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Weak With Earth
Thu Sep 14, 2006 07:38 (XFF:

Again, Reyna was far more interested in the weave being taught to the Dedicated rather than the one she was to be working on, but she was not stupid. Some might say otherwise of such a new recruit, but she knew baby steps were required. If she were to try something of such magnitude now, she would very well kill herself, and that wasn’t just speculation, it was fact. Forcing down her excitement at being able to learn such weaves someday, Reyna took up her task at hand. She needed to concentrate on this, here and now.

This go around, Reyna had no trouble seeing the weaves of Air as Ceto Amaya placed them. The Dedicated had come over to show the women the weave. Reyna watched with barely suppressed excitement as the Dedicated continued to show the second weave. Certainly far more complex than the first, but that did not put a blemish on Reyna’s excitement. After the Dedicated was done weaving, Reyna shook her head, clearing the thought that were present. She had to concentrate on the first weave, not the second.

Having held the Power already for such an extended period of time, Reyna was beginning to feel weakened, but she pushed the vague thought away and was again consumed by the joy that is saidar. Grasping for the thread of Earth she would need for the weave took more than a little effort on her part. It took her several tries before it was firmly in her control. She did not waste any time in weaving the threads into a lattice-like structure, as she had seen it done by Ceto Amaya. The flow, in it’s completed form was weak, but it was all Reyna could manage, Earth being such a weak Element in her. She had been a little ut out to find that the weave was made up entirely of Earth.

Again, Reyna shook her head, she was letting her mind wander. Focusing in once more, Reyna directed the weave to a safe distance from herself and the group. Looking around, she saw that some were ahead of her once more, but no mind. She let the flow sink into the ground as instructed and it was not long before the manipulated Earth made a faint rumbling sound and a small fissure appeared. Reyna felt a little foolish, her weave being so obviously lacking, but she tried again none-the-less. The second time, the weave came easier, and the threads were more accurately placed, she knew.

Reyna was feeling empowered again, and found herself weaving a little flow of Air into the structure as well. It was no problem for her, as Air is her strongest element. The new and improved flow was directed to the same spot she had attempted to uproot before. The flow sunk in the ground and she waited. The Soldier was rewarded by a louder roar followed by dirt flying upwards and every which way from the ground. It was significantly smaller than the instructors, but Reyna smiled at her work. She knew it had only been so potent because of the Air she had woven into the flow, but she did not care, as long as the weave worked as it was supposed to. She had the desire to try it with fire even, just to experience how the flow changed with each element added. Maybe she could even attempt weaving both Air and Fire in sometime during the lesson.

The weaving continued, as it had before, and Reyna began to tire. Holding the Power for so long, and still being rather new to it could really take it out of someone. Reyna was relieved when they called the recruits back to a small crowd around the instructors to give them their last set of instructions before the lesson was to end.

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