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That's One For Me
Thu Sep 14, 2006 17:48 (XFF:

Stepping through the Gateway that had been woven for them was an experience like none other. Reyna had neither seen a Gateway nor been through one during her short time at the Tower. She was awed by the creation. It just opened up in mid-air. Where there had been dirt and the haze of the blistering sun before now stood a far reaching steppe adorned in grass. Reyna had never been to the Caralain Grass herself–and honestly, had not been planning on ever taking a journey there–but she found herself staring at the large expanse of land spread out before her. It was an amazingly large place, and void of anything but grass. People could die here, and they would never be found.

It was Reyna first experience outside the Tower since she had come, and it was a rather pleasant feeling. Whereas before she had been on the brink of being exhausted, she now found herself exhilarated. A small smile graced her features as her gaping eyes still took in all that was the grasslands. She was not even aware as the Gateway behind then blinked out of existence. Looking down a little to her right, Reyna saw what must have been the field they were meant to practice on. She did not yet know what it was they were supposed to do, but it might be interesting.

Fortunately, it was not long before the M’Hael revealed what exactly they had come here for, and it was just as exciting as Reyna had thought it might be. It was to be a one-on-one duel. However, the target were not each other. Instead they were to be aiming their offensive weaves at the statue at the end of the makeshift field, or if you were practicing defensive, to stop any weaves from touching the statue. Reyna smiled to herself. She might find this interesting. Since she had practiced both offensive and defensive during the course of the day, she would be taking two turns.

The Soldier she had practiced with during the second defensive weave found herself to be Reyna’s partner once again. They were given a turn at which the two of them would go. They were not first, which made Reyna exhale a little. The prospect of weaving in front of all these people, M’Hael included, seemed rather disconcerting. She forced herself to calm, saying she would do fine, and her heartbeat returned to its normal pace.

It seemed sooner than it should have been when the two Soldiers found themselves placed on the field where their duel would be taking place. Reyna was going to be on the defensive this go around. Before the count had started, the two embraced the Source. Reyna was almost surprised at her calm. Once she was here, she was focused. All her attention went to the other Soldier, watching their every move with the Power, trying to see what they might be planning. Fortunately Reyna’s partner was a girl, of course, and it was easy enough to see what she was doing.

The count began and the two immediately plunged into action. Reyna’s first move was to create one of the shields that would block the other girl from the Source. She had to work fast before the other had time to finish the weave. Unfortunately, Spirit was not her strength in the Power, and so it was taking her longer than it should to create the flow. It was not that she was stumbling as if stressed by the fast pace, but more the fact she just was not strong in this sense. She was that the other girl had already completed the weave and was throwing a fireball at the statue. All this had only been a matter of moment, and Reyna watched as the ball of Fire flew as if through water towards the heron. It was like time had slowed even more, and Reyna found herself leaping with the adrenaline coursing through her. Before she knew what she had done, she had started another weave of Air to create a shield like the second weave she had been shown that day. Instead of placing the shield in front of her own person however, she placed it, quite literally, in the line of fire. It had all happened so fast, Reyna was hardly aware of what she had done at all. She was happy that Air was her strongest element, for when the fireball hit it, the flow was effectively stopped with some effort to keep the shield up on Reyna’s part. It did hold though, and that was what mattered.

Reyna was not the only one working faster than normal on the field. The other Soldier was already making ready another fireball to throw. However, Reyna was ready this time. Her flow of Spirit was completed already. She had surprised herself by holding that weave stagnant while she wove the shield, but what mattered was that she had done it. Without another thought, she forced the weave into place. It was far easier than the first time she had tried. Practicing with the Dedicated could probably be the reason for it, but Reyna was not complaining. The shield fell snugly into place and effectively cut off the other Soldier from the Source.

The count was now going a little faster for the two on the field. It had not been long since the count had started, but everything seemed so fast paced when one was actually going through a drill like this. Reyna imagined battle must be five times as strange time-wise. Unfortunately, Reyna truly wasn’t as strong in spirit and this directly effected the potential of her weave. As much as Reyna tried to hold it there, she knew it wasn’t going to last. She knew she was not nearly skilled enough to split flows and create another active weave at the same time, so she was left with two choices.

