lesson.

Reyna payed strict attention to his lecture and found herself hanging on to every word. Offensive weaves, just as Ceto Amaya had promised in her own lecture, were certainly more exciting than defensive weaves. Even the part of the lecture meant for Dedicated found it’s way into Reyna’s memory. She was a little put out that she was not yet at that level in the Power, and that only created more determination on her part to work harder. She wanted to be there, and badly. The beginning would be starting where she was instructed and learning how to create a simple fireball. Maybe simple, but just a surely effective.

The Source came to Reyna easily, and she did not waste time in feeling the blissfulness of it this time. It was time for serious business, and she was fully focused on her task. The Fire part of the weave was easy enough–before she knew it, she had a fireball floating above her outstretched hand. It was decidedly less potent as well as bright as the M’Hael’s and the Dedicated’s, but it was something. Now came the Earth she was to channel into it. Unfortunately, Earth was her weakest Element and it took her some time to channel it into her current weave of Fire. Once she had made a fireball as instructed, she noticed some of the other were already making a second and the Dedicated having a time with their Arrows of Fire. Ignoring the fact she was one of the last to complete her fireball, Reyna hurled it at a rock nobody had yet made a target of this lesson.

The fireball hit the rock with impressive force coming from her own small frame, and hit it squarely where Reyna had been aiming. She had not carried throwing knives without knowing how to use them, and it showed in her accurate aim, even with something other than a knife. In fact, throwing the fireball with more accuracy might have been easier. One did not have to feel the weight of the knife and determine how much force and spin to use, they just knew, because they themselves had created the fireball.

A small crater had appeared on the rock Reyna had been aiming at. It was small, but a hit none-the-less, and it showed that the fireball had been made correctly, if not entirely potent. But that was what practice was for, and so, Reyna continued, creating fireball after fireball, each gaining in force every time it was thrown. She was getting tired, but not tired enough that she could not complete the lesson. Fortunately for her, that part of the lesson was winding down and the M’Hael stopped them all for further instruction in offensive weaves.

The Soldier waited eagerly for what the M’Hael had to say, again hanging on every word, wanting to absorb all there was to know. Her eagerness may have been apparent on her face, but Reyna did not care. This was the job of an initiate of the Tower wasn’t it? To be active in the lessons taking place and excelling at the same time so they might become a prominent member of the Black Tower.

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    • The Beginnings — Soldier Reyna a'Nesae, Sun Sep 10 16:35
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