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Getting On One's Bad Side
Thu Sep 14, 2006 18:36 (XFF:

A shield, a shield, he was to make a shield. Normally, that wouldn't sound like that hard of a task for the Domani, but when you took into account the fact he had had too much fun partying last night, therein lay the problem. Spirit was his strongest Element, and even though he wasn't extremely strong in the Power, he wasn't weak, either. If the fact of his pounding headache wasn't taken into account, he had a very good chance at passing this lesson with flying colors…or at least shades of gray, since some of the colors were starting to make his head reel a bit. He really had had too much to drink the night before. He had to do his best, however, to avoid letting on his physical and mental state at this moment. That task would prove harder than it seemed.

After seeing the weave demonstrated, he believed he had the shape down, but after the demonstration piece had been dismantled, Kieran began questioning if he had seen the shield correctly. This was not the time for him to be questioning himself, not now. He already was having troubles; he didn't need to doubt himself now, when his partner, a Soldier he didn't know, was facing him. The young man insisted that he try the weave first, and Kieran was in no state to protest. Kieran wasn't even aware enough to what was going on around him that he didn't have time to react before the young man's shield was upon him. It was almost like a blow to his stomach, and he gasped. This feeling…it was so horrible, and sickening…. He could sense saidin but it seemed to be outside of his grasp. Why would anyone want to do this to anyone? Kieran tried pressing against the shield, but either the young man was that much stronger than he, or his headache was hindering him…. The worst part was the smile on the other Soldier's face as Kieran battered against the shield.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kieran was able to break through, and take a hold of saidin. The only care Kieran took was to make sure that the edges were not too sharp before unmercifully placing the shield upon the other Soldier, and was greeted with a lovely sound of surprise and fear emit from his mouth. The pain of the headache was forgotten after the trauma of loosing his ability to touch the Power. After letting the Soldier facing him beat against the shield for a few minutes before he too was able to break through the shield. The recoil of having his weave broken did smart a bit, but he was too angry at the other Soldier to care at that moment. Both of them glared at each other a bit after this for a while, but they were brought to attention when Dedicated Ceto began the next part of the lesson.

  • Part ID: Keep Your Guard UpDedicated Ceto Amaya din Marin, Thu Aug 24 20:51
    Ceto Amaya blinked at the slim, pale man who seemed to have shown up entirely unprompted. She knew him through reputation – Asha'man Locke Lemain. This was confirmed both by Lysander addressing him... more
    • Getting On One's Bad Side — Soldier Kieran (Karen), Thu Sep 14 18:36
    • New Experiences With the SourceSoldier Reyna a'Nesae, Sun Sep 10 16:08
      Though Reyna was still very new to the Power, she was excited to know that Spirit was her second strongest Element in the Power. However, even this might not help her in this lesson. She had only... more
    • A Reassuring SmileStyr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Thu Aug 31 10:00
      At ease, Styr felt rather than saw that Dedicated Amaya wove. Unlike many at the Black Tower, he did not possess a pointless prejudice against the female recruits. Maybe it was his time in the White... more
    • The best offense is a good defense.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Aug 25 15:11
      When the class had been divided, Afailla had wandered over towards the defensive group, figuring that this would take more finesse and concentration – not something she wanted to have to worry about... more
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