Just as the other girl was about to make another attack at the shield in an attempt to break through it, Reyna let the weave disintegrate. The other girl seemed rather surprised by the move and fumbled for a moment before composing herself. It was unfortunate that Reyna did not know any other defensive weaves just yet, because all she could do was prepare the next weave and hope it would be effective for the defense of the other’s next move. Reyna again had a choice as to which weave to create, and she chose the flow of Air. This seemed the easiest, fastest, and most effective.

Now that the other Soldier had their grasp on the Power once more, they were back at their flows. It was to be the earth weave, Reyna could see. From there, Reya could see all hope was lost. She had no time to create a weave to block her from the Power and she could not make a shield large enough to block that weave. Either way, she did try. Reyna stretched the extent of what she had so far done with the Power and attempted to make a sort of blanket-like shield around the statue, but no matter how hard she tried, she knew she could not make the shield go all the way around the statue, and she didn’t want to take in any more of the Power.

It was over in seconds. The statue received a hit from various large rocks that had been uprooted from the ground, and the other girl was named the winner with only a few seconds to spare in their 90 second duel. Reyna sniffed, but that was the extent of her emotion towards losing the drill. She shook hands with the other Soldier to show good sportsmanship and congratulate them on their duel before getting off the field so another pair might duel as well. She was going to wait a while before her next go around so she had at least a little time to rest, as well as others had time to have a go.

It was again time for Reyna to approach the field. Another partner had been chosen for her, different from her first duel partner. The hard thing about this go around was that her partner was no a boy. This might be far more interesting than she had originally thought. The two took their appropriate sides of the field, Reyna facing the statue of the heron, which was her ultimate target. She was determined to win this go around, and thought she might just be able to.

Just as before, the two were allowed to embrace or seize the Source before the count began. It gave Reyna the shivers to think that the boy standing facing her was holding the Source and she had no idea. As soon as the count began, Reyna began working. It was exhilarating trying to beat the clock she had no idea was ticking. Adrenaline pumped through her as she created the fairly simple weave that would make a fireball. When it was completed, she had not been blocked from the Source yet, which she took as a good thing. She threw the ball from her grasp and watched it fly only a few feet before it hit an invisible wall which must have been the other’s own shield.

It had only happened once, but Reyna was already frustrated that she could not see what was blocking her. That one moment of hesitation was all it took before Reyna was cut off from the Source. No matter how many times she had been shielded that day, it would never become easier. The fact that she hadn’t even been expecting it that time just made it worse. She was frantic, beating against the invisible wall with all the force she could muster within her. She must have been very frantic, because she did not have to wait long before she broke through the shield. However, it was just as shocking to be suddenly filled with the Power as cut off from it. She knew she had broken through the shield because she saw the boy on the other side of the field stagger slightly with the force of the rebounding flow.

However, these were all just passing thoughts. Her immediate focus and attention was on the heron statue before her. Time was wasting and she had to hit her mark. Fireballs came to her rather quickly, one, because of the practice she had already had, and two, because Fire was a strong element in her. Her focus and intent probably had a lot to do with the speed she was weaving as well. It was certainly nothing compared to higher ranking recruits, but it was something for such a new Soldier. Before she knew it, two fireballs had left her hand and she was in the process of weaving the flow that would shower earth and rock in every direction.

The Earth weave took her a little longer, but the fireballs gave her some time. She figured the boy was worrying about stopping them before he went on to shielding her again. Just as Reyna was completing the weave of Earth–she added a hint of Air as well–the fireballs she had sent were being stopped my an invisible wall. It was the boys shield, but Reyna was positive he could not stop this next weave in time. Just as she had not been able to stop this from happening either, she knew she had this duel won. The flow sunk into the ground and the promising roar of exploding earth was welcome in her ears.

As an afterthought, Reyna threw a last fireball at the statue just for lasting effect. Just as she had been sure it would, the showering earth had been right on target, and not hindered by a shield. The fireball she had sent afterwards was just after, making a ringing sound as it exploded on the statue, leaving not a mark. There was not a doubt wither that she had won.

Reyna smiled and shook the boys hand as she had done her first round and the two left the field. There were still a couple more groups that had to go, so they would wait until they were done to return to the Black Tower.

OOC: Lost...I love Lost! And as a result, I can appreciate your jokes! xDD

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