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Hiding From Air
Thu Sep 14, 2006 08:06 (XFF:

Reyna listened closely as the instructions were set to perform another kind of defensive weave. It may not have been the most exciting weave, but it still involved the Power, and that is what made it likable. Watching how Ceto Amaya made her shield was easy enough. Air, no matter what shape or form, was always simple for her to see. When the Dedicated had demonstrated the effectiveness of the shield she had created Reyna smiled as the rock seemingly bounced off of nothing. To one who was male or else a non-channeler, that it what it certainly would have looked like, but Reyna could see clearly the shield that stopped the rock in it’s tracks.

Reyna looked around as soon as Ceto Amaya had finished the instructions for the Soldiers. She had not been that fascinated by the weave being taught to the Dedicated, and instead wanted to practice this weave as soon as possible. The sooner she learned to do these things, the sooner she was to learn more complex weaves–the weaves she really wanted to know. There was a partnerless Soldier standing near her. Fortunately it was another female recruit. Not that she was prejudice against working with males, it was just far easier and less strange to work with a girl because she could actually see the weaves. It was rather disconcerting knowing there was something there but you couldn’t see it.

The two paired Soldier walked a ways away from the crowd of people to begin practicing. Reyna offered to let the other go first. The other girl obliged and Reyna waited patiently as she fumbled for the weave. All the while, Reyna was taking the time to think of what weave she could possibly use against the other that would not be harmless. Thinking back, Reyna could recall seeing someone, she was not too sure of the situation now she tried to remember, but someone had made a whip of Air that had made little welts on another. Nothing too serious, just a small little snap against the skin. Reyna would be sure not to make it hurt too bad, but she had to give the other girl incentive to keep the shield strong.

Looking up, Reyna noted that the girl had her shield up and was signaling to Reyna that she was ready for her attack. The weave for the whip was not hard in the making, and she was ready to attack sooner than later. Wasting no time on warning for the other girl, Reyna lashed out with the weave, which came in contact with the shield. It was not quite the same as punching a wall with your fist, but certainly similar. To Reyna, it seemed the field should be ringing with the sound of the two clashing weaves, but instead, it made no sound. Again Reyna lashed out. The same thing happened. She pushed and banged against the flow that was the shield. She could feel it weakening and Reyna smiled. Pulling back the weave, she prepared for one last charge. She did not wait and give the girl time to build up her defenses again. The weave of Air crashed into and through the shield of the girls making and the other Soldier let out a short and cut-off squeal. Reyna knew the whip hadn’t been terribly hard, but it was always an unpleasant feeling. A small red welt appeared where the Air had met her skin.

Looking up at Reyna the girl signaled that she was alright and didn’t hold anything against Reyna for the attack, as she shouldn’t. It was now Reyna’s turn to make the shield. It was easy going from there, and Reyna had her shield ready almost as fast as she had the whip. Feeling a little confident, Reyna even shaped the shield. It was nothing exotic, but it was different from the standard oval shape that she was going to do. Adding Earth was not even a question. Reyna was far too weak in Earth to use it all that much, and having already used it so much that day, did not feel like pulling any more of that effort out of her. She motioned that she was ready, just as the other girl had been. The other Soldier seemed to have liked the idea of the whip because she came at her with a weave just like it, and just as quickly as she herself had. Reyna barely had time to ready herself for the attack before it was already upon her.

The flow beat and ravaged upon Reyna’s shield like a caged beast. It was all Reyna could do to keep the shield from breaking right then and there. She knew it wasn’t going to last much longer, and sure enough, she watched as her shield shattered after a particularly hard hit from the other Soldier flow, and the sharp sting that came just after was not pleasant, as she knew it wouldn’t be. Reyna bit her cheek and forced back the tiny squeal that had almost come out of her own mouth. It was only momentary pain however, and the moment was gone. She looked up at the other Soldier and gave her a grin. The two continued like this for a while, just as Reyna had with her partner the first time, and waited until they were instructed to stop again.

OOC: I just wanted to tell you that I have to be off for now, but I'm going to try really hard to get up the last post for this lesson tonight! ^.^

